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13 Attractive Christmas Lights for Commercial & Residential


What says Christmas more than an arrangement of lights? Decorating your house and business to ring in the holiday dates back to the 1880s and remains a tradition many individuals look forward to. 

People worldwide are getting ready to deck the halls with the perfect Christmas lighting as the seasons change. Read on to discover what consumers are looking for as they begin to decorate this holiday season. 

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Overview of the market
13 best Christmas lights for 2022
Stock up on the most attractive Christmas lights

Overview of the market 

People expect to see businesses and homes adorned with Christmas lights. It’s a common sight nowadays. However, this isn’t how the trend originated; families used to pin candles on their Christmas trees, which often ended in house fires. 

Fortunately, celebrating the holidays is much safer today, thanks to Thomas Edison. When he invented the light bulb, he devised the idea to string the lights together to make the first-ever Christmas lights. 

In today’s world, the U.S. stands as the biggest market for Christmas lights. Sales amount to $150 million in the country alone, and they’re expected to reach $2.3 billion worldwide in 2023, with a CAGR of 3.26% from 2017. 

13 best Christmas lights for 2022

Today’s Christmas lights come in many designs suitable for almost every holiday decorating theme. People can choose whether to go for white fairy lights, multi-colored tree lights, or many others. 

Don’t miss out on this growing market. Find out about the 13 best Christmas lights for 2022. 

1. Christmas white wire light set

christmas white wire light set

Fairy lights in a classic warm white color make up for an elegant and dreamy look. The color white emits a clean vibe and is close to ambient lights. These Christmas white wire light sets are versatile enough to pair with most Christmas decors, making them a preferred option for many. 

They also come in different forms, such as icicles, linear strings, and net lights. 

2. Multi-color Christmas light

Multi-color Christmas lights on wood

Multi-color Christmas lights are favored for their joyful vibe. The vibrant mix of colors can easily make any house or business seem festive. Consumers can opt to use them as standalone decor or easily pair them with other lights or decorations. 

3. Waterproof cascading meteor shower rain lights

Waterproof cascading meteor shower rain lights

Made with LED inside a plastic tube, waterproof cascading meteor shower rain lights can produce a stunning effect when lit up. With the light traveling from top to bottom, this decor mimics meteors falling to the ground. 

Such Christmas lights are best used to decorate outdoor trees, so their waterproof design comes in handy. 

4. Smart outdoor string lights

Smart outdoor string lights at night

The best feature of smart outdoor string lights is that they do not need to be connected to the grid. They’re typically designed to use solar power and automatically light up when the surroundings become dark. 

Most brands will have high IP ratings as they’re designed to be kept outside. This classification ensures a specific degree of protection and lengthy active life. These lights come in an array of colors and neutral white tones. 

5. Smart outdoor string lights with music sync

smart outdoor string lights with music sync

Smart outdoor string lights with music sync are a fan favorite. These waterproof fairy lights sync to music and follow the song’s rhythm. This grand light show is bringing consumers a whole new meaning of decorating. 

The lights are not only perfect for the holiday season and can be reused for other celebrations. 

6. LED globe ball string lights

LED globe ball string lights

LED globe ball string lights are similar to traditional string lights. Aside from being a symbolic shape in the Christmas season, the soft appearance of circles and spheres are universally attractive to consumers. These globe balls come in either clear or frosted glass, which results in a muted and warm light. 

7. Remote-controlled string lights 

Govee string lights

Remote-controlled colored string lights have been increasing in popularity due to their easily accessible features. Aside from emitting vibrant light that stands out from others, users can also control the color, brightness, and similar aspects using either a physical controller or a smartphone. 

8. Outdoor laser light projector

Outdoor laser light projector

Another popular item is an outdoor laser light projector. It’s installed on the ground, with lights that can span across an entire house. This easy setup has made this a popular option for consumers. 

The interchangeable lights and settings allow the projector to be used across all holidays and for other festivities. They’re intended for outdoor use and usually come with waterproof capabilities. 

9. Twinkle star LED string lights

Twinkle star LED string lights

Buyers can use twinkle star LED star string lights to decorate their Christmas trees and windows with a cutesy appearance. These star lights are especially attractive and playful when they come in multicolor versions.

10. LED-lit garland

LED-lit garland outside a white house

People looking for cost-effective Christmas decorations will love LED-lit garlands. It’s a two-in-one product and can be used in almost any part of their homes. These decorations may also come in battery-powered models, which come in handy for outdoor decor. 

11. Outdoor curtain string lights

Outdoor curtain string lights at night

Making an entire wall seem to light up with fireflies makes up for a stunning sight. Hence, it’s no wonder that consumers will love outdoor curtain string lights. These lights can vary in length, making them versatile to use in gardens, trees, and exterior walls. 

12. Suction cup lights

Suction cup lights on a glass wall

Businesses and stores will likely opt for suction cup lights to decorate their fronts for Christmas. These lights are quick to install on their glass walls, and users can freely adjust the position to their liking. 

13. Snowflake pathway lights

Snowflake pathway lights on a front yard

Consumers love the snowflake pathway lights for numerous reasons. They’re easy to set up and can quickly transform any pathway into a winter wonderland. 

These lights can also add an element of safety, as they can illuminate a dark path and keep individuals from slipping in snowy or icy conditions. They’re usually solar-powered, saving operating expenses for homeowners or enterprises. 

Stock up on the most attractive Christmas lights 

Setting up Christmas lights is a tradition that has continued for centuries and is only projected to grow in the upcoming years. Consumers are seeking innovative products that are customizable, energy efficient, and easy to set up.

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