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5 Amazing Astrological Beauty Trends to Watch in 2023


Beauty trends are evolving to speak to the soul rather than focus on the physical. Routines like spiritual cleansing baths and manifestation are gaining traction as women focus on better ways to clear their minds and skin. But these routines are not the only themes gaining popularity.

Astrology is also garnering attention as more females gravitate toward it for direction. Interestingly, innovations seek to combine these rising factors into ultimate astrological beauty trends

Manufacturers now move beyond branding products with zodiac symbols to employing astrological facts and features, encouraging consumers to enjoy a mystical approach to beauty routines.

Keep reading to explore the top astrological beauty trends sellers can glean in 2023.

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A look at the women’s beauty market in 2023
Five astrological beauty trends women love in 2023
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A look at the women’s beauty market in 2023

The global beauty industry reached $534.00 billion in 2022, and reports suggest the market will expand at a CAGR of 5.86% from 2022 to 2026. Personal care makes up the largest segment with a $241.50 billion volume. Regionally, the U.S. accounts for the most generated revenue, maxing out at $85.06 billion in 2022.

Several factors combine to drive this market’s impressive numbers. Social media influencers play a major role in increasing demand for women’s beauty products. In addition, online shopping makes it easier to access products for beauty rituals.

Additionally, more organic products now roam the beauty market, helping to increase demand for clean beauty. Gen Z and millennials make up a massive percentage of the global beauty market and help drive its growth with their increased purchasing power.

Five astrological beauty trends women love in 2023


Woman preparing to use body oil

Zhuben creates an aromatherapeutic beauty-meets-wellness set that’s astronomically inclined. This brand draws inspiration from the solar system to offer spiritual experiences like never before. These sets promise to reconnect the user’s body and mind and rely heavily on ancient Chinese wisdom.

But this brand didn’t start with astronomy-inspired offerings. Zhuben evolved from a spa salon to products focusing on aromatherapy-infused skin care and massage oils. The brand’s recent “24 Solar Terms Wellness Gift Box” nods towards its traditional wellness methodologies and Chinese medicine roots.

Zhuben also has an autumn-only release that offers six body oils paying homage to the six sub-seasons. Each essential oil comprises various ingredients corresponding to the matching sub-season’s climate.

Woman applying body oil on her chest

Retailers can action Zhuben’s ideologies by moving away from Western astrology notions and leaning toward other cultural ideologies. Such moves would create appeal for diasporic consumers, allowing them to celebrate their culture. It would also attract others interested in combining spirituality and health.

Inlight Beauty

Body oil on a sensual magazine

This British brand takes a different approach to skincare by fusing spirituality, science, and sustainability. Inlight Beauty focuses on ingredients working with the skin and its environment instead of skin type. In other words, the brand’s product will work for various users regardless of skin type.

In addition, Inlight Beauty follows an unconventional ritual before bottling its extracts. The brand allows its beauty oils to rest on a warm bed of Cornish pebbles. Inlight Beauty believes this process allows the products to absorb energy from crystals in areas exposed to sunlight during the day and moonlight at night. 

Inlight Beauty gives each product a unique symbol representing individual vibrational ‘dance.’ Interestingly, they offer a four-week Face Serum Treatment program enhancing the skin in line with the moon cycle’s changing rhythms. The brand acknowledges that the different lunar phases facilitate the earth’s magnetic field, positively impacting the skin and body.

Woman receiving skin care treatment

Sellers can follow in this brand’s footsteps by action astrological beauty—and its necessary self-care rituals. They can offer mystical accessories like rose quartz to promote love, amethyst for healing, and citrine for confidence. Positive affirmation cards can also depict astronomical influence.

The New Sanctuaries

Woman applying hand cream from a blue reusable bottle

The New Sanctuaries merges astrology and aromatherapy in its product offerings. The Mexico-based brand focuses on self-care rituals influenced by the four elements. This unique approach allows the brand to deliver a spiritual and holistic approach to hand creams.

This brand’s founder combines her interest in bathing rituals, Botanics & aromas, and astrology to create fascinating self-care beauty routines. The New Sanctuaries offers a collection of 12 astrology-inspired hand creams, helping to facilitate a daily self-care hand ritual.

Further, The New Sanctuaries offers these products according to element or astrology sign. The brand formulates each hand cream with its unique Tri-Bhew technique. This method draws heavy inspiration from the four elements and Ayurvedic medicine. In addition, each product contains aromatic and healing ingredients based on the element’s archetype, personality, and modalities.

Woman holding a small branch while applying hand cream

The New Sanctuaries provides a template for businesses to leverage the human want for self-care routines. They can consider ritualistic inspiration and enhance beauty moments by offering various tools like jade rollers.

Zodica Perfumery

Perfume placed among pink roses

Zodica shows what it means to combine astronomy & fragrance, which creates a divine aroma. The brand offers a variety of zodiac-based perfumes corresponding with the 12 zodiac signs’ scent profiles.

Zodiac Perfumery states its fragrances have designs that vibe with the user, removing the need for endless perfume sampling. Allegedly, the brand discovered the perfect synergy between zodiac signs and scent preferences after years of research.

These perfumes offer multiple ways to wear them. Consumers may wear their own star signs fragrance, those of someone they wish to attract, or the season’s aroma. Zodica Perfumery also dives into other products like reed diffusers, hair perfumes, hand sanitizers, and body lotions. In addition, the brand’s partnership with Sanctuary World (an app) dives deeper into the astrology world, providing consumers with ways to learn more about their zodiac birth charts.

Sensual woman in a blue outfit spraying perfume

Sellers can action this trend by offering consumers a way to interact with astrology signs. Consider investing in scents and colors matching each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Gift of the Nile

Botlle of spray oil on a coaster

The U.S.-based Gift of the Nite embarks on a journey to help consumers reconnect and discover who they are. It offers mood mists to help users summon energy and connect to their astrology signs through Egyptian rituals.

Gift of the Nite follows the founder’s wish to merge astrology and beauty authentically. The brand produced four mood mists correlating with Western astrology’s four elements. Interestingly, each product receives the name of an Egyptian god related to the given element.

Transparent vial containing essential oil

In addition, all products contain frankincense and myrrh, two essential oils popular for Egyptian rituals. Businesses must adapt to this brand’s authenticity as consumers can quickly detect fakes. Opt for sharing knowledge and educating consumers on astrology to avoid feeling suspicious while building brand trust.

Closing words

Astrological beauty aims to combine astrology with self-care routines. Sellers can utilize this divine combo by creating astrological experiences for consumers. Consider partnering with experts to build memorable moments like guided meditations, astrology workshops, and full moon rituals.

Not all consumers find self-care easy. But businesses can offer touchpoints to help them connect with mystical beauty routines. 

Sellers may leverage the power of ancient methodologies like Zhuben or connect astrology and aromatherapy like The New Sanctuaries. In addition, they can harness the moon’s cycles like Inlight Beauty, offer fragrances matching star signs like Zodica, and dive into mood mists like Gift of the Nile.

These brands provide the top astrological beauty trends sellers must action in 2023.

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