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5 Top-notch Men’s Active Courtside Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


2021/2022 witnessed a sharp increase in outdoor activities. This move to get outdoors also increased men’s participation in social racquet sports. 

However, the court is not the only point of interest as men now demand active courtside wear to perform on and off the court.

Discover how businesses can make more sales and profit with five active and sustainable courtside trends for S/S 2023. But before that, check out the market size of men’s activewear.

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The market size of men’s activewear
Five trendy men’s active courtside wear in summer/spring
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The market size of men’s activewear

The men’s activewear market witnessed a 4.5% fast-growing rate from 2017 to 2021, expanding to $421.2 billion in 2022. According to research, the market is expected to reach $779.9 billion in 2032, with a 6.4% CAGR.

The market owes its impressive expansion to the increase in the number of men turning to the active lifestyle. Men adopting activewear outside the gym and participating in more racquet sports, like tennis, are other factors contributing to the market’s growth.

As more consumers become health conscious, sellers can expect more breathable and functional active wear to trend in S/S 2023.

Read on to uncover five of these trends.

Five trendy men’s active courtside wear in summer/spring

Tech T-shirt

Man posing with brown tech T-shirt and tennis racket

Tech T-shirts are lightweight tees that combine performance with retro aesthetics. Consumers can function on the court while sporting a relaxed look that shows their sociable side.

Men can enjoy the tech T-shirt’s excellent thermoregulating qualities, which keep them cool during activities. The shirt also has impressive moisture-wicking properties. The activity doesn’t matter. The tech T-shirt will always pull sweat away from consumers, keeping them dry and comfortable.

That’s not all that makes the tech T-shirt a great piece. It’s also durable and can stand many laundry cycles without fading. It’s shrink-resistant and less susceptible to stains, so customers can rest assured that their activewear won’t become a crop top or lose its color.

Speaking of color, the tech T-shirt comes in various color combinations and patterns. Although text T-shirts feature plain designs, men can rock variants with large printed logos. Consumers can enjoy variants with contrasting colors on the sleeves, neckline, and main piece.

Man wearing an orange tech T-shirt with tennis racket

Consumers can pull off a one-color sporty look by pairing a white-on-white combo. All men need for this outfit is a white tech T-shirt and white sports shorts. Men who fancy colorful looks can opt for some patterned shorts and multi-colored tech T-shirts. Don’t forget to tuck in for a more retro feel.

Furthermore, consumers wanting a more casual look can go for an oversized tech T-shirt and black cargo shorts combo. They can also enjoy a clubhouse-inspired look by rocking branded tech T-shirts.

Pocket polo shirt

Man posing with white polo shirt and black cross bag

Polo shirts offer the ultimate experience when it comes to sports. Going as far back as the 1920s, the polo shirt was dubbed the “tennis shirt” and was a court wear staple. However, recent trends show that the polo shirt hasn’t lost its sports aesthetics.

The breathable polo shirt offers the same comfort level consumers can get from tees. But it upgrades the look, giving men an effortless way to boost their summer sport style.

It’s not just a blandly uniform. Polo shirts have different variations, colors, and patterns that consumers can style in various ways.

Man sitting on a ledge with white polo shirt

However, this trend adds an embroidered patch pocket to give consumers an effortless resort-style dressing. Men looking to rock a formal look can tuck in their polo shirts. For more formality, they can opt for a retro-styled wool knit polo shirt.

These sweater-styled polo shirts often feature collar & arm bands with contrasting colors. Sometimes, they also have a banded bottom. Men can pair the classy polo shirt with actual trousers (not jeans or chinos). It’s a great look for clubhouse racquet sports.

Consumers with a thing for casual looks can opt for an untucked look. They’ll need a solid-colored cotton polo for this outfit. They can pair it with jeans or chinos, or ditch the long pants and go for some shorts.

Men who fancy more aesthetics can’t go wrong with a striped or patterned polo shirt. Combined with high-performance shorts, this ensemble will give consumers an effortlessly trendy look.

Layered shorts

Anonymous man wearing grey layered short

Layered shorts are excellent additions to any sporty man’s wardrobe. They’re incredibly versatile, allowing consumers to use them for indoor and outdoor activities during summer and spring. This double-layered trend offers a high level of breathability and comfort in one piece of apparel.

Evolving from the minimalistic aesthetic trend, layered shorts combine two materials to make the top and bottom layers. The bottom layer features a stretchy fabric that hugs the wearer’s thighs. It also features impressive stay-fresh qualities to keep the wearer comfortable during activities.

That’s not all. The top layer features a four-way stretch woven material that gives wearers a clean look. It also has little perforated holes that give enhanced ventilation. The outer layer has an internal elastic, drawcord waistband that consumers can adjust for added comfort.

Man storing phone in black layered shorts

Layered shorts have pockets on the bottom layer with waterproof qualities. Consumers can store valuables and tennis balls in these pockets during a game. And these pockets are easy to access since the top shorts have a loose fitting.

Materials like spandex and elastane are popular base-layer fabrics. Consumers can choose same-colored designs or opt for more colorful designs by creating beautiful contrasts with the top and bottom layers. Patterns are also part of the mix, as the inner and outer layers can feature different shapes and styles.

These layered shorts are perfect for the court when paired with long sleeve warm-up tops. Consumers can opt for sleeveless sports tops or short-sleeved plain tees for better performance.

Zip warm-up top

Man posing with multi-colored zip warm-up top

Zip warm-up tops have become super popular for sports because they’re easy to wear and serve as an impressive mid-layer for other outfits. Summer’s occasional rainfall signifies that warm-weather ensembles must have a level of versatility. Luckily, the zip warm-up top works with almost everything.

This transeasonal mid-layer provides consumers with warmth and comfort. They also have minimal seams that keep the outfit’s style effortless. Moreover, the warm-up top features a breathable stretch woven fabric that combines performance with spruce aesthetics.

This trend uses a coated matte surface trim to give wearers extra tactility. The mid-layer has multiple color options to fit every consumer’s taste. Some variants have mild patterns, and the materials may differ.

Man rocking a grey warm-up top with dark blue pants

Consumers with a thing for overhead jacket designs will love the light windbreaker zip warm-up top. It’s a practical outfit for consumers to battle the weather without sacrificing their style. They can pair this piece with some black joggers for a stylish outfit.

Men can participate in the #dadcore trend by embracing the throwback feel of the dadcore fleece warm-up top. A great way to rock this outfit would be layering it over a lightweight tee and adding some skinny black jeans.

Color contrasts are not left out as the print clash warm-up top takes the starring role in an outfit of various patterns. Consumers can opt for a bold hue, like yellow, on their warm-up top and layer with a dark blue check shirt. Pairing the ensemble with black trews will focus attention on the top.

DIY fandom is all about cuts and sews, and this trend extends to the half-zip warm-up tops. The design appeals to consumers that love a stronger retro feel. Combining the ensemble with straight-leg trews would complement the outfit.

Rusty hues are attractive for summer and spring, and men can rock the color with a rusty palette zip warm-up top. This fleecy mid-layer can keep its wearer warm even when the summer evening wind comes around. Consumers can don the look with a grey undershirt and some black straight-leg jeans.

Club trousers

Man posing near a wall with black club trousers

With the athleisure trend gaining popularity, jeans and chinos have some competition for courtside wear. The club trousers are the must-have style for gents, and they’re dominating the comfortable racquet sport. 

It’s not just for tennis only. The club trousers are so versatile that they work for golf, training, or as a smart-casual outfit.

It features a moisture-wicking double weave twill fabric with quick-dry qualities. The comfy pants also provide advanced and faster thermoregulation. Similar to zip warm-up tops, club trousers feature zips on the calves and a coated matted surface trim for more tactility. They also have adjustable drawstrings on the waist for a tighter fit.

The club trousers trend also comes packed with various colors for many creative outfits. Interestingly, the club trousers combined with zip warm-ups can create two-piece sets. Consumers can rock a matching mid-layer with the club trousers for a sporty uniform look.

Anonymous man wearing grey club trousers

Men can style club trousers in numerous ways. One magical way consumers can rock this piece is the classic sweatshirt and club pant combo.

They can also opt for a tech T-shirt for a more relaxed and casual appearance. Using a well-fitted T-shirt with club trousers would give an effortlessly clean, cool aesthetic.

Wearers can pair a track jacket with their club pants for an overall sportswear appeal. This combo gives off an athletic vibe, and consumers can style it with extra outerwear.

Another incredible outfit that gives the sportswear vibe is the polo shirt and club pant combo. Consumers that want a more casual look can opt for soft and light-styled club pants.

Final words

2022 catalyzed outdoor socializing, drawing newcomers to trendy active courtside wear. Brands shouldn’t scare them over with overly performance-driven styles.

Sellers must consider multifunctionality, performance, and comfortability. These pieces must work beyond the racquet court and extend to other activities.

Hence, businesses must focus on tech T-shirts, pocket polo shirts, layered shorts, zip warm-up tops, and club trousers trends to witness more sales in S/S 2023.

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