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Five Essential Kids’ Accessories Trends for 2023


Every day, parents look for new ways to improve their children’s life. One way they achieve this is by stepping up their kids’ fashion game with accessories. But, given the variety of trends and products available on the market, choosing what to stock can be difficult. 

This article will provide a quick breakdown of the kids’ accessories market, and then will offer  five kids’ accessory trends that retailers should know, from turbans to beanies, headscarves, and hijabs. So read on for this year’s essential kids’ accessory trends. 

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How profitable is the kids’ accessory market
5 kids’ accessories trends to know in 2023
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How profitable is the kids’ accessory market

One of the booming markets in the apparel industry is children’s clothing accessories. This market was estimated at US$ 25.63 billion in 2020, and its value is anticipated to grow at a 4.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2028.

The kids’ accessory market has experienced its fair share of decline due to sustainability issues, supply chain bottlenecks, and other factors. However, it is anticipated to increase due to the child population density index, disposable income, and market participants’ growing investments in eco-friendly materials and product customization.  

Another important factor influencing this market’s growth is the changing demographics. Rapid urbanization created retail expansion and the development of e-commerce platforms. Again, the industry has been inspired to advance with the shifting trends of celebrities and social media’s growing influence on kids and their parents. 

The fashion industry is working hard to present and promote a unisex culture appropriate for children. All these are prompting innovation and the development of designs that will appeal to fashion-loving parents and kids, generating a high yield in this market.

5 kids’ accessories trends to know in 2023

Bowknot turban

baby girl on turban playing

Never before has baby head wrap looked so stylish. This bowknot baby turban is all the rave in modern fashion. It is made of polyester cotton, which is very soft and delicate on babies’ skin. 

In addition, it is super stretchy, providing plenty of room for growth. Bowknot turbans also come with a lovely bow detail in front, making them even more adorable.

Not only will infants look cute wearing this head wrap, but it will also protect their heads on chilly days. These baby bowknot hats can be worn quickly to dress up any outfit-–they are hassle-free and need no tying. Additionally, the headband is \light and soft to the touch, so babies won’t even notice they’re wearing one.

This turban is a perfect baby shower gift. It is also ideal for going outdoors, taking family pictures, attending birthday parties, and many other occasions with regular clothes and activities. It comes in many colors and fits babies aged 0 to 4 years.

Three-piece hat and socks set

Baby wearing a three-piece hat and socks set

The best things come in threes. This three-piece hat and socks set is a delicate, cozy, elegant line of baby basics. It features a pair of mittens, socks, and a matching hat packed in a gauze bag. In addition, each piece is colorful and patterned with locking edges, boneless sutures, and other cute details.

They are made from a thick cotton blend that is super stretchy yet soft and delicate on the baby’s skin. It allows free movement while providing excellent warmth and comfort. These three-piece sets will keep the little one’s head, hands, and toes warm.

The trio doesn’t fade, is safe and eco-friendly, and is fit for boys and girls of all ages. In addition, a three-piece hat and socks set are also suitable for gift-giving. Plus, kids can wear them daily or on special occasions for outings, photo shoots, and other activities.

Pom pom beanie

Baby wearing a pom pom beanie

This pom pom beanie is a perfect accessory for any little boy or girl. It is made of a luxurious pastel knit and has a cute faux fur pom pom, which is currently on-trend. Unlike headbands, pom pom beanies can cover the wearer’s entire head.

It’s also secure and protects the baby’s head from the sun, cold and other elements. In addition, its soft, delicate, and breathable design won’t leave marks on or itch babies’ heads. More importantly, the headwear has incredible trans-seasonal appeal. Faux fur pom pom hats are perfect for photo shoots, regular wear, outings, and gifting.

Pom pom beanies are made from eco-friendly acrylic, but retailers can access variants in other materials, like polyester, cotton, canvas, bio-washed cotton, and heavy-weight brushed twill. 

While most variants have basic designs, retailers can stock up on unique colors and patterns. They may also add other design elements like metal patches and felt appliques.  

Velvet knit head scarf

Baby wearing a headwrap with flowery details

Babies in adorable head wraps are the cutest little things ever. This velvet knit head scarf is perfect for any occasion or as regular day wear. It is also a great photo prop for those monthly pictures parents love to take.

This scarf is made from high-quality cotton and is elastic, comfy, and breathable. It is incredibly easy to wear and take off. Plus, the headwear is comfortable and can be worn all day long. In addition, it comes with three round flower patch details that enhance the look.

Babies can wear them throughout all four seasons, and these head scarves are great gifts for hospital visits, baby showers, birthdays, and lots more.

Kids’ hijab

Young girl wearing hijab reading a book

What’s a little Muslimah without her hijab? This unique head wrap brings the little ones’ religious outfits together. Moms looking for something simple and cute would love this for their young girls.

Its soft jersey fabric with elastic details under the chin makes it stretchy and long-lasting. Yet, despite the extra details, this hijab remains light, cozy, and delicate on the skin.

Young girls who are learning how to wear hijabs would love this. It is easy to put on and take off, and the piece looks great and covers the whole head. In addition, the kids’ hijab has wrinkle-free properties and is incredibly easy to maintain. The headpiece also comes in various colors and can be customized and worn for many purposes, including school, play, and everyday activities.

Final words

Accessories aren’t only for adults; they look good on kids too. These pieces add personality and charm and can make ordinary activities a delight for these little ones. 

Classic headwear like beanies, headscarves, turbans, and hijabs aren’t only practical but can be stylish too. The three-piece baby set is safe, comfy, protective, and also cute. Sellers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make more sales with these kids’ accessories trends and satisfy their consumers this 2023.

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