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Top 6 Exciting Garden Sofa Trends To Modernize Your Outdoors


It is the dream of every avid furniture supplier or retailer out there to provide their customers with fashionable outdoor sofas. However, most of them fail to capitalize on this lucrative niche by not knowing what their shoppers want.

This article will enlighten businesses and customers on modern garden sofa trends, their standard design styles, and why you should display them in your showroom.

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A snapshot of the outdoor sofas industry
Top 6 garden sofa trends
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A snapshot of the outdoor sofas industry

Furniture retailing is a crucial part of a healthy economy and provides vast unexplored opportunities for vibrant sales teams. Globally, by the end of 2020, the outdoor furniture industry, divided into residential and commercial sectors, was hovering at $17.1 billion.

Among the biggest contributors to the residential outdoor furniture market are sofas, according to Comfy Living. Together with patio umbrellas, tables, and other outdoor furniture, the global garden sofa market is growing steadily and is expected to reach $19.13 billion in 2023, which will be an 11.2% growth rate in just three years.

Regionally, North America, especially the USA, dominates over half of the global outdoor furniture industry with a market share of $9.06 billion. The market is also growing in developing countries like Malaysia, India, and China, which happens to be the largest exporter of outdoor furniture, per Statista.

Lastly, according to Global Market Insights, the growing urban lifestyle, improved residential settings that allow for outdoor amenities, and the evolution of comfortable outdoor furniture will fuel this market to higher levels.

Top 6 garden sofa trends

Appealing modern hanging sofas

Do you want command over a wide outdoor furniture market? Find the latest garden sofa trends here that will give you a competitive advantage.

Modern hanging sofas are essential for every home and will remain a classic outdoor fixture, as they have been down through the ages. A long time ago, nobles used them to furnish their gardens, and today, people still view them as enduring pieces. 

Customers can choose hanging sofas from a wide range of materials and from ample designs. Generally, wooden sofas are the most preferred as they integrate seamlessly with natural landscapes or rooftop gardens.

You can bet on hanging wooden sofas’ durability, lightweight components, and solid structure to meet buyers’ unique needs. Their durability is enhanced by a UV-resistant and waterproof varnish. The varnish also saturates the natural color of wooden sofas, making them appear more charming.

Some hanging garden sofas come in durable PE rattan over sturdy aluminum or galvanized steel frames. They are light and hung down effortlessly on adjustable ropes or steel chains, which is the key to their fancy characteristics.

Conversation sofas in city homes

A three-seater conversation sofa in a highrise suburban home

Conversational sofas, as the name suggests, are primarily for in-person talks. Nowadays, they are favored by folks running away from common meeting places such as clubs and pubs but at the same time want to spend quality time with friends or family at home. You can satisfy the needs of such shoppers by supplying them with spectacular conversation sofas and ensuring they have unlimited options to select from.

Providing them with either a standard conversation sofa made from all-weather PE rattan on a rust-proof steel frame or outdoor hardwood sofas is a great start. Customers will love either choice because they promise longevity and can withstand punishment from UV light. To ensure the sofas’ longevity, many also come with removable polyester covers that are resistant to wear and tear.

Conversation or crescent sofas are the essence of comfortability thanks to their oversized and extra cozy cushions that offer endless hours of relaxation. Other than that, feel free to let your customers know that they can opt for loose, J, L, T, box, or waterfall cushions.  

Another thing you want your customers to remember about these extra-sized coaches is their infinite configuration options. Shoppers can use them as stand-alone pieces or combine them with patio tables to form a complete conversation set.

High-quality solid wood sofas

A natural wooden sofa with white cushions

When environmental friendliness is part of the broader definition of natural outdoor space, there is no doubt customers will come for solid wood sofas. They are known for supporting a greener lifestyle, elegantly bringing an exotic look to a home, being easy to maintain, and coming in various natural shades depending on the tree species lumber was harvested from.

Let your clients enjoy a wide assortment of wooden sofas, from those made of straight-grained maple to colorful pink-red oak. Other hardwood alternatives include birch and walnut sofas that marvelously stand out on a patio.

For cost-effective options, go for outdoor bamboo sofas. It is complex to decipher a bamboo’s color, but buyers love how well sleek red-brown and blonde bamboo sofas merge with other pieces of furniture.

Wicker sofas

Chocolate-brown sofa standing out perfectly on a tiled floor

A wicker sofa is another piece you should be on the lookout for if you want to keep your customer coming back for more stylish outdoor furniture. Having wicker sofas in your shop and being able to interact with wicker sofas, customers will immediately be able to recognize their solidity, durability, and ruggedness.

The latest one, two, or three-seater wicker sofas are upgraded with an anti-slip mechanism. It prevents the cushion from sliding off the sofa, thus emphasizing safety.

For improved stability, some wicker couches come with polished stainless steel legs. However, the choice of legs spreads beyond metal frames and includes customizable wooden and acrylic legs.

Low-maintenance aluminum sofas

An elegantly painted aluminum outdoor sofa with two patterned pillows

Aluminum is a “Jack of All Trades” when it comes to fabrication and holds up very well against outdoor elements. On that note, whenever an outdoor aluminum sofa stands up, its rust-proof capabilities play a double role. 

First, the sofa can maintain its graceful shiny luster for decades, making a garden look newer each year. Second, as a rust-proof metal, expect your clients to spend little on maintenance costs such as repainting the frames.

Aluminum sofas are light, and there are no boundaries to design choices. Buyers can find relaxing powder-coated couches or versatile pieces combined with resin. All in all, aluminum’s durability, scratch resistance, and brilliance should be worth noting when restocking your shop.

Classic garden leather sofas 

A well-polished brown leather outdoor sofa against a wall

Leather is one of the most popular upholstery materials used in interior and exterior furnishings. Sofas made from well-tanned natural leather add a contemporary flair to the home and easily blend in with other styles and fabrics.

You can sell them as versatile solutions to people with small gardens or to business premises owners wishing to modernize their workspace by furnishing a small outdoor garden.

Take note, though, while the sofa comes in a wide range of premium features such as being richly grained with comforting hues, expect your customers to pay a fortune to own one.

Take away

It is clear that stockpiling these sturdy, stylish, and easy to maintain sofas to meet every customer’s needs is likely to increase sales. Finally, as industry trends constantly flux with the differing styles, take a moment to check out some previous blogs, like these practical landscape lights that pair well with outdoor sofas.

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