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5 At-Home Facial Steamers To Include in Your Online Store

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Portable handheld facial steamers can act as a foundation of any good skincare routine and are an affordable alternative to in-salon treatments. They stimulate collagen and elastin production while preparing the skin for the application of additional skincare products. 

Here we’ll discuss which at-home facial steamers to include in your online store and provide tips on how to increase sales.  

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Market growth potential for facial steamers
Top 5 at-home facial steamers to consider
Other considerations when choosing at-home facial steamers

Market growth potential for facial steamers

The facial steamer market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.5% from 2022 to 2030. 

Facial steamers come in a variety of types, including face steam aromatherapy, face steam inhalers, face steam vaporizers, facial steamers, and facial saunas. Meanwhile, salons and beauty parlors, spas, health and wellness centers, hospitals, and homes make up the majority of the market by application.

Market growth is being driven by thriving online beauty and wellness content, a greater awareness of the benefits of facial steaming, and increased spending on luxury skincare products.    

According to revenue generated in 2019, North America dominates the global facial steamer market, followed by Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.  

Top 5 at-home facial steamers to consider

Ideal at-home facial steamers must encompass a number of indispensable features to make the “top” cut. Here are five functionalities and features to consider:

1. Nano steam

Nano steamers can increase blood circulation by up to 10 times, giving users glowing skin. The tiny steam particles penetrate the skin deeper than regular-sized steam, hydrating it more deeply. As a result, skin looks dewy and refreshed, with reduced fine lines. 

A nano facial steamer

Each nano-steaming session makes the skin softer and opens the pores, making it a beneficial foundation for other skincare routines.  

Choose a nano facial steamer that provides consistent steam for at least five minutes, giving your customers control over how long each steam session lasts.

2. Hot and cold facial mists

Hot mists help to soften blackheads for easy removal. It also opens pores, allowing serums, masks, and other beauty products to cleanse more effectively.

Meanwhile, cold steam soothes inflamed or sunburned skin by cooling the outer layer of the skin. This then allows application of aftersun cream on dampened skin. The cold feature also tightens pores after cleansing, resulting in a smoother skin tone.

A hot and cold face steamer

When choosing a facial steamer with these features, try to opt for one that heats up rapidly, as this is a sign of quality. However, it should be noted that steamers with a larger water capacity may also take longer to heat up.

3. LED therapy spa treatment

Facial steamers with blue and red LEDs can offer users an at-home therapy spa experience

Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, giving the skin strength, elasticity, and structure. Blue light therapy treats acne and soothes the skin, making it suitable for use after rigorous skincare routines.

This combination of therapies provides comprehensive skincare benefits, making facial steamers a valuable addition to any skincare routine.

Red and blue light facial steamer

Also, look for facial steamers with a biowave massager. This helps to tighten the skin and aids a youthful appearance.

4. 6-mode smart steam technology

At-home facial steamers with smart steam technology have six different modes

  • A hot mode for improving the skin’s complexion
  • A cold mode to tighten skin and lock in moisture 
  • An oil control mode for clearing clogged pores and hydrating the skin.
  • A cleansing mode to remove dirt and makeup from the skin
  • An alternate mode to flip between hot and cool mists to promote blood circulation and skin elasticity

Facial steamers with these features combine a rich cleansing routine with a great sensory experience.

A six-mode smart facial steamer

Smart steam technology is perfect for customers who want to customize their skincare routines based on their skin’s needs and existing regimen.    

5. Aromatherapy and humidifiers

Customers can enhance their at-home facial steaming experience with essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and more. This simple addition offers aromatherapy benefits like helping to relax the user’s eyes after prolonged screen time. 

Keep in mind that not all aromatherapy steamers have a dedicated water chamber. Some facial steamers come with aromatherapy, many come with facial humidifiers, and some have both. 

An aromatherapy face steamer

Facial humidifiers specifically add moisture to the air, making steaming more comfortable and providing additional moisture for dry and itchy skin, which is particularly useful during the cold winter months.  

Other considerations when choosing at-home facial steamers

After choosing the functions and features that will best serve your customers, you’ll want to recommend specific models based on their lifestyle and preferences. Below are three other factors that customers will look for according to their skin type and needs.  

1. Size and portability

The right size face steamer for your customer will depend on their lifestyle and preferences. Travelers will benefit from smaller and lighter models, while heavier models are better suited to the home, where mobility is less important. 

2. Water capacity and runtime

A facial steamer’s capacity to produce steam depends on how much water it can hold. In addition to providing longer runtimes, larger tanks allow for longer steaming periods before the need to refill. 

However, smaller tanks are likely sufficient for customers who prefer shorter sessions or have limited time for their skincare routines. 

Ask customers about their routines and usage patterns to recommend the perfect steamer and appropriate water capacity.

3. Temperature control

Steamers with various settings and temperature controls allow customers better flexibility to choose options that suit their skin types and preferences. For example, steamers with a mild steam option are more suitable for sensitive skin types. 

However, higher temperature settings will benefit congested and oily skin types. Choose steamers that offer various temperature settings so that they better meet the needs of different users.  


Besides increasing the effectiveness of skincare products, at-home facial steamers also rejuvenate the skin. 

When purchasing facial steamers for your store, be sure to look for those that include LEDs, aromatherapy, or humidifiers. These features can help customers achieve their desired results faster and more effectively. 

Additionally, look for steamers with adjustable speeds and timers so customers can personalize their treatments. 

If you’re on the market for cutting-edge facial steamers like those listed above, look no further than the thousands of options on Alibaba.com.

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