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Natural and Environmental Protection: A New Global Trend in Maternal and Infant Products


The world health organization has implemented measures to offer mothers and newborns a healthy postnatal environment. This move has seen reduced morbidity and mortality rates in recent years. However, natural and environmental protection is necessary for the well-being of mothers and children after birth.

Maternal and infant products have experienced steady growth in market demand. This trend arises from their variety and wide range of applications. For example, mothers need personal care items for themselves and their young ones, baby feeders, skincare products, and other nursery items. 

Technological advancement and innovations have also contributed to market growth. As millennials hit parenthood, they embrace modern products due to efficiency and minimal effect on the environment. 

The market size of infant and maternal care products is set to increase with a need to acquire products suitable for working moms and baby care institutions. This article will explore the key features to look for in baby care products and essential factors to consider when choosing the most suitable product types. 

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Maternal and infant products market growth
Features to look for in maternal and babycare products
6 things to consider when choosing maternal and infant products
Get trendy maternal and babycare products for healthy skin

Maternal and infant products market growth

Maternal and infant product demand has grown steadily over the last two years. Their global market size was US$ 204.75 billion in 2021 and rose to US$ 215.13 billion in 2022. The market size is projected to grow to US$ 331.92 by 2029, with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4%.

Many factors have led to the upward market trend in maternal and infant products. Most young parents are millennials and generation Z who embrace the advancing technology. In addition, there is increased consumer income and demand for quality and environmentally friendly products. 

Parents are looking for quality skincare oils and detergents for their babies. Coupled with the global quest for eco-friendly baby care products, the new arrivals in the market are in high demand. These factors make the global market promising and a worthy venture for small, medium, and large businesses. 

Features to look for in maternal and babycare products

Environmental conservation is a global concern that calls for eco-friendly baby care products. The right babycare product choice guarantees comfort and safety for mother and child while keeping a clean environment. When choosing baby care items, look out for the following features.

Made from natural ingredients

Baby skin is sensitive to toxic chemicals. This makes baby care products from natural ingredients ideal for maternal and infant care oils and soaps. Furthermore, those products from natural ingredients are free of carcinogens and, therefore, mild to infant skin. 

Strongly scented chemicals expose children under two years to allergies and irritations. Therefore, choose products derived from natural extracts for mothers and infants for better childcare. 

Easy to apply

A person squeezing skin care product to their palm

Easy-to-apply skin care products ensure quick absorption to the skin without exposing the infant to discomfort. Soaps and oils that are easy to apply enhance comfort and soothe the skin giving infants ultimate relaxation.  

A lasting moisturizing effect

Keeping infants’ and mothers’ skin moisturized affords them healthy skin and comfort. When choosing baby care products, choose ones with a lasting moisturizing effect to ensure infants stay free of dry patches, heat rash, and scales. 

The ideal infant oil should keep the skin moisturized the whole day to avoid frequent application, which subjects the baby to discomfort. 

Mild fragrance

Infants are sensitive to strong fragrances. To protect them, choose skin products with mild fragrances and eco-friendly components. Soaps and oils with mild scents protect the infant’s skin from allergies and irritation after application. 

Oils extracted from natural extracts are infant skin friendly with minimal effect on the environment. 

Should be paraben free

Skincare products with parabens irritate when applied. Given infant skin’s sensitive and delicate nature, avoid products with parabens for young children’s skincare

Note that parabens are easily absorbed into the skin and may lead to discomfort and itching. Therefore, check out the ingredients on the product packaging before buying.

Appropriate pH balance

Unlike adults, whose skin surfaces contain the acidic mantle for protection, infant skin is yet to develop fully and therefore lacks the acidic surface. This exposes them to environmental irritants and rapid moisture loss. 

To curb these effects, buy skincare products with a 5-6 pH range. Slightly acidic skincare oils and lotions ensure the baby’s skin remains hydrated and free from irritation. 

Designed for babies

Different brands have products for adults and infants. Therefore, choose the ones designed for babies and ensure they have the recommended composition for delicate skin protection. Physicians offer advice on the ideal products for infants which are environmentally friendly.

6 things to consider when choosing maternal and infant products

In addition to the must-have features highlighted above, the following factors are essential when choosing skincare products for mothers and infants. 

Avoid strong fragrances

Strong-scented soaps and oils cause allergies and irritations in infants. Furthermore, their delicate skin can not withstand the effects of strong fragrances. Therefore, choose skincare products with mild scents.

100% natural

Skincare products and a crawling plant in a vessel

Infant skin cannot withstand the effect of chemicals in soaps and oils. Therefore, choose skincare items made from organic extracts for infants. Besides, organically prepared products contain antioxidants essential for oxidative stress eradication. 

Dermatologists know the ideal skincare products for infants. Therefore, go for the recommended brands to ensure adequate infant skin protection.

Dermatologically tested and effective: check reviews

Choose products that have been tested by dermatologists and approved. Such products are 100% natural and gentle for infants’ delicate skin. 

Read the labels and avoid products with harmful ingredients

All skincare products have labels outlining their composition and directions for use. They also indicate products recommended by physicians. Before choosing infant skin care products, analyze their composition to establish their suitability for baby skincare. 

Check the best before date

Skincare products develop unpleasant scents and skin reactions after expiry. Even if a product is designed for infants and recommended by a physician, check out its ‘best before date’ before purchasing. This ensures the product is ideal for use and will not expire while still in use. 

Get trendy maternal and babycare products for healthy skin

A couple holding a baby

The world health organization has improved infant and maternal health. However, skin care products can affect children under two years’ well-being. Many infant and environmentally friendly products are in the global market thanks to technology and innovations. 

Although no one brand fits all mothers and infants, there is a product to suit different customers’ preferences. Therefore, check out the latest market trends to meet every business’s needs. 

Get your customers various infant skincare products and afford them the trendy lifestyle they desire. 

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