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What Are the Latest Packaging Products for Packaging Stores?


Packaging is needed for many industries like food, FMCG, cosmetics, healthcare, toiletries, etc. However, ever wondered what basic packaging supplies packaging companies need? After all, their core business involves packaging and transporting goods daily. 

This blog will give an insight into the different packaging supplies these packaging stores are using nowadays.

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Packaging market and trends
What products do packaging stores use?

Packaging market and trends

The packaging market keeps growing, and it is not crazy to think that the numbers will only keep going up. With e-commerce, maintaining inventory, and delivery of goods being part of the modernized culture, there are stats to back this up. The packaging market size is expected to reach a staggering USD 1,438.8 billion by the year 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.10%. 

So, what are the latest trends to back this claim up?

Flexible packaging in demand

Flexible packaging allows customization and is quite an economical packaging option as it packages products using non-rigid materials. This type of packaging has become a game-changer in the packaging market due to its cost-effective stature and utilizing fewer resources.

Using clear and transparent labels

With brand names and messages being more important than ever, it is crucial that packaging consists of clear and transparent product labels. This helps to identify and give a personalized look to the packaging containers—while also explaining the contents present inside them.

Using recycled packaging products

With more businesses and consumers being conscious of the environment, many look to practice sustainable packaging. Using recycled materials that reduce carbon emissions helps to restrict toxic pollutants into the environment and also means that fewer raw materials are used.

What products do packaging stores use?

After understanding the importance of this market, let’s go through some packaging products most packaging stores are using today:

Mailing bags

Padded bubble mailing bags

Mailing bags come in handy when packaging small and lightweight items—mainly for packaging gifts, craftwork, cosmetics, etc. Most mailing bags have self-adhesive sealing and bubble wrap as a cushion for extra protection. There are metallic mailing bags that come in different shining colors that make them ideal for packaging gifts and craftwork. 

Shipping boxes

A group of cardboard boxes

Probably not the latest trend, but shipping boxes are still dominating the packaging market and are the most popular choice for packaging companies. These are cardboard boxes utilized for storing and transporting larger and heavier items such as household goods, appliances, furniture, etc. Most shipping boxes are made of recycled paper and are customizable; hence, they are one of the most versatile packaging options for storing small to large goods.

Cardboard envelopes

When it comes to postal services and delivering those highly-secured and important documents, thin cardboard envelopes come to their aid. They are recyclable and most come with self-adhesive sealing. Their durable material and customizable-friendly surface area make them a fine choice for delivering important documents. In fact, some cardboard envelopes are expandable so that one can store clothing with a low surface area such as underwear, briefs, etc. That’s one good example of flexible packaging right there.

Packing tape

Man packing cardboard box with tape

Another not-so-trendy packaging but yet one of the most essential pieces of the packaging puzzle is the common packaging tape. It is that glue that holds everything together and ensures ultimate protection. It is essential to seal cartons, cardboard envelopes, mailing bags, and many more. There are varieties of packing tape available—ranging from transparent ones to yellowish and golden ones. Most packaging tapes nowadays are made of BOPP, a waterproof and customizable material.

Toner cartridge for printing

Man putting toner cartridge in a printer

Packaging is never complete without printing important information on those containers such as logos, shipping information, etc. For that, bulking up on that printing is crucial, and toner cartridges serve that purpose. Most of them are compatible and possess a range of different colors for packaging companies to choose from. They provide clear and smooth printing, and most importantly, durability.


Packaging is highly demanded in various industries, but packaging stores and companies require them the most to support their primary business function—that is to keep delivering! To find the latest and trending packaging products, explore Alibaba.com and dive deep into the packaging wholesale catalog. 

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