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5 Outstanding Men’s Summertime Slick Trend Wears 2023


Some fashion trends never seem to die out, and the same goes for the pleasure-seeking 70s summertime slick wears. The 1970s offered some exciting developments in the fashion industry. Clothes took on a more laid-back vibe, and western wear was the big thing throughout the decade.

Many trends thriving today started in the 70s when creativity was limitless. Some of these trends are now staples for men’s summertime slick outfits. This article will focus on five outstanding trends and how businesses can leverage them in 2023.

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A brief overview of the men’s apparel market
Five trendy men’s active courtside wear in summer/spring
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A brief overview of the men’s apparel market

The global men’s apparel market never seems to stop growing. In 2018, the experts valued the market at $483.0 billion, and now they estimate it would witness more growth from 2019 to 2025—with a 6.3% CAGR.

Men’s fashion consciousness is on the rise, leading to the revitalization of trends dominant in the 70s. That’s not the only reason for this market’s expansion. More brands investing in men’s fashion and the increasing interest in men’s shopping are other factors that contribute to this market’s growth.

Hence, with trends from the 90s and 80s rocking the fashion world in 2022, retailers can expect the comeback of more 70s trends this S/S 2023.

Five trendy men’s active courtside wear in summer/spring

Knitted Vest

Anonymous man wearing a brow knitted vest

The knitted vest is like a sweater without sleeves. These form-fitting vests can also work as tank tops since consumers often wear them without a base layer. Speaking of layers, the piece also makes a good base or mid-layer.

The beauty of the knitted vest comes in its patterns and colors. One of the most common patterns for this trend is argyle. Some also come in stripes and flannel. The knitted vest usually has the V-neckline, but men can find other types like the crew neckline.

That’s not all. Some knitted vests come with buttons or zippers for more decoration. Knitted vests also work great for sports, as some professional cricketers use them as part of the standard wear for cricket. Other styles include retro geometrics and patterns that show off more skin.

Man posing with cream knitted vest and a cup

The knitted vest has a wide variety of colors and combinations. Consumers will mostly find knitted vests made with Ethical wool. Other materials that make impressive knitted vests include lines and cotton.

Whether consumers want to dress casually or formally, they can’t go wrong with layering a knitted vest over a dress shirt. Pairing them with some Chinos or Denim would liven up the outfit. Consumers can fold the sleeves of their dress shirts for a more casual appearance.

Men shouldn’t hesitate to add a pop of color to their knitted vest ensemble. If the vest comes in loud prints or bright colors, consumers can pair them with subdued tones. Men can pair it with brighter tones if they have a neutral or solid knitted vest.

It’s easy to mix and match knitted vests. Consumers can layer them over any top, from turtlenecks to t-shirts, and pair them with any preferred bottoms. Men who fancy a warmer look can pair them with sustainable jeans.

Flared Trousers

Man rocking glittering flared trousers

The 70s were filled with colorful and magical styles and trends. Now, consumers can enjoy some of that 70s magic with the flared trouser. This trend has a slim fit around the thighs but starts to spread from the knee down.

Flared trousers also feature tab waistbands and front creases that give a smart edge aesthetic to the ensemble. Front patch pockets and five-pocket details also add casual looks to the piece.

Consumers can enjoy bold colors and patterns that enhance the apparel’s directional appeal, especially with blended fabrics that offer smooth stretches and finishes. Denim and other textured twills are popular fabrics for flared trousers, and they look impressive in shades of indigo and muted browns.

Man posing with jean flared trousers

Men that have a thing for groovy looks can opt for boot-cut jeans. They can pair the piece with a graphic tee or psychedelic shirt and top it off with a stylish blazer. The ensemble will recreate a style associated with the late 70s Beatles and Stones.

Consumers that feel a bit braver with flares can choose all-out bells. There’s no limit to how wide these flared trousers can be. Men can rock them with different tops according to their preferences.

Men looking to don a laid-back and stylish look can opt for the robe suit and flare trouser combo. The robe suit gives off a kimono appeal, adding a resort vibe to flared trousers.

Tank Top

Man donning a blue tank top

Tank tops are timeless fashion pieces that are a must-have for every man’s wardrobe. The fitted tank top makes a bold statement as a classic undershirt or an embellished and colorful vest. 

Like the Knitted vest, tank tops have a sleeveless style that hugs the body, with wide scoop-necks and narrow shoulder straps to highlight a scant silhouette. Tank tops come in different bold colors, with some even featuring prints, patterns, and unusual weaves.

Men with a thing for vintage appearances will love the slim-fit tank top. Tight-fit tanks are impressive layering pieces but also look great as standalone pieces. Pairing them with linen cotton trousers would create a confident & non-arrogant look.  Don’t forget to keep tanks at waist height or tuck them in effortlessly. 

The versatility of the relaxed-fit tank tops makes them a staple for summer essentials. Men can opt for tanks with bold prints or color varieties. Pair them with above-the-knee shorts for a striking look.

Man rocking a white tank top under an orange kimono

Consumers that feel fashionably brave can rock longer silhouettes with the longline tank top. Like the slim fit, consumers can wear longline tanks as a standalone piece but would make fantastic layering outfits. Men can pair the apparel with a track, cropped, or skinny pants.

Sports-inspired tanks ride on the popularity of NBA and old-school team gears. The athletic-inspired piece appeals to hypebeasts looking to make a unique fashion statement. Combined with black jeans or track pants, consumers will have a timeless casual outfit.

Slick Shirt

Man wearing black slick shirt and white pants

The 70s were all about wearing loud shirts, and the slick shirt evolved from that trend. The hedonistic styled shirt features a polyester shirt with patterns and wide collars. Its aesthetics requires men to leave the shirt unbuttoned dangerously low.

The trend is sexy and combines masculine with feminine. That’s not all. Most manufacturers update their prints to match the trends and swap traditional materials with bamboo rayon, ethical silk, or cellulose.

While statement prints are the key features of this trend, the piece maintains a tonal appeal that shows a higher taste level. Slick shirts also offer enhanced wearability while keeping the retro sleaze aesthetic.

Man posing with blue stripped slick shirt

Consumers can rock a monochrome outfit by pairing a white, slick shirt with black chinos. Men can also don a more practical outfit by combining their preferred slick shirt with white chinos.

Men that enjoy a more relaxed style can wear a red, slick shirt with white skinny jeans. And for a razor-sharp look, they can opt for ripped skinny jeans and a jacket for a more elegant touch.

Pairing a slick shirt with teal cargo pants will create an outfit worthy of a male fashionista. Opting for a variant with decorative buttons would bring an effortless refinement to the look.

Throwback suit

Man wearing a red roll neck with cream throwback suit

The 70s witnessed a steady shift towards wider lapels, less conservative weaves, patterns, and more dramatic cuts. It’s this evolution that gave birth to the throwback suit trend. The throwback suit offers a more dramatic and masculine look thanks to the increasing desire for dressing in colorful suits.

This trend comes packed with single or double-breasted jackets, featuring wide lapels. A combination of flared pants makes this ensemble worthy of its comeback. Throwback suits offer the character, color, confidence, and print capable of transforming a regular man into a sartorial god.

Consumers can go all out with clashing colors and overprints. Or, they can take things slow and start with the basics. 

Throwback suit trousers should have a relaxed appeal with slightly high waist features. The jacket should also have a wide lapel for a retro look.

Man donning a pin-strip throwback suit

Men can pull off various looks with the throwback suit. For instance, consumers can pair a bold-colored throwback suit with a black roll neck for eye-catching 70s aesthetics.

That’s not all. Throwback suits are also great matches with a knitted vest or tank top underneath. Consumers looking for a more sexy look can opt for a slick shirt and throwback suit combo.

Consumers that want to look confident can go for a pin-stripped throwback suit. Men can also style suits with no shirts underneath to keep things current.

Final Thoughts

Spring/Summer 2023 comes packed with different trends that redefine masculinity for a new generation, combining the spectrum of what it means to be masculine with silhouettes, materials, and ideas considered feminine.

With more men demanding retro looks and silhouettes, retailers must take advantage of knitted vests, flared trousers, tank tops, slick shirts, and throwback suit trends to enjoy sales & profit boost in S/S 2023.

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