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Your Guide to the Latest Clothes Drying Rack Trends

Expandable laundry stand dryer full of clothes

There are a wide range of laundry racks for drying clothes available in the garment drying rack market. From compact solutions to high-capacity styles, read on to discover the hottest clothes drying rack trends rising to the top of the market right now.

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The cloth drying rack market
Top 4 clothes drying rack trends
Future of the clothes drying rack market

The cloth drying rack market

The global cloth drying rack market generated revenue of USD 2.82 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a value of USD 4.91 billion by 2033 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% within the forecast period.

According to market research conducted by Decipher Market Research, the cloth drying rack market is one of the largest in the household products industry. The growth in laundry drying stands is further driven by a rising construction of small spaces, such as studios and apartments. There is also an increasing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions over electric dryers, which makes drying racks more appealing from an environmentally friendly perspective.

Top 4 clothes drying rack trends

Heated clothes airer

Yellow raincoat on metal clothes horse

Extendable stainless steel clothes horse drying rack

Heated clothes airers are a top trend in the market right now. The global electric clothes drying rack market is predicted to be worth USD 2.00 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 5.5% between 2023 and 2032. According to Google Ads, the term “heated clothes airer” has also gained a 1.2x increase in search volume over the past five months, with 110,000 in February 2024 and 49,500 in September 2023.

Although electric clothes airers still utilize electricity to speed up the drying process, their power usage is considerably lower than a traditional tumble dryer. A heated clothes drying rack is made of rails of heating tubes that are safe for clothing and to the touch. Heated airers for clothes often come with a built-in timer that shuts off the heat after a certain amount of time.

To improve energy-efficiency and reduce energy bills, electric clothes drying racks with energy-saving features like heat pump technology and low-power consumption modes are becoming more popular. Other details include a control panel, a plug holder to store the electrical wire when not in use, and a cover to speed up the drying process.

Wall mounted drying rack

Laundry room wall shelves with drying rod

Laundry room with wall mounted drying rod

Ideal for small size laundry rooms, a wall mounted clothes drying rack is a minimalist option that saves floor space. A wall mounted clothes horse is generally designed with several arms that can pull out or be tucked flush against the wall when not in use. Many laundry rooms will also make use of laundry storage solutions that feature built-in drying rods mounted between the cabinets or shelves.  

For a less permanent alternative, wall hanging clothes drying racks can also come in an over-the-door design. An over-the-door clothes drying rack can be folded down for storage and does not require tools to install. The design may feature two fold-out grids for more hanging space or one grid to dry longer pieces.

The term “wall mounted drying rack” attracted a search volume of 22,200 in February 2024 and 14,800 in September 2023, which represents a 50% increase over the past five months.

Folding clothes dry rack

White small foldaway clothes rack

Man drying clothes on 3 tier folding laundry rack

As increasing urbanization necessitates compact size laundry solutions, there is more interest in foldable clothes drying racks. A collapsible clothes drying rack often comes with a tiered shape that can be packed flat for storage. They may feature hinges that snap firmly into place or a textured surface on each rail to hold clothes in place for outdoor use.

Although folding laundry drying racks are often freestanding, another possible foldable laundry drying rack design incorporates extendable and retractable components that are mounted to a wall. A key characteristic of an extendable or retractable clothes drying rack is a sturdy design that can withstand the weight of wet clothes.

The term “folding clothes drying rack” accumulated a search volume of 14,800 in February 2024 and 12,100 in September 2023, which equates to a 22% increase over the past five months.

Large clothes airer

Towels hanging from extendable clothes horse

Huge clothes airer full of clothes

Although there are many clothes drying rack solutions available for those with limited space, customers with large laundry rooms and big families may appreciate large clothes drying racks designed for heavy-duty use.

Many large clothes drying stands will come with a top section that expands outwards to accommodate large items of clothing or linens like bed sheets, blankets, and bath towels. They may include extra holders for drying slippers or sneakers and a smaller area for laying delicates or socks. For better portability, large capacity clothes airers may even have casters on each leg to make moving the rack easier.

The term “large clothes airer” saw a 26% increase in search volume over the past five months, with 2,400 in February 2024 and 1,900 in September 2023.

Future of the clothes drying rack market

The latest trends in clothes drying racks continue to make a big impact in the market. A heated drying rack is designed to speed up drying time without the need for an energy intensive tumble dryer, while trends like a wall mounted clothes horse, foldaway cloth drying stand, or large rack for laundry offer plenty of options for small and large laundry rooms alike.

As the clothes drying rack market grows, there is opportunity to embrace new smart technologies. The most recent innovations include remote operated items, built-in UV-C light to disinfect clothes as they dry, and intelligent motors that power moving drying rods. Within this competitive market, businesses are advised to stay on top of emerging technologies and offer cutting-edge solutions.

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