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A Guide to the Top Women’s Winter Hats for Travel


Hats are the perfect accessory to pair with any wardrobe choice. They’re great for a dressed-down look or to help spruce up an outfit and give it the “wow” factor. There are a lot of choices when it comes to women’s winter hats for travel, which often combine being lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable.

Table of Contents
Global market value of women’s winter hats
How to pack a hat for travel
Popular styles of winter women’s hats for travel
The future of women’s winter hats

Global market value of women’s winter hats

With more consumers having a larger disposable income to spare, there’s been an increase in the overall amount of travel that they’re doing. Whereas some consumers prefer to go on winter trips to cold destinations, a large majority prefer to escape the cold and head somewhere warmer. Both of these options have sparked an increase in the sales of winter women’s hats for travel, having a big effect on the winter hats market.

In 2021, the global winter hats market was worth approximately USD 25.7 billion. Between 2022 and 2030, the global winter hats market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% thanks to an added interest in the latest fashion trends, more people purchasing goods online, and consumers having more money overall to spend. Of this growth, the women segment is one of the largest contributors to the market value.

Woman in a snowy forest wearing a red knitted hat

How to pack a hat for travel

The daunting task of packing for travel isn’t as difficult as it may first appear to be. The one thing that consumers are mindful of when packing a hat is that the shape doesn’t get destroyed in the process. Depending on what material the hat is made of and its style, it may be possible to simply fold the hat without any worries. Bucket hats are a prime example of this. 

For hats that can’t be folded away, all they need is some padding, in the form of clothes, to help keep their shape. It’s also important to remember to pack the lightest accessories on top of heavier items in the suitcase to ensure the hat doesn’t become squished. 

As with all accessories, hats come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and patterns. Whether the consumer wants brim or no brim, a visor hat, or something that just screams fashion, there’s something for everyone in today’s market. The most popular types of winter women’s hats for travel include bucket hats, baseball caps, crochet beanies, wool berets, felt panama hats, and the cozy trapper hat. 

Bucket hat

The bucket hat is often associated with summer wear, but it’s slowly becoming one of the most popular women’s accessories in terms of hats worn in the winter as well. The faux fur bucket hat helps to keep the wearer warm in the colder seasons, and the various colors and patterns available help to give it a fun upgrade. 

For women who are going abroad when the cold weather hits, the crochet bucket hat is a beautiful choice for wearing in a slightly warmer climate, and can easily match any attire. Other unique styles of this type of hat include the colorful fishing hat, which is popular for camping trips, as well as the terry towel bucket hat, which is most commonly worn poolside or on the beach. The lightweight material of all of these styles of bucket hats allows them to be packed easily, making them the perfect winter women’s hat for travel. 

Woman wearing a beige bucket hat with crop top

Baseball cap

The baseball cap is a timeless piece of headwear and is one type of hat that can be worn year-round. For consumers who are traveling to warmer destinations in the winter, the baseball cap is a must-have accessory that takes up minimal room while packing. Baseball caps are perfect for wearing with a casual look, and some of the fancier baseball caps can pair well with a dress or playsuit ensemble. 

Baseball caps are also ideal for wearing during sports and physical activities. Not everyone goes on vacation to relax; many consumers take up sports such as golf, running, or cycling while they’re on holiday. This is one type of travel hat that can be used for multiple purposes and not look out of place. 

Woman wearing a pink baseball hat and pink sweater

Crochet beanie

Beanies are a popular choice of headwear in the wintertime as the warm material helps to keep the wearer’s head warmer than many other types of hats will. It’s the crochet beanie, however, that’s coming out on top when it comes to winter women’s hats for travel. This type of beanie really stands out among the regular cotton beanie, with its colorful patterns and unique designs. 

With many consumers looking for items that look handmade and aren’t mass produced, this crochet look gives them everything they want, and the material makes the beanie very easy to pack for a trip, long or short haul. It’s also thick enough to keep the wearer warm if the weather is on the cool side.

Woman wearing warm blue crochet beanie with braids

Wool beret

Fashion icons everywhere will have at least one wool beret somewhere in their wardrobe. The classic beret comes in a single color, and the warm and soft material paired with its packability has led to a recent spike in sales among female consumers. The wool beret has never gone out of fashion, but the rise in demand has created new styles with colorful patterns, unique shapes, and quirky additions being incorporated into this iconic European fashion piece. 

Woman wearing a warm coat and a navy blue beret

Felt panama hat

Felt is a popular material for winter hats, and there are many styles in today’s market for consumers to choose between. The felt panama hat is one of the top-selling winter women’s hats for travel. The lightweight material of the hat means that it will take up almost no weight inside a piece of luggage, and its shape has made it a timeless fashion piece for decades, going all the way back to the Gold Rush era. 

What makes the felt panama hat such a great choice of headwear for women is that it’s perfect for keeping the sun out of the wearer’s face, but the felt material also helps to keep the wearer warm on those colder days. Wherever someone is traveling to, this is one type of winter hat that they’re going to want to have at their disposal. 

A dark red felt panama hat with silk red ribbon

Trapper hat

For women who are traveling to colder destinations, the trapper hat is the perfect accessory to pack. The trapper hat has long been a popular piece of headwear for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or are working in freezing temperatures. They’re not as stylish as other types of hats on the market, but they keep the wearer much warmer than most. 

The stand-out features of the trapper hat include the very warm ear flaps and the rugged design that suits activities such as winter hiking, skiing at alpine resorts or in the wild, and dog sledding. They’re popular with people of all ages too so they’re a great investment piece.

Woman sitting on the ice in skates with trapper hat

The future of women’s winter hats

The top winter women’s hats for travel depend on a variety of criteria, but they all need to be lightweight, easy to pack and suitable for the type of weather the consumer will be traveling to. Some of the most popular styles include warm bucket hats, baseball caps, crochet beanies, wool berets, felt panama hats, and the trapper hat with ear flaps. 

Many of these styles of hats come in summer versions too, with different materials being used depending on the temperature. Women’s winter hats for travel in the future will combine iconic fashionable headwear with more practical styles and materials. But one thing is for certain; they’ll always be easy to transport and take up minimal space for packing and practicality purposes.

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