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5 Interesting Trends in Women’s Suits and Sets in 2022


Many brands are scaling back their production of traditional suits in exchange for more stretchy and comfy garments. As with other attempts to bring a casual style to the workplace, new terms like ‘work leisure’ is becoming increasingly popular. They are turning out looser silhouettes, matching printed sets, and cozy attires to create a stunning work-from-home assortment.

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Women’s work leisure market
Key items in women’s work leisure
Work leisure is the new formal

Women’s work leisure market

A woman wearing a beige top and pants

Consumers are restocking their closets with new styles, and clothing brands are pivoting to meet the new demands for comfort and versatility. The shift is visible in formalwear, where the market share has fallen from 31.5 percent in 2019 to 24.8 percent in 2022. The casualwear segment is expected to dominate the apparel segment from 2022 to 2023. While traditional formal wear has taken a back seat, matching sets, wide-leg pants, and oversized silhouettes drive volume and interest in most A/W 22/23 collections. Expect consumers to invest in soft-touch classic suits, printed sets, party loungewear, and work leisure that looks good in casual and formal settings.

Key items in women’s work leisure

Statement suit

Women wearing white and green suits

A wardrobe isn’t complete without a statement-making suit that reflects the wearer’s personality and style. Bold colors and intricate detailing with exotic prints are ideal for these suits, which appeal to fashion-conscious customers. Many shoppers are willing to pay a premium for unique styles rather than cheap knock-off versions when it comes to statement pieces. Vintage-inspired suits are great because they are elegant, chic, and daring.

Regardless of the experimentation with trouser suits, they remain a closet staple for many businesswomen. Classic suits with a modern twist will be most appropriate in such situations. The classics entail double-breasted jackets with large buttons and flared trousers in different colors. These suits combine classic elements such as checkered prints with a modern twist and oversized jackets.

Women wearing green and blue suit sets

Slits at the hems of the trousers, rivet detailing, and cuffs at the sleeves are all features of the most recent collections of women’s suits. They also come in various lengths, from short to floor-length. Wide-leg pants in light and dark colors are also popular in office and party wear

Oversized jackets are also worth considering because they go well with flared pants. This look is making the rounds on the runways and is one to watch in 2022. Ruffled tops and shirts pair well with modern suits and will delight fashionistas.

Print matching set

A woman in a white and brown matching set

Prints are popular among fashion enthusiasts who seek novelty and are very much in style this season. The most common prints include polka dots, stripes, florals, photo prints, abstract prints, and more. Introducing printed sets in eye-catching colors and patterns adds to the print craze. The size of the prints is dynamic, ranging from small to extensive ones. These fun patterns and unique details can liven up an otherwise dull outfit.

A woman wearing a striped set

Stripes have returned this season and were prominently featured on the runways of major designer labels. These eye-catching designs are taking over the fashion scene, from funky retro-inspired prints to classic stripes. They are an excellent choice for shoppers looking for a more casual look. Look into printed skirts, matching top sets, and striped pants for shoppers seeking a complete printed ensemble.

Retro prints stand out in the print craze due to their intriguing designs and glamorous patterns. These include geometric shapes in bright colors inspired by the 60s and 70s and saturated pieces. Florals are also popular among shoppers, adding a romantic and feel-good vibe to outfits. For variety, look into pouf-sleeve floral jackets, matching bottoms, floral bustiers, and clinched tops.

Knitted set

Women posing wearing matching outfits

Matching knit sets have emerged as a top trend in women’s leisurewear. The increased demand is because they are easy to wear, can be worn as a set or separately, and transition well from home to streetwear. They are a step up from sweatpants and come in distinct styles ideal for casual settings. There is also a demand for high-quality luxury knits that last longer for shoppers. 

It’s a great time to invest in knitted co-ords as they are the perfect seasonal upgrade to the work-from-home lounge situation. Co-ord appears to be more refined, comfortable, stylish, and luxurious. Knits with collars are among the season’s novelties because they provide warmth while featuring the preppy look shoppers are looking for. For the winter, consider lightweight collared sweaters and cardigans in warm tones.

A woman wearing a brown knitted set

Help shoppers freshen their wardrobe with earthy and muted tones for a warm and sophisticated look. Gradient space knits, which come in single hues or a mix of different shades that blend, are ideal for those looking for a cozy ensemble. Among the different patterns, granny square crochet knits add a fun dose of color and a quirky spin to winter garments.

Graphic prints have migrated to knitwear to create fun and flirty pieces for fashion-conscious consumers, keeping up with the print craze. Logo prints and abstract designs are a hit among millennials. Furthermore, sorbet-colored oversized, chunky fits are making the rounds on the runways this season.

Work leisure set

A woman wearing a beige color matching set
A woman wearing black pants and a purple top

Due to the increased demand for leisurewear, business casuals have reinvented themselves. The new styles include relaxed shirts, hybrid pants, and comfortable tops with various styling options. Many customers prefer a minimalist approach focusing on fashion, fabric quality, and design aesthetics. The outfits should be easy to style and easily transition from home to casual settings. Workwear wardrobe essentials must include trousers, blouses, skirts, and jackets.

Women wearing white tops and matching skirts

The new world of work leisure encompasses oversized silhouettes, elasticized waistbands, and wide-leg pants. Shoppers are looking for style in comfort wear, so don’t overlook the visual aspect of leisurewear. Exotic prints, bright colors, and textures are all popular right now. Offer these styles in pairs to make shopping a hassle-free experience for customers.

Party loungewear

A woman wearing a white color top and matching skir

Satin and luxurious silks ensembles have redefined party loungewear this year. From pajama-inspired party wear sets to glittery tops, flared trousers, and fuzzy sets, it’s all about stylish, versatile, and comfortable wear. Explore soothing and refreshing pastels, neutrals, and warm tones for the season. Examine the fabric quality as well, paying special attention to premium materials such as cashmere and silk. Make sure there is a good mix of stand-alone pieces and sets.

A woman wearing a white top and white pants

Matching fuzzy sets have taken over the fashion world. Numerous loungewear options are available, including a fuzzy top and pants set, a skirt and jacket set, and individual pieces that can be paired with other garments. Monochromatic colors are ideal for sets because they elevate them to another level. A collection of mix and match pieces is also great for shoppers who like to experiment. Further, flared trousers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they go well with spaghetti tops or crop tops and are an excellent choice for parties.

Work leisure is the new formal

Every business must keep up with recent trends to drive sales and capture market share. The latest market analysis indicates a demand for stretchy and stylish work-from-home casuals. Many brands have jumped on board with casual suit sets, knit sets, loungewear sets, and party essentials. While customers are looking for comfort, it’s critical to pay attention to fabrics. Silk, satin, and cashmere are the top players as they last all year.

Explore a streamlined collection that conforms to the simple and minimalistic aesthetic that customers are interested in. In terms of textures and colors, pastels, neutrals, geometric prints, and shimmery fabrics are excellent choices. To round out the work-from-home collection, consider looser silhouettes, wide-leg pants, fuzzy sets, and flared trousers.

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