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5 Awesome Women’s Modern Occasion Trends of Autumn/Winter 2022-23


The women’s modern occasion trends and dresses of autumn and winter in 2022 are bringing the heat and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Minimalist dresses are back with subtle details and intricate patterns, and body suits made their name with the flexi-body trend.

Glossed-up party dresses will be on every woman’s lips and this is a way for businesses to get ahead of the market as all these trends will be delved into and scrutinized in this article. 

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The size of women’s occasion wear market
Five women’s modern occasion trends that increase sales
Rounding up

The size of women’s formal wear market

The size of the women’s formal wear market was estimated at $170 billion in 2021, and from 2022 to 2027, it is anticipated that this market will reach roughly $226.52 billion in revenue.

Women’s formal attire is expanding quickly as a result of the development of women’s empowerment and the shift in workplace cultures. A wide range of formal apparel designs, like suits, pants, fitting jackets, suffragette suits, knee-length skirts, long skirts, etc., have been made available to business women since the turn of the twenty-first century.

During the projected period, the market for women’s formal wear in North America is anticipated to contribute significantly to revenue. The expansion is attributable to the region’s abundance of women’s formal wear brands.

Five women’s modern occasion trends that increase sales

Glossy set

Young lady rocking a design-print glossy set

The glossy set dresses are made from fabrics like silk, satin, polished cotton, organza, sequins, and shiny polyester fabrics. These have been cultured to give that shine and glossy finish to dresses which women love and look great when the disco lights hit.

They also work great as a matching set, even more so for those that will be worn in the nighttime to bars, clubs, and speakeasies.

As a sort of unspoken rule, solid bold colors work better with glossy dresses because of the shine and the colors add greater feeling and emotion to the entire attire. Such colors are red, blue, green, and pink.

These dresses could be styled in a plethora of ways, one of which is the button-down collar shirt. A formal shirt sometimes and business casual at others, this glossy shirt comes equipped with all the sexy club allure needed to make it work as casual wear.

Woman rocking a cream-colored glossy satin set

Women can choose to have buttons opened to reveal a sexy bra or bralette or crop top underneath. Women who feel fancy enough could also opt for corset tops to spice up their wardrobe and the ensemble.

The button-down shirts can also be worn with 90s wide-leg trousers to reiterate the 90s feel and catch the eyes of anyone who dares to look.

Women can also opt for split hem wide-leg trousers with a nice button-down top coupled with a slim belt around the waist to hold everything together.

Day occasion dress

Woman rocking a floral dress and black boots

Day occasion dresses are usually fitted with smock party dress details and elasticized fabrics. They are also mostly made from silk and satin materials that add a glossy finish to the dresses.

The dresses also use color blocking techniques to aesthetically hold the dresses to a unique style and design. Colors such as blue with bright yellow and arctic blue with a deep green are especially appealing options.

These silk dresses are fitted with statement sleeves in some cases that are voluminous and can even have elastic wrists or smocked details. Women can wear these out to dinner with family or with a significant other as well as to a bar to have a casual drink with a friend.

The silk flare dress is an honorable mention. It is a long flowing gown with a slim belt around the waist that holds the waist taut and also comes with split hems at the bottom that could reach up to the thighs.

Lady rocking a floral dress for the fall/winter

Also, smocked waist and cutout statement sleeves are an intricate part of the occasion dress styling. The sleeves are missing some fabrics at the forearms or shoulders and reveal a little skin. These are great for open house parties as well as for clubwear for night parties.


Blonde lady rocking a black dress leaning on a wall

The flexi-body wears are essentially body suits with extreme modifications. These modifications include, but are not limited to, statement necks and countless straps usually around the elbows or wrists.

These dresses also possess body skimming and smoothing functions as they are slim-fit and reveal a lot of skin around the neck, arms, and legs.

The wrist and elbow straps add nuance and a unique vibe to the dresses for extra creativity points. They are usually made from cashmere or knitted fabrics.

Fashion designers utilize cutout layering with different materials and other fabrics as well to create these all-in-one suits and body wears.

Woman rocking a black dress, sitting on a bench

The crew neck sheer dresses made from lightweight fabrics like silk and satin sometimes have statement sleeves and wrist straps and are great for pairing with cargo shorts or pants. Women who love a challenge can pair denim trousers with the crew neck sheer dress.

90s minimalist separates

Woman wearing a cream-colored miniskirt outdoors

These 90s-inspired wears feature straight-cut miniskirts and skinny trousers. Women love these because they are great for outdoor activities and hanging around with friends. They are usually made from linen and cotton blend fabrics.

They come in beautiful neutrals like gray and deep brown. Apart from skirts and trousers, these minimalist attires also have shirts and tops that match whether it is day or night time. 

Women, by that same token, can pick out silk or satin gray trousers with a slim fit. A top that could go with this would range from a button-down shirt to even a black or deep blue corset top that blends in with the space gray of the pants.

Lady wearing a black sleeveless top over skinny pants

The knitted crop top with linen pants is another avenue for looking chic in one’s ensemble. Since these dresses are usually in lighter materials, the knots work great to add an extra layer of protection from the cold in winter and autumn.

Silk tops layered over skinny trousers of the same material and color are awesome with this trend. The matching silk sets are perfect for catwalks in 2022, which is why they will be great when taken to the streets. In lieu of the matching set, ladies can feel free to pair the tops with linen or denim trousers and the pants with button-down shirts in a business casual gait.

Contemporary cutout dress

Tall model rocking a strap cutout dress

Cutouts over time have awarded women the opportunity to carry a look fit for parties galore without putting too much thought into what goes on their bodies. These cutout dresses are more tailored toward parties and formal events.

Some of these cutout fabrics can be layered with a graphic pattern jersey of sorts underneath to make them more suitable for more modest or conservative events and locations.

Lady rocking a v-cutout purple dress with strap

Women can opt for midi-length dresses and skirts to maintain a contemporary look and feel and that can also enable the dresses to work long after their time by turning them into classic designs.

More chunky fabric chains and organic shapes are a great fit for these dresses.

Rounding up

The autumn and winter seasons are about to be graced by intricate fabrics and wonderful product designs. Contemporary cutouts are back with more modest yet party-ready designs that women would guard jealously. The flexi-body dresses are apt for women who dare to look good and be unapologetic about it.

The glossy silk and satin sets are great for parties, balls, and nightclubs, which a lot of women frequent. Investing in these trends promises to yield only good results.

Businesses can get ahead by ensuring they stock up on these dresses.

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