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5 Exquisite Girls Clothing Trends for Spring and Summer 2023


The spring and summer seasons are chill times to relax, allowing consumers to be adventurous in their fashion style. However, with the warmer months comes a new batch of girls’ clothing trends designed to keep the little ones feeling stylish and comfortable. 

Fortunately, designers have developed some genuinely exquisite styles that are lucrative enough for kids. So read on for five spring and summer girls’ clothing trends that fashion retailers can profit from this year.

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A summary of the kid’s apparel market
Five spring and summer girls’ clothing trends for 2023
Rounding up

A summary of the kid’s apparel market

How big is the market?

The global kids’ apparel market is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% between 2022-2029, from US$ 187.29 billion in 2022 to US$ 296.85 billion by 2029. The impressive figure is a consolation for the market decline caused by the pandemic in 2020, where the industry suffered a 24.70% global loss.

What are the major drivers influencing the market?

The major drivers of the market are population increase and rural-urban migration, leading to merchandise expansion. In addition, the growing awareness of kids’ brands and fashion styles, social media influence, and the rising disposable income of parents, especially in huge cities, are some of the other driving factors. However, the unstable prices of materials like cotton, which is highly preferable for children’s wear, threaten to dampen progress in the industry.

Casual wear tops the chart in the product type market segment. However, further evaluation reveals that parents prefer light and cool clothes that provide maximum comfort for their kids. 

Moreover, children are very susceptible to skin allergies and inflammations. Thus the soft cloth materials often used in casual wear are preferable to their formal and semi-formal fabrics.

Regarding end users, the market is divided into boys’ and girls’ categories—with the boys’ segment dominating the niche. Interestingly, the world bank recorded a higher ratio of boys to girls at 106:100 in 2021. 

This natality rate ratio is expected to reflect on the boys’ apparel market as more manufacturers are launching new products in favor of male wear. Nonetheless, girls’ apparel like skirts, dresses, and tops are also expected to undergo a boost in progressive years.

The age group of kids in the market

Regarding the age group, kids’ apparel for consumers between the ages of 10-12 holds the highest market share since 2021. However, the 1-5 age group market segment is expected to experience a significant surge in demand within the forecast period, thanks to the rising trend for parents and babies wearing matching outfits all over social media.

Distribution channels of the market

Based on distribution channels, the offline market segment holds over 75% of the global revenue as baby clothing vendors seek to expand merchandise to accommodate the growing demand. Fortunately, with e-commerce sites such as Alibaba.com offering attractive discounts, online shopping is gradually gaining traction among parents while boosting the online distribution channel during the forecast period.

Who is dominating the market?

Finally, Asia-Pacific continues to dominate the market regionally owing to the growing natality rate and disposable income. In addition, countries like India and China have improved childcare systems, reflecting consumer spending on children’s clothes.

Five spring and summer girls’ clothing trends for 2023

Fluffy princess dress

Girl in beautiful pink fluffy princess dress

Fluffy princess dresses are typically associated with princesses, fairy tales, and fantasies—three appealing notions that make these apparel attractive to females. 

These glamorous dresses are widespread for their outstanding “fluffy” appearance. Usually, manufacturers achieve this cute detailing by layering the same or different material, creating a full and flowing shape below the waist. 

In addition, these gowns often have designs that feel fitted from the waist upwards. Some variants even feature intricate detailing, like lace, embroidery, and beads. 

Children can wear these elegant pieces to formal events such as weddings, ballroom dances, and proms. In addition, sellers can get them in a wide range of colors and styles to accommodate different choices and body types. As a result, even the materials differ, and the best variants come in voluminous, soft, and lightweight fabric, like organza, chiffon, or tulle.

Pageant long gown

A cute girl wearing a green flowery long gown

These gowns are absolute spectacles in glam events like beauty pageants due to their elegance. Pageant gowns have eye-catching designs, flowing skirts, and formal floor-length hemlines. In addition, the dress’s bodice is often fitted and may showcase adornments in refined details, like plunging necklines and cap sleeves–creating a dramatic silhouette.

Additionally, pageant gowns often feature luxurious and high-quality fabrics such as satin, chiffon, or tulle. Some variants may provide embellishments like beads, sequins, or embroidered details for added sophistication. 

Retails can maximize profit from this dress by offering color variations that complement different skin tones and body types.

Two-piece set

Child in matching striped two-piece pajamas

Two-piece sets consist of two separate pieces, usually a top and bottom, allowing children to wear them together or as coordinated outfits. As a result, consumers can access different styles, dressing up their kids for various casual and lounge activities. In addition, two-piece sets make exceptional children’s ensembles for special holidays and birthday parties.  

Parents looking to quickly and easily dress their girls will crave the convenience and stylishness of these pieces. Also, little girls learning to dress will find these sets extremely helpful—as the coordinated pieces are stylish and easy to match. 

More importantly, parents can dress their young girls in two-piece matching sets (with the same pattern or color) or indulge in eye-catching contrasts. Depending on the target consumers’ preferences, retailers can opt for two-piece sets in materials like cotton, linen, and polyester.

Three-piece suit

Little girl in stylish gray three-piece suit and sunglasses

Girls’ three-piece suits typically include jackets, tops, and bottoms, like their two-piece cousins. While most parents prefer dressing their kids in this outfit for special events, like weddings, parties, and religious ceremonies, some variants are ideal for loungewear and casual settings.

Three-piece suit styles can range from full monochrome to two matching pieces and one contrasting item. For instance, children can rock an all-blue three-piece ensemble or wear one with matching jackets and skirts and a top that complements them.

Half button tee

Smiling girl wearing a black half-button tee

True to their names, half-button tees have a row of buttons, typically starting at the collar and extending halfway down the shirt. This detail provides a unique and eye-catching feature while allowing the child to adjust the shirt’s neckline for more ventilation. 

Parents can style this stylish piece on their girls with jeans, shorts, or skirts. But, of course, the preferred style depends on the occasion and personal taste.

In addition, half-button tees come in various lightweight and breathable materials, like cotton, linen, and rayon. They merge comfort, practicality, and stylishness into one piece, providing retailers with a medium to make huge sales in the kid’s market.

Rounding up

Although kids can access most stylish pieces available for adults, that doesn’t stop them from rocking fashionable pieces. Fluffy princess dresses present the perfect blend of cute and elegant, while long pageant gowns are masterpieces fit for the children’s runway.

Two-piece and three-piece sets are perfect for girls learning how to dress and ideal for mix-and-match styling. Lastly, half-button tees come with gender-inclusive designs that showcase extreme versatility. 

For more sales this season, retailers can focus on these irresistible girl’s clothing trends for spring and summer 2023.

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