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Discover Exciting Trends in Camping Clothing for Spring/Summer 2022


As outdoor living has become a way of life for many people, shoppers are looking for appropriate clothing for these activities. A major trend this season is mood-boosting colors with adventure themes. This includes a mix of summer prints with bold and bright colors. Another major theme is the introduction of retro fashion merged with contemporary style for an intriguing finish. Continue reading to explore the latest trends. 

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Camping clothing trend: mood-boosting colors and eclectic prints
What to wear to go camping this summer
Tips for sourcing camping clothes

Camping clothing trend: mood-boosting colors and eclectic prints

People are excited about enjoying the beautiful outdoors this spring-summer. Camping, in specific, has become increasingly popular, with 10 million households camping for the first time last year. People enjoy exploring nature, whether it’s taking leisurely walks along the beach or lake, or getting down and dirty in the woods. There is a large market available because of this continued consumer obsession with recreational activities, such as RV and camper van stays. Shoppers are looking for fresh and innovative collections for this season, including jackets and tops, adventure dresses, leggings, and pants.

The introduction of bright colors and revitalizing prints is a major trend this spring-summer. It’s all about boosting one’s mood and getting excited about the outdoors after a long break. Shoppers are experimenting with different hues to capture their spirit. These hues include the classic dark tones such as black, brown, and blue to vivid and eye-popping colors such as neon green, pink, orange, and yellow. People are pushing the boundaries by wearing the brightest and boldest prints all at once, creating an all-encompassing look.

What to wear to go camping this summer

Graphic T-shirts

Explore the most exciting trends in camping clothing for S/S 2022. From jackets, dresses, leggings, and high-neck bras, the list is diverse.
A woman wearing a camping T-shirt

Graphic tees have always been a timeless statement piece that can be dressed up or down with jeans and heels. With the increase in van life and camping, T-shirts with nature-inspired graphics have become popular. The tees can also feature images from popular movies, television shows, or bands. These products allow consumers to express themselves visually and showcase their personalities. Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable tees are good options for spring-summer. 

There is a shift in consciousness among individuals that is reflected in retail. Many customers prefer eco-friendly clothing made from recycled materials and printed with natural dyes. T-shirts with positive quotes, slogans, or inspirational messaging are prominent in the market. Graphics around nature, wellness, and mental health are emerging trends.

Lightweight jackets

A woman wearing a bright jacket
A woman wearing a lightweight jacket

One of the most popular pieces of outdoor gear is a warm and comfortable jacket. Breathable, lightweight, wind-resistant jackets have been prominent in retail for a while, and according to the latest trends, they’re here to stay. Jackets are statement pieces, so added features like extra pockets and an additional layer of insulation are beneficial. Stores now stock products that are well-ventilated and made with innovative fabric technology.

Gone are the days when clothing had to be color-coordinated. Expect to see more colorful jackets this spring-summer, especially those in bright hues and pastels. Many customers enjoy the idea of mixing colors to create a vibrant and psychedelic look.

High-neck sports bra

A woman wearing an olive color sports bra
A woman wearing a blue sports bra

Thanks to new designs with attractive detailing, sports bras have reinvented themselves as the new cropped tanks. These bras can be worn with leggings or shorts for a workout or with jeans or skirts for a more casual look. They come in a variety of styles, including crunched tanks, bustiers, and bralettes. These versatile items are not only functional but also serve as statement pieces.

Say goodbye to monochrome sets and hello to vibrant pieces that incorporate a variety of prints, textures, and patterns. Pastels are the new neutrals, and they not only look good but also elevate the user’s mood. For maximum flexibility and comfort, it’s beneficial to have options that provide full coverage and support. One thing is certain: sports bras are no longer just innerwear but are also standalone items that can be worn for different occasions.

Adventure dress

A woman wearing a printed dress
A woman wearing a colorful dress

When going camping, the last thing that comes to mind is a dress. However, a cute and comfortable shift dress will make the right fashion statement around the fire pit. Graphics related to the environment, nature, or wellness are very popular this spring-summer. Short dresses with colorful prints and imagery not only look good but also make for the perfect Instagram photos, which many campers desire.

Full-sleeve dresses with hoodies are another great option for the outdoors. For chilly nights, they provide warmth and comfort. This season is all about color, so bright and poppy hues are ideal. The length of these dresses can range from short to midi to maxi. Offer this style in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, nylon, or even smart fabrics, to meet the needs of customers in different geographical segments. It’s all about breaking rules and taking fashion risks, so explore options with contrasting colors and eclectic prints. 


A woman wearing orange leggings
A woman wearing multi-colored leggings

Loungewear has undergone a significant transformation as they now come with bold prints, bright colors, and extravagant designs. Instead of plain black, try new styles with added details like buttons, embellishments, pockets, and split hems. The new collections show that comfort style has merged with extravagance for a more modern look. They’re also available in a variety of designs, including high-waisted patterns that compress tummies to full-length and midi options.

Leggings are no longer just for the gym; they’ve transformed into a full-fledged statement piece. This summer, ditch the traditional monochrome sets in favor of vivid colors and soft pastels with a dash of prints and patterns. They will provide customers with exactly what they require for camping—comfort with style. One thing is certain: leggings have blended with contemporary fashion and have become a dominant piece in athleisure wear.

Cargo pants

Light pink cargo pants
Red color pants

The retro cargo pants have gotten a massive makeover thanks to major fashion labels like Givenchy and the growing demand for streetwear. This option is ideal for camping because it’s functional as it has multiple pockets, drawstring cuffs, and an adjustable waistband. They’re typically loose, allowing for maximum flexibility when taking part in outdoor activities. Cargo pants made from water-resistant fabric are ideal for camping.

Whether it’s for outdoor adventures or casual outings, these pants are definitely on the fashion radar for spring-summer. They have become a modern closet staple that can be dressed down for leisure activities or dressed up for fancy occasions. Due to their sheer versatility, they’re popular in all colors. These pants are also available in a variety of styles, including straight cuts, flared bottoms, and tapered legs. They can be worn with bomber jackets and sneakers for a laid-back style.

Tips for sourcing camping clothes

The outdoor apparel market is growing alongside the recreational industry. The consumer obsession with camping and outdoor activities has resulted in an increase in the camping gear market. Shoppers want to stay current with fashion by looking for the latest trends. Graphic T-shirts, colorful leggings, and modern cargo pants are just a few examples. Mood-boosting colors and nature-inspired prints are a major trend this season.

Other items to look out for this season include high-neck sports bras in a variety of fabrics and colors, as well as lightweight jackets. These items are a must-have at any camping event. Ditch the boring colors in favor of bright ones. Keep in mind that different prints and shades appeal to different customers, so it’s a good idea to offer a plethora of styles to meet everyone’s needs.

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