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5 Country Club Outfits to Rock in 2024


Country clubs are known for having a unique approach to fashion that mixes high-end style with comfort. Whether consumers are playing sports or relaxing by the pool, this article will give a rundown of attire that will ensure they are dressed the right way.

So read on for a guide to five country club outfits women will love in 2024.

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What’s the size of the country club outfit market?
5 country club outfits women will love in 2024
Rounding up

What’s the size of the country club outfit market?

The country club apparel market has experienced steady growth in recent years, driven by the increasing popularity of club memberships and the rising demand for fashionable yet functional clothing. Experts value the global market at US$ 3 billion in 2023. They expect it to reach US$ 5.4 billion by 2033 at a healthy 6.0% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Country club apparel often targets affluent individuals who are members or frequent visitors of country clubs. These consumers value high-quality garments that reflect their status while providing comfort and performance during various activities.

In addition, the country club apparel market is highly competitive, with established brands and niche players vying for market share. Key players in the market include renowned fashion labels, sportswear brands, and country club-specific apparel brands.

Regionally, North America dominates the global country club clothing market, and experts expect it to retain its dominance throughout the forecast period.

5 country club outfits women will love in 2024

Off the court

Combining the tennis skirt with a V-neck sweater makes a classic, sophisticated ensemble that exudes elegance and sporty charm. This off-the-court outfit perfectly captures the spirit of the country club aesthetic, combining elements of traditional sportswear with a touch of preppy style.

The tennis skirt is a key component of this ensemble, showcasing a timeless design that has been a women’s sportswear staple for decades. Typically made from lightweight and breathable materials, it offers comfort and unrestricted movement, making it ideal for various activities.

The skirt also features a flared or pleated design, creating a feminine silhouette for a more graceful appeal. Tennis skirts also have built-in shorts or briefs underneath for practicality and ease of movement.

When paired with the tennis skirt, the V-neck sweater adds a layer of sophistication and refinement to the outfit. Sweaters made from soft and cozy materials offer warmth without compromising style.

Moreover, the V-neck design incorporates an element of elegance, drawing attention to the neckline and collarbone and creating a flattering, elongating effect. For this reason, it’s a versatile choice for various body types.

Preppy layers

Ladies rocking preppy layered outfits on a field

Preppy layers merge a sweater vest and button-down shirt to create a stylish contemporary country club ensemble. While combining sporty elements with refined tailoring, the outfit strikes the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication.

The sweat vest, also known as a sleeveless sweatshirt or gilet, is the focal point of this outfit. It’s a versatile and modern piece that adds a sporty edge to the look. Also, the sweater vest provides enough warmth without being too heavy.

It features a sleeveless design, allowing for easy movement during outdoor activities. Some variants may have zippers, while others offer button closures, adding functionality and a stylish element.

The button-down shirt adds a touch of classic elegance to the outfit while complementing the sporty vibe of the sweater vest. Consumers may prefer fabrics like cotton, linen, or blends depending on the weather and desired formality.

A crisp, well-fitted button-down shirt in a solid color or subtle pattern is an excellent choice for achieving a polished look. Consumers can roll up the sleeves slightly for a more relaxed feel or leave them down for a more refined appearance.

For a chic country club outfit, consumers can opt for a color palette that combines sophistication with a contemporary flair. Classic colors like white, light blue, or soft pastels for the button-down shirt work well, exuding elegance and freshness.

Homme girl

Woman posing in a homme girl outfit

When it comes to showcasing polished and classic aesthetics, ladies can’t go wrong with the homme girl outfit. Crafting this ensemble requires a roomy khaki, white shirt, and sweater vest, combining traditional elements with contemporary style.

The khaki trousers form the foundation of the homme girl ensemble, offering a versatile and stylish spin. Since Khaki is a neutral shade, it’ll work well with various colors and patterns. Also, the fabric is typically lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

In addition, a crisp white shirt is a must-have component for this outfit, bringing a fresh and elegant touch. Consumers can choose a collar style that suits their preference, like a classic spread collar or a button-down collar.

The sweater vest adds the final layer of sophistication and sartorial flair. Variants made from soft and lightweight knit materials offer a luxurious touch that instantly elevates the outfit’s appeal. Consumers can opt for vests in solid colors or with subtle patterns like fine stripes or small checks for added visual interest.

The homme girl outfit is a versatile ensemble that effortlessly transitions from a game of golf or tennis to a social gathering at the club. The classic combination will ensure ladies look sophisticated and well-dressed while embracing the country club atmosphere.

Tied around the shoulders

Cinching a sweater around the shoulders is a stylish and versatile technique that can easily upgrade a basic country club outfit. It’s also a fashion-forward technique that allows consumers to transition from cool mornings to warmer afternoons while maintaining a polished and preppy aesthetic.

For a feminine and elegant country club look, ladies can start with a floral dress in a vibrant print or soft pastel tones. Look for a dress with a flattering silhouette, like fit-and-flare or wrap styles. Consumers looking to define their waist and add structure can cinch a slim belt in a coordinating color around their waistline.

Then, they can choose a lightweight sweater in a complementary hue and gently drape it over their shoulders, allowing the sleeves to hang down in front. It’ll add a touch of refinement while offering a practical layer for cooler moments.

Women that need something more polished and sophisticated can start their outfit with a crisp collared shirt in a classic white or light blue. Sellers can offer a well-tailored fit that flatters the silhouette without compromising elegance.

Consumers can pair the shirt with tailored pants in neutral shades, like black, navy, or khaki. However, they’ll need a slim or straight-leg cut to make the sleek appearance work. Finally, ladies can tie a sweater in complementary colors over their shoulders to complete the country club aesthetic.

Neutral palette

Lady holding a phone in a neutral-colored outfit

Country club styles embody the neutral palette, making mixing and matching various pieces easy for consumers. In addition to being timeless and versatile, the palette exudes impressive elegance and sophistication.

Neutral colors go beyond classic white, black, or khaki. In truth, consumers can experiment with different combinations, like ivory blouses, beige trousers, and tan blazers. This sophisticated and polished look starts with an ivory or cream-colored silk/chiffon blouse with elegant details like ruffled collars.

Next, ladies can pair them with beige or khaki trousers in a tailored fit for a clean and refined silhouette before layering a tailored tan blazer over it. No doubt, the layering style adds more sophistication and structure.

Another chic and cozy combination is a cream sweater, camel skirt, and ivory coat. This outfit requires a slightly oversized sweater with a relaxed fit to keep the top half casual. Pairing the sweater with a camel-colored skirt in a midi or knee-length will incorporate a feminine touch.

Ladies looking for more visual interest can opt for a skirt with subtle textures or patterns. Layering an ivory coat over the sweater and skirt will complete the neutral-toned outfit. However, the coat should have a tailored fit, clean lines, and minimal detailing to avoid feeling out of place.

Rounding up

Country club fashion combines a range of modern and classic aesthetics, and it’s often associated with an elegant and elite lifestyle.

Even though today’s fashion is more about self-expression, country club fashion still has an important place, and retailers can therefore consider stocking up on off-the-court, preppy layers, homme girl, tied around the shoulders, and neutral palette country club outfits to avoid missing out when 2024 sales kick-off.

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