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Horse Riding Trends: 6 Awesome Pieces of Equipment


All levels of horse riders will need to have horse racing equipment in order to not only perform their best but to also maintain theirs and the horses’ safety. In recent years, there has been a growth in participation in horse riding, both at a leisure level and a more competitive one, and the latest horse riding trends have adapted to new consumer demands. 

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Global market value of horse racing equipment
Top horse racing equipment among consumers
The future of horse riding and racing

Global market value of horse racing equipment

Horse racing has started to grow in popularity in recent years, with events such as the Olympics and national races helping to elevate the sport. Horse racing is now very much a gender-neutral affair, and the market is seeing a rise in demand for more fashionable equipment for both the horses and the riders. The expansion of riding schools and yards is also a key factor in the growth of the horse riding equipment industry. 

In 2020, the global market value of horse riding equipment reached USD 1.9 billion, and that number is expected to reach at least USD 2.7 billion by 2030, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% throughout that period. Sales of horse riding equipment include everything from what the rider wears down to protective gear for the horses as well as products that help with recovery. 

Four horses with riders mounted racing around a track

Top horse racing equipment among consumers

When it comes to the top horse racing trends in terms of equipment, there are a few specific products that are proving to be big hits with consumers. Waterproof saddle covers, colorful horse halters, horse boots, winter horse rugs, stretchy leggings, and vibrant helmets are the current trends to look out for.

Waterproof saddle cover

Horse riding equipment is an investment, and one of the biggest investments the consumer can make is with a riding saddle. It’s vital to maintain and look after the saddle using various cleaning techniques, but one of the most important products to have is a waterproof saddle cover. Not all saddle covers are made the same, and for many consumers, it’s key that they have one that’s not only very durable but can also be used in all weather conditions.

The waterproof saddle cover is made from a non-rip material and is fleece lined inside, with an elastic hem that allows for a snug fit around the saddle itself. In keeping with the fashionable horse racing trends that are starting to enter the market, there’s a high demand for colorful saddle covers that are instantly recognizable and add a personalized touch. 

Purple waterproof saddle cover with small pocket on side

Woven horse halters

A horse halter is an essential piece of horse riding equipment. There are various types of horse halters on the market today, which are made of different materials and are used for purposes such as training, racing, or leisure riding. Although leather halters are very common, they can be an expensive purchase to make, which is why woven horse halters are starting to grow in popularity.

The halter is one of the most frequently used pieces of horse equipment, so it’s important that it is made of sturdy material and is comfortable for the horse. Better material and fabrication of the woven horse halter means greater durability and strength. Consumers also like the fact that the woven horse halter comes in different colors compared to other materials. 

A gray horse wearing a gray woven horse halter

Horse boots

The comfort and protection of the horse while riding and recovering are crucial. In terms of horse racing trends, the market is seeing an increase in sales of horse boots which are used to prevent the lower part of the horse’s legs from experiencing trauma. They absorb part of the shock created when the hoof hits the ground, especially on uneven terrain, where an injury is more likely, and prevent the opposite hoof from brushing against it.

These horse boots are normally made of a soft fabric to allow them to fit snugly against the leg and bend when needed. There are a variety of boots to choose from depending on the need of the horse. Whereas some will cover just a small portion of the lower leg, others will cover more parts to offer optimum protection or to help with an injury. With more consumers looking to purchase horse boots, there’s been a surge in colorful boots in the market recently as riders look to be more fashionable.

A gray horse trotting with black tendon boots

Winter horse rugs

Horses will naturally grow a winter coat of hair, but for horses who are spending a lot of time outside during the winter months or that are being used in very cold and wet conditions, having a winter horse rug is essential, just like humans need winter clothing. Many consumers are now looking to upgrade their horse rugs to warmer ones that are suitable for harsh conditions in order to help the horses maintain their body temperature.

Any type of winter horse rug should be both breathable and waterproof, regardless of what style or length is needed. The cotton lining will help to keep the horse warm, and the front and leg straps will ensure that the winter horse rug doesn’t move around too much while the horse is in motion. Like other horse racing trends, consumers are looking for more unique patterns and colors of the rugs, compared to recent years where neutral colors were the only options. 

Woman putting brown winter horse rug on a horse

Stretchy riding leggings for women

The latest horse racing trends are leaning towards a more fashionable approach to horse riding, with both the horse equipment and the rider’s clothing getting modern makeovers. For female riders, stretchy leggings are highly popular, as riders look for more comfort while on the horse as well as new colors and features that stand out more. 

The latest riding leggings for women have a u-shaped curve on the rear and feature a quick-dry and anti-pilling material that makes them ideal for wearing in any weather. A key feature that many of these leggings now have is the deep pocket on the side which is most commonly used to hold a mobile phone

White riding leggings on a wooden deck

Vibrant helmets

Safety comes first with horse racing, so it should come as no surprise that riding helmets are one of the biggest horse racing trends right now. In the 18th century, horse riding helmets were first worn as a fashion statement, but in later years they became important for the safety of the rider. Today’s helmets blend both of these ideas, and the market is now seeing a big demand for riding helmets that are vibrant and have unique patterns on them.

For consumers who already have a horse riding helmet, there are now options to buy helmet covers so that they can change up their style from time to time. When picking the right helmet, the consumer needs to take into account how it fits on the head as well as the comfort of the straps. Buyers are now matching their helmets with the color of the horse’s halter too. 

Man wearing star-patterned horse racing helmet while riding

The future of horse riding and racing

Horse riding is both a popular leisure activity and a well-known sport that’s watched by millions of people around the world. As horse riding grows in popularity once more, there are several new horse racing trends to look out for which cover both riding equipment and wellness products for the horses. Waterproof saddle covers, woven horse halters, horse boots, winter horse rugs, stretchy riding leggings, and vibrant helmets and covers are some of the most popular pieces of equipment among consumers today.

The future of horse riding and racing looks bright. With the sport becoming more accessible to a wider range of people, both young and old, the market is expecting even greater demand for equipment in the coming years. It’s also expected that modern pieces of equipment will start to hit the market, such as riding trackers that are compatible with smartphones and other electronic devices. 

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