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Men’s Active Apparel: A Detailed Guideline


To make your business boost in the clothing niche, you must be considering different options to bring versatility to men’s active apparel, and you definitely should do this. Many men have nowadays been found pretty much engrossed in choosing the most comfortable and trendiest activewear. These considerations boost their confidence and sales, so why not cater to the best collection for your customers?

Table of Contents
Do’s of the right men’s apparel
Essential pieces to introduce
Working on the details

Do’s of right men’s active apparel

The right activewear for men is the only thing that would make your business game strong, and to do this, you should be aware of the features that your active menswear must be equipped with. 

There are so many things that require consideration when it comes to bringing workout wear, and a few of these essential factors that you should consider for your active apparel include the following:

Material is the key concern for manufacturing any apparel. So, special attention must be given to active clothing in this case. When people head to gyms and work out there, they usually face a lot of sweat, and for this, breathable fabric is a must.

Apart from being breathable, the fabric should also have antibacterial properties to provide comfort and peace of mind to the one who is wearing it while working out.

  • Multiple usage choices

People always prefer investing in clothes that offer them multiple wearable options. You must bring about such fitness wear clothing options that at the same time cater to the casual wearing needs of your clients. This aspect will allow them to show more interest in your active apparel since they will be able to grab them anytime and anywhere with no second thoughts.

  • Develop a concern for durability

Ensure that the material used for such wearable is durable enough to sustain the sweaty and flexible experiences. The clientele always expects that the clothing chosen for activewear is equipped with long-lasting durability and can handle the pressure of a workout.

Essential pieces to introduce

There will be certain pieces that form to be the must-haves when it comes to choosing fitness wear. People who look forward to active apparel usually set up their minds with certain options that they want to adding to their closets; these may comprise the following choices.

Introducing vests

Vests are pretty common and very comfortable when it comes to active apparel selection for men. You can have them in the most breathable material that avoids all kinds of odors and sweat to be locked up and rather make the person wearing it pretty much comfortable. 

These vests may be chosen as a part of several layouts, laser-cut patterns, mesh look, and crew neckline layout; all these options are fairly popular, and most liked choices by men. The best part is that these vests may also form a suitable option for loungewear.

Man wearing tank top vest at the gym

T-shirts all-time comfortable concern

T-shirts have proven to be an essential aspect of men’s wardrobe. Adding them with a thermoregulating fabric would be a suitable approach. Also, keeping a T-shirt equipped with a slim-fit cut would make movements much easier.

Color blocks would be a perfect addition to T-shirts. This color addition could be done by choosing the colors in contrast as lighter and darker shades, and you can always go for the spring/summer 22 color options to bring about a nicer look and attractive appeal on the T-shirts. 

Different areas of the T-shirts may have solid color patches that add a lot to the styling.

People who work out usually look forward to investing in a few good T-shirts that are comfortable, breathable, and neutral in terms of colors and looks.

Man wearing a comfortable T-shirt at the gym

Adding shorts to the collection

If you are designing a wardrobe for men’s active apparel, you can never ignore the significance of the shorts. Shorts with a drawstring made in lightweight and breathable cotton would offer utility. Solid colors are perfect to go for shorts. Especially during summers, there is a significant need to wear shorts while working out. These keep your clients comfortable and easygoing during the summer workouts. 

Man wearing comfortable shorts while working out

Stackup jogger pants 

Jogger pants need to have an important place in the wardrobes of all those men who look forward to having the right active apparel. These jogger pants are manufactured in a breathable fabric and are very flexible and comfortable. 

Your customers can stretch, skip, jump and run without worrying about the flexibility of the pants, and they will not cause them any trouble while they are busy working out—there is nothing to worry about while wearing them.

Man wearing stackup jogger pants

Hooded sweatshirts are just on point

Men’s active apparel collection should also be enriched with the right kind of sweatshirts. The best is to include hooded sweatshirts in the collection. 

Choice of material in case of a hooded sweatshirt should be a fabric that is breathable and offers antibacterial properties. Unbound merino is one of the finest self-cleaning materials that are suitable for such apparel creations.

Young man wearing a hooded sweatshirt

Layer of jacket

Lightweight materials could be the appropriate choice for jackets in the trends of spring/summer 22. These may be best made out of breathable and fine polyester.

Further detailing may be added to the features of such jackets—adjustable cuffed sleeves with velcro may be a good idea. Zipped closures with enclosed layouts may also be a suitable addition.

Man wearing a jacket made of lightweigh materials

Working on the details

It is always the best approach to work on the details of all the options laid out above when drafting the look of men’s active apparel. Hence, several options may be considered, and this apparel may be uplifted in no time.

Adding life with prints

The boring active apparel collection may be uplifted using some detailed and discrete prints. These prints could look incredible on the shorts. It is always best to have prints on one of the apparel so that the look seems to be a fascinating one and at the same time offers a unique image. Printed patterns may include animal prints, checks, polka dots, and whatnot may be chosen; a blend of light and dark contrast for prints would work out well.

Man wearing back tank top vest and printed shorts

Defining utility

It is always great to bring about the right form of utility engraved in active apparel. Some discreet pockets to cater to gadgets and having them either on the sides of the sleeves would be a great way to introduce ease in your active apparel

Young man wearing hooded sweatshirt with discrete pockets

Keeping the color palette neutral

It is the best approach to keep the color palette of activewear in a neutral tone. Choosing the brighter shades and tangy touch would be a suitable approach. Rather, shades of gray, beige, and pastel tones would prove to be one of the most inspiring looks to consider and enhance the look of active menswear.

Man on black sportswear working out


To boost your men’s active apparel business, you have to pay significant attention to two of the main factors, one being your client’s expectations, and the second is what goes in the trend. When you have aligned your clothing with the ongoing trends, you will always fall into the expectation window of your client, which will bring you significant success.

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