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5 Irresistible Autumn/Winter Swimwear Color Trends for 2023/24


Although the autumn and winter seasons come with colder temperatures, it doesn’t stop consumers from taking a dip in a pool. And with most pandemic-related restrictions lifted, the demand for stylish swimwear has never been this high. 

In truth, fashion updates influence manufacturers to create swimwear with versatile designs that go beyond swimming pools. This article explores five appealing swimwear color trends fashion retailers can leverage for increased sales in the A/W 23/24 seasons.

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What are the stats of the swimwear market?
5 eye-catching swimwear color trends rocking 23/24
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What are the stats of the swimwear market?

Lady smiling in a blue bikini

In 2017, the global swimwear market accumulated an impressive US $18.4 billion in revenue. Marketing experts project this figure will increase to US $28.1 billion by 2024, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% over the 2018–2024 forecast period.

The increasing demand for comfortable and trendy swimwear designs and changing fashion trends are key factors contributing to the global market’s growth. The inclusion of value-added features like convenient cuts and trendy puts is also becoming popular, and experts predict this shift will further drive the industry’s expansion.

In addition, research suggests that Asia-Pacific will register a growth rate higher than other regions over the forecast period. Fast-developing economies like China and India show incredible potential to witness a surge in demand for modern swimwear.

The number of swimwear retail outlets across the globe is rising, and this helps to boost sales significantly. The online segment is also providing convenience and easy accessibility, making this market even more profitable.

5 eye-catching swimwear color trends rocking 23/24

1. Sahara-inspired tones

Lady on a beach wearing an ethereal pink swimsuit

Sahara-inspired tones take the baton from S/S 23’s basked sunset shades for a gentle transition into A/W. These trans-seasonal hues provide dashing updates to men’s and women’s resortwear.

Ethereal pink and luxe rust feature metallic accents that can make any swimwear stand out. Plus, the hues can easily complement other sahara-inspired tones like sandy, apricot crush, and clay.

Women can flex these shades with high-rise one-piece swimsuits. Although it hails from the 90s, this Baywatch-style swimwear is back with some colorful updates. Since the ensemble highlights feminine curves, hues like apricot crush and alpine frost show extreme compatibility. These bold Sahara-inspired tones will focus attention on the swimsuit’s unique cut and shape.

Men who like keeping things slick can rock mindful mauve swim trunks. This all-season swim shade can match any swimwear ensemble and look luxurious. Pairing them with Italian Clay shirts would make transitioning from the pool to the court effortless.

2. Nature-inspired mid-tones

Women rocking nature-inspired mid-tone swimsuits

Nature-inspired mid-tones are dominating the catwalk with botanical shades and neutral hues. Bay leaf and alpine frost lead the charge as this trend focuses on outdoor-based and lush-inspired wellness pursuits.

Greens offer a more grounded appeal, which looks even better with warmer shades as accents. These complementary mid-tones can showcase fresh botanical or tropical prints perfect for a day at the pool.

Consumers can take a dip in style with nature-inspired trunks. Bay leaf-colored shorts can make any man feel subtly elegant and are sure to turn a few heads. The piece’s comfortable and stylish shell fabric is also compatible with marine teal and astro dust shades.

Ladies not opting for a high-rise swimsuit can go for a high-waisted bikini dipped in nature-inspired mid-tones. They are simple, cute, and have an interesting vintage appeal. Plus, female consumers can mix and match these trans-seasonal shades through patterns; consider a pink clay high-waisted bikini with astro dust stripes. 

3. Wellness-inspired hues

Lady posing in ginger biscuit-colored swimwear

Tap into a more masculine palette with wellness-inspired hues. This color trend draws inspiration from the isolated countryside and landscapes, which embody healing, wellness, and natural practices.

Wellness-inspired hues are perfect for showcasing artisanal patterns and crafted elements, which retailers can incorporate into swimwear to make them unique. Men’s shorts and shirts and women’s resortwear are examples of pieces that match these shades.

Consumers can hit the waves stylishly in a pair of ginger biscuit-colored shorts. While they look super slick, adding limonite-toned floral patterns will make the style even better. Alternatively, the piece can feature a sharp print of clashing glacial blue waves for a more dramatic effect.

4. Rainbow brights

Lady rocking a multi-colored swimsuit

Creativity and freedom are key elements of flashy hues, and rainbow brights are no exceptions. This palette draws inspiration from boundless nonconformism and creativity. Near-neons also make a comeback through this color trend.

Rainbow brights are ideal for various festival styles. Their clashing nature can highlight impressive color-blocking aesthetics, making the swimwear more expressive than normal. Ladies can step into this colorful trend through retro swimwear.

The piece’s sexiness and compatibility with rainbow brights make it ideal for the modern, classy, and seductive woman. Retro swimwear featuring multiple bright color clashes is also fun to wear to a pool party or beach festival.

Male consumers can shine bright and catch the best waves in rainbow brights swimming shorts. These stylish trunks can feature knockout color-blocking styles that are sure to turn heads on any occasion.

5. Neutral palettes

Woman rocking a sultry black swimsuit

Sometimes, plain colors make the loudest statements, especially when working with neutral palettes. The core black, white, and neutral hues are receiving a refreshing update with flashes of warm hues and pastels.

As pared-down trends move toward minimalism, the fashion world is embracing more white and black combinations featuring subtle contrasts such as warm brown, pink clay, and glacial blue tones. In truth, businesses can elevate core swim styles with sophisticated color combinations.

Softer shades feel natural with linen and cotton cover-ups. But adding natural pigment dyes and black or terracotta accents can help enhance the palette’s beauty. One way to maximize this color trend is through cut-out swimwear.

The cut-out theme reaches a new level this season as it receives upgrades from natural palettes. The best part is consumers can customize it to their style – like opting for classic black designs with side cut-out shapes and chalk-colored linings.

Alternatively, consumers may choose a wholegrain-colored design with terracotta accents on stylized cut-outs.

Last words

Swimwear trends are evolving to accommodate core colors for enhanced longevity and updated twists. Neutrals, pastels, and earth tones help tap into wellness themes and create a connection between consumers and nature.

In addition, retailers must focus on hues that traverse the boundaries of male and female seasonal palettes and leverage shades with cross-seasonal beauty. Sahara-inspired tones, nature-inspired mid-tones, wellness-inspired hues, rainbow brights, and neutral palettes are the swimwear color trends to glean for greater sales in A/W 23/24.

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