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5 Men’s Jackets and Outerwear Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023


A jacket says a lot about a man’s character and sense of style, whether a breathable shirt jacket or a tough leather one. No matter the season, jackets and outerwear are must-haves for men.

This article explores five outstanding categories of men’s jackets and outerwear trends that fashion businesses can leverage for increased appeal in autumn/winter 2023.

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Analysis of the men’s jacket and outerwear market
Five outstanding men’s jackets and outerwear trends
Stock up on these trends

Analysis of the men’s jacket and outerwear market

Market size

The size was estimated at USD 48.5 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% from 2021 to 2028. The growing acceptance of corporate culture and the need for bodily protection from weather elements drive this market’s expansion. Rising per capita income, consumer purchasing power, and innovation in design and development are the other drivers of this market’s growth.

Men’s coats and jackets come in various designs, colors, and styles for multiple occasions, such as cocktail parties, weddings, and formal events. They are worn for warmth or fashion, having bodices and sleeves of varying lengths. 

Coats and jackets have lapels, pockets, and collars, usually velvet, jacquard, wool, fur, and leather. The availability of coats and jackets in both long and short lengths will subsequently increase industry demand. 

Manufacturers’ adoption of automatic machines is another trend that aims to boost output while lowering costs. They are concentrating on growing their customer base by providing discounts and connecting with them in various ways, such as through e-commerce platforms. 

Channel distribution

Until 2021, offline distribution channels contributed to a significant market share of over 80% as consumers preferred to physically verify the quality of coats and jackets at purchase points. However, online shopping portals and mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among consumers due to the simplicity and convenience associated.

Products are available via online channels at affordable rates compared to offline channels. As a result, online distribution channels are estimated to register a high CAGR of 6.5% in the forecasted period.

Five outstanding men’s jackets and outerwear trends

Leather jackets

Men wearing leather jackets posing with a horse

The leather jacket is the holy grail of all the trends listed here. It’s one of those jackets that exude charisma on any occasion.

While leather jackets are primarily available in black or brown hues, the sleek versatility of leather jackets is what makes them beautiful. Consumers may want to keep the rest of their outfit dark when wearing a black biker jacket for a rakish yet simple casual look. 

Alternatively, they may pair the jacket with neutrals and let the coat talk. More adventurous clients may prefer to play with the rules by complementing the jacket with patterns. Whichever way, shoppers will always find a style that complements their aesthetic.


Men and women wearing different topcoats

A topcoat is a man’s signature; it makes him unique and different. They are also wardrobe essentials with enough versatility to match every piece of clothing.

There are many different styles and materials included in the topcoat category. In addition, these coats always feature mid-weight materials like wool, cashmere, and tweed. Topcoats sit at or above the knee, unlike heavier, below-the-knee overcoats.

Topcoats offer warmth, coziness, and durability, which male consumers seek, especially in winter. Its lighter fabrics, easy layering capabilities, and elegant and sharp tailoring are features to love.

Men can wear them over sweatpants and hoodies to achieve the high-low look or over chinos and a button-down shirt for a classic business-casual appearance. But that’s not all. For the ideal night-out outfit, consumers can pair it with T-shirts and jeans.

Modern topcoat designs have enlarged soft-shouldered cuts to fit slightly looser around the body and hang off the shoulder. This version results in a more relaxed fit and provides more space for layering.

Varsity jackets

Man wearing a stylish varsity jacket

The sporty bomber style of the 1980s was a regular sight in the streets and has reentered the spotlight in recent fashion. Varsity jackets, originally called letterman-style jackets, have evolved from university favorites to high-fashion items.

Varsity jackets used to be large, bulky, and noticeable indicators that the wearer was a “jock.” But, in the 2020s, the style underwent a revival with more structure, less weight, and a better color scheme. Jogger shorts, cycling shorts, and cargo pants are other wardrobe items required for a complete varsity-style attire. 

Customers particularly love varsity jackets because they provide the ideal response to the age-old quandary, “Is it too warm for a jacket?”. If it is, simply slinging this item over the shoulders truly captures the varsity look.

Knowing how to style letterman jackets has changed over time due to the introduction of these jackets in various designs, hues, and prints. Either way, it should be the focal point of the ensemble, meaning other clothing choices shouldn’t drown the jacket’s style.

Nothing is trendier than a varsity-style jacket, cargo pants, and a crisp white T-shirt. Alternatively, ripped jeans contrast the preppy look for shoppers who don’t dig cargo pants. 

Clients who are not a fan of color will love monochromatic looks. A simple black and white varsity jacket, especially with a baseball cap and sunglasses, can be the ideal finishing touch to an otherwise understated outfit.

Puffer vests

Man rocking a gray puffer vest

Few jackets are more functional than a puffer, whether hiking up a mountain or just trying to stay warm on the way to work. However, they are no longer just for hiking. A new generation of outerwear designers and street-wise men are giving the puffer vest a new spin in their daily lives, making the dad silhouette the most relaxed style ever.

Men’s puffer vests are adaptable, insulated, and incredibly comfortable. It makes sense that they are a winter wardrobe staple for date nights, weekend errands, and even the office. Their down baffles naturally trap heat, providing insulation and minimal bulk when worn over a shirt. 

Consumers can wear most puffer vests as a windbreaker over a turtleneck or underneath a coat. A good puffer vest could even be worn solo during the transitional months for an ultra-chic appearance.


Men posing near a brick wall while wearing shackets

One of the most practical items a man can own is a shirt jacket, whether for chilly winter months, transitional weeks in the fall, or moody spring days. The shacket, also called a men’s over-shirt, is warm enough to ward off a breeze chill but not too stuffy to make the wearer sweat during warmer days.

It’s the utility layer men reach for on those hurried trips to the coffee shop, meeting-filled workdays, or chilly mornings when just a parka won’t do. It is everything a top-jacket hybrid should be: strong, warm, and conscientious. 

This superb mid-weight clothing is designed for layering. In addition, Shoppers can wear it with their favorite t-shirts and sweaters or under their winter coats to stay warm without sacrificing style.

Shackets have more substance than a flannel button-down typically has. They won’t shrink and allows for a broader range of motion. It’s more laid-back than a knit sweater or travel blazer and is simple enough to throw on top of a tee, tuck under a jacket, or rock on its own. The best shirt jackets are available in various materials, sizes, and hues.

Stock up on these trends

Everyone wins when it comes to wearing a killer jacket. They are wardrobe essentials that add charisma and character to a man’s appearance.

Leather jackets and topcoats are undeniable classics, giving warmth and style regardless of the season. Puffer vests have evolved from simple, practical items to cool, trendy pieces. The varsity style jacket gives the wearer something different from a denim jacket, while shackets are the kings of layering.

These jackets and outerwear trends are simple to tailor for a perfect fit, making them the most profitable styles to leverage in autumn and winter 2023.

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