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7 Must-Know Rattan Garden Sets


Rattan garden sets are back with a captivating allure to enhance any garden space effortlessly. They have become the height of elegance and sophistication with their intricate weaves, natural textures, and exquisite craftsmanship, making them highly profitable.

From cozy lounging areas to chic dining spaces, this article explores the top rattan garden sets that will be in high demand.

Table of Contents
The demand for the rattan furniture market
Is rattan different from wicker?
Seven investment-worthy rattan garden sets
Factors to consider before purchasing rattan garden sets
Go get these rattan garden sets

The demand for the rattan furniture market

Rattan furniture presents a fantastic alternative to wood due to its affordability and easy harvest/transport. Interestingly, rattan offers impressive benefits like natural water resistance and high durability.

As a result, experts predict the global rattan furniture market will expand to US$ 870.19 million at a 3.36% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2026. The significant demand increase for rattan furniture is the primary factor propelling this industry’s growth.

In 2020, the pandemic pushed multiple restrictions, locking down bars, restaurants, and workplaces. Sadly, it also affected the demand for outdoor furniture. However, the negatives soon turned to positives, as more consumers purchased rattan furniture to support their forced stay-at-home and work-from-home culture.

Experts predict the rising consumer demand will continue to push the global rattan furniture market’s expansion over the forecast period.

On the other hand, the global rattan market faces a significant challenge due to high market fragmentation. The industry is crowded with multiple international and regional vendors, creating moderate barriers for new entrants.

In addition, processing rattan involves using toxic chemicals, making the outdoor furniture pliable to stringent laws and regulations. Experts predict such regulations will negatively affect rattan products’ cost, sales, and long-term supply.

Nevertheless, the rattan furniture market growth in the residential segments will be noteworthy, leading to more revenue generation. North America is the largest market, while Asia Pacifica emerges as the fastest-growing region.

Is rattan different from wicker?

Rattan and wicker are usually intertwined, so it’s not rare to think they’re similar. But the truth is both are quite different. For instance, rattan is more similar to palm trees. It is incredibly durable, with most people using the peel to bind furniture.

On the other hand, wicker has nothing to do with materials. Instead, it’s a manufacturing technique for making furniture from straw, willow, bamboo, and rattan. This technique requires wetting the materials before weaving them into the desired shape.

So while rattan is a product, wicker is a furniture-making technique. Many consumers love wicker garden furniture because of its low-maintenance, robust, and contemporary design. However, rattan remains the go-to for extreme durability and versatility.

Seven investment-worthy rattan garden sets

4-seater corner lounging set

Beautiful double 4-seater corner rattan lounging sets

The modular 4-seater corner lounging set is an exquisite rattan garden set that comes pre-assembled. Consumers must only arrange each section according to their preference, add the back/seat cushions, and relax until satisfied.

The 4-seater corner rattan lounging set also checks the box in terms of durability. It features a lightweight design with non-corrosive aluminum frames, adding more points to its strength.

But that’s not all. This set has excellent weatherproofing properties, with its PE-rattan upper requiring low maintenance. It’s also affordable, making the set better than other powder-coated steel alternatives.

Coffee table set

Grey rattan coffee table set

The coffee table set exudes a timeless look and versatile appeal that fits brilliantly in formal or contemporary garden settings. But gardens are not the only places this set shines.

Consumers may also use coffee table sets to add a touch of natural elegance and sophistication to their living spaces. More importantly, the chairs and sofas included in this set have comfortable designs, with the rattan frames providing a sturdy foundation.

Also, some variants come with customizable cushions, allowing consumers to replace or update them to match different decor styles. In addition, sets may offer matching side tables to enhance the coffee table set’s aesthetics and functionality.

Sofa set with storage

Rattan sofa set with a foot stool

Do some of your buyers have small outdoor living spaces? If that’s the case, they can spruce things up with a rattan sofa set. Its compact design has enough space for three, and the set comes with an extra cushion-top table, which doubles as a footrest for more comfort.

The best part is this rattan sofa set comes with a hidden storage space featuring a waterproof bag. Consumers can easily stash some outdoor cushions to use when needed.

Although consumers may need to assemble this set, it comes with the benefit of configuring it according to their preference or depending on their patio.

7-seater casual dining set

Rattan dining table set on a lawn

The exciting thing about this 7-seater casual dining set is that it can double as an alfresco setting. This rattan set features a dining-table height table and two padded footstools for additional seating.

In addition, the 7-seater rattan dining set features weather-resistant PE-rattan coupled with durable aluminum frames. What’s more? Consumers can match the set with other Palma range options, adding bespoke beauty to their patio.

Skala sofa set

Rattan sofa set with chaise section

Are your buyers looking for the ultimate place to kick back and relax? If so, this Skala sofa set is their best bet. Impressive width, deep-cushioned seats, and Mediterranean aesthetics make this sofa the rattan set for the job.

Interestingly, consumers can set up the chaise section to enjoy sunbathing or grab the cushioned ottoman for extra legroom. Alternatively, they can use the ottoman as a coffee table.

More importantly, this set comes fully assembled, allowing customers to enjoy a stress-free setup. A weather-resistant aluminum frame supports the PE-rattan outer shell, ensuring superior durability.

Armless modular chair set

A fancy rattan armless modular chair set

Although these sets don’t come with armrests, they compensate for it with one feature: versatility. One of the armless modular chair set’s attractive benefits is allowing consumers to add extra sectional seats, ottomans, and corner modules.

On this note, customers can easily switch between big or small sitting areas. The set’s overall design and deep cushions make it a fantastic contemporary outdoor option for relaxed lounging. Plus, its aesthetics can match a country garden, poolside patio, or even a city roof terrace.

3-piece balcony bistro set

A black rattan 3-piece balcony bistro set

The 3-piece balcony bistro set is perfect for consumers without enough space for a complete rattan dining or corner sofa set. Its compact size and aesthetics allow them to nail the rattan furniture look in small gardens.

The set includes two rattan armchairs with seat cushions and curved armrests. It also has an incredible lift-top coffee table with a hidden storage compartment.

Factors to consider before purchasing rattan garden sets

Frame type

Consumers purchasing rattan garden sets will most likely plan on spending time outside, meaning a lot of environmental exposure will happen on an ongoing basis. As a result, businesses must ensure the rattan sets they purchase have powder-coated aluminum frames.

Such frames have lower chances of building rust, protecting the furniture’s integrity and preventing it from weakening.

Do they have UV protection?

While the sun may seem less damaging than other harsh weather conditions, prolonged exposure can still impact rattan’s quality. The color can fade over time whether consumers place them indoors or outdoors.

Hence, retailers must ensure their products offer adequate UV protection, allowing consumers to enjoy the vibrant colors for longer. UV protection also safeguards the material against splitting in the heat.

Are the cushions comfortable?

Consumers will spend a lot of time on their rattan garden set, meaning the padded cushion on each seat should offer long-term comfort—while maintaining shape. For optimal consistency, businesses can opt for olefin and acrylic cushion fabrics. These options also have high fade resistance and durability,

Cushions should also have foam fillings to provide lasting comfort and aesthetic appeal, even after prolonged use.

Weatherproofing is a must!

No doubt, rattan furniture will remain exposed to unpredictable weather all year round. For this reason, it must withstand various conditions without taking damage.

Naturally, rattan originates from rainforests, making it suitable for outdoor purposes. Rattan furniture has inherent waterproof properties, allowing them to endure even the harshest weather when consumers leave them outdoors.

Go get these rattan garden sets

As 2024 pushes forward, rattan garden sets continue reigning as timeless and stylish choices for outdoor living. With their versatility, durability, and natural charm, these sets can effortlessly elevate any garden or patio space.

Rattan furniture offers various options for different styles, whether consumers prefer sleek modern designs or cozy rustic aesthetics. Embrace the beauty and profitability of rattan and help customers build a stunning, comfortable outdoor oasis.

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