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Women’s Shave Cream: What Ladies Want From Shaving Products


The shaving care market is worth over USD 16 billion. Women make up a large portion of the market; the average woman will shave her legs, armpits, and bikini line, so she will need more shaving products than men.

It should be no surprise that more women are demanding different factors from shaving products. Here’s what personal care businesses need to know about the women’s shave cream market and which products to sell.

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Overview of the women’s shave cream market
What consumers want out of shaving cream

Overview of the women’s shave cream market

Women’s shave cream is a frothy product meant to moisturize the skin for shaving hair. Shaving creams may come in different forms—from soaps to creams and even gels. 

This product is a personal care staple but not one that often comes up in cosmetic trends. That doesn’t mean women don’t have expectations from their shaving cream. There are rising demands for shaving products that coincide with skincare needs, such as shaving creams made with high-quality ingredients and formulated for different skin types.

What consumers want out of shaving cream

When stocking shaving cream, businesses should consider these consumer wants. This way, they will more likely remain competitive and generate more sales.

Moisturizing ingredients

Woman applying after shave lotion

Women want buttery soft skin after shaving. Since the average consumer is more educated, they know the ingredients that will give them touchable skin. Aloe vera is a great example; this ingredient is nourishing and will help the razor glide on their skin. Lotion and after-shaving products containing Vitamin E can help the skin heal and retain moisture.

Products for different skin types

Woman shaving her legs in a bathtub

Every consumer has different skin. Those with sensitive skin will need a gentle shaving cream with a hydrating and fragrance-free formula. This product will reduce inflammation and redness that one may get after shaving. 

In addition, those with dry skin will need a more nourishing formula made with ingredients such as coconut oil and glycerin. This way, their skin won’t flake or peel. 

In contrast, those with oily skin need a non-lathering and oil-free formula, such as a shaving gel instead of a cream.

Different formulas

Close-up of a woman shaving her leg

There are different shaving products, and every consumer has their preference. Some prefer a gel if they have oily skin and want a close shave. 

Those who prefer an ultra-hydrating shave product will want a shave cream or lotion. Shave foams also offer those benefits but are friendlier to those with sensitive skin. For those who want the most luxurious shaving experience, shave oils nourish the skin while preventing ingrown hairs.

Closer shave

Women’s electric razor on a bed

Women want to invest in more products to get them a closer shave. Body exfoliants will strip away dead skin cells, prepping the skin better for shaving. 

Flexible razors, especially electric razors, can target hair follicles more than traditional razors. There are also hair growth-inhibiting products that extend the time between shaving sessions.

Targeted shaving products

Woman using shaving cream

Women no longer want all-in-one shaving products. More are desiring targeted shaving products that focus on a specific region. For example, there are shaving razors, gels, and oils made for the bikini line. These products are fragrance-free and meant for the sensitive bikini and pubic area. Many of these products are also pH-balanced and approved by gynecologists.

There are also armpit shaving razors and products to prep the delicate skin for shaving. Since women shave their armpits more frequently, these products are usually formulated with ingredients that protect the skin, such as shea butter, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Ingrown hair and razor burn treatments

Woman using shaving products

Ingrown hairs and razor burn are painful and unsightly. This is why more women are looking for different products to reduce their ingrown hairs and razor bumps or burns. Certain products are formulated to reduce razor burn; they soften the skin and hair, making shaving easier. 

High-quality razors will get right to the hair root and tug less on the skin, giving users a close shave. Fragrance-free shaving cream will also reduce skin irritation, avoiding bumps, burns, and redness.

Dermatologist approval

Women demand transparency from their beauty and personal care brands. A good way to do this is by selling shaving products approved by a dermatologist. 

This tells consumers that shaving products offer skincare benefits, won’t irritate the skin, and are formulated for their skin type. They also may be formulated with moisturizing and skin-loving ingredients, such as jojoba oil.

Natural shave cream

White bottle on a leaf

Women are also interested in using clean and natural personal care products. Natural shaving products are ideal for sensitive and delicate skin since they don’t contain harsh ingredients that cause irritation. Clean shaving products also don’t cause as much redness, razor burn, cuts, or nicks as non-natural products.


Woman shaving her legs with affordable soap and razor

Because of global inflation, women want high-quality yet budget-friendly personal care products. Affordable shaving creams can still keep skin soft and smooth, so buyers can get a product they will love at a lower price point. 

Businesses can keep costs down by purchasing shaving products at wholesale prices. This simple shaving cream costs 1.15 for a set of 20,000. The packaging is fun and customizable, so it will surely attract buyers. This way, businesses keep shelves stocked while investing little money.


More women are interested in the types of shaving products they use. Since consumers are more educated on skincare, they want products targeted to their unique skin type, made with natural and skin-healthy ingredients, and having specific formulas. 

Some women have specific goals, such as closer shaves, using targeted products, preventing ingrown hairs and razor burn, and buying affordable products. Selling dermatologist-approved and natural shave products will also enhance brand transparency, which is a massive selling point.

Beauty and personal care brands will need to know the latest developments in different industries to sell the products that customers want. Continue reading the Baba Blog for more beauty industry insights.

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