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5 Assured Warm Hat Types Perfect for Winter


Winter hats witnessed a significant shift this season, with functionality and stylish trends leading the charge. Consumers want simple and versatile designs made of comfy fabric that can look good across different outfits.

Undoubtedly, hats like the beanie and wool felt are gaining traction across all genders, and many consider them crucial staples for winter wear. The trends in this article focus on winter hat styles with significant effects on consumers during the cold season.

Accessory retailers in the industry can read on to find five winter hat trends worth investing in to avoid missing out on massive sales.

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What is the market size of winter hats?
5 high-quality winter hat designs
Rounding up

What is the market size of winter hats?

The global winter hats market reached an impressive $25.7 billion value in 2021. Experts predict the market will continue its growth at a 4.0% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. Environmental conditions are changing rapidly to low room temperatures across many regions—this is one primary factor pushing the winter hat industry forward.

Beanies dominated the 2021 winter hat market by accounting for over 40% of the revenue share. The winter headband segment looks promising as experts expect it to expand at a CAGR of 4.5% over the forecast period.

Men also dominated the winter hat market in 2021 by generating over 40% of the total revenue. The women segment follows closely behind as experts predict it’ll grow at a CAGR of 4.3%. They also expect Asia Pacific to be the dominant region in the winter hats industry.

5 high-quality winter hat designs

Trapper hat

Man holding a snow ball while rocking a trapper hat

The rugged, outdoorsy look is a specialty of trapper hats. It’s easy to spot the signature ear flaps keeping wearers warm in heavy weather conditions. Trapper hats combine versatility and practical elegance to create the perfect winter hat.

Trapper hats started as essential headwear for hunting in freezing temperatures. However, many updates have rolled by, making the item a must-have for fashion-conscious individuals. While trapper hats have lost their original purpose, many consumers still use them for winter outdoor sports like skiing.

The structure of these hats involves a durable outer layer and a softer inner lining for warmth. Tanned animal skins were the original materials used for trapper hats. Now, the item accommodates other winter-friendly materials like polyester-wool blends and faux fur. The ear flaps on these winter hats are what makes them versatile.

Playful woman holding the flap of her trapper hat

They can be long enough to cover the wearer’s chin, and these flaps make the extended nape at the back look spectacular. There is no one way to wear the trapper hat in style. The item matches well with everything and will add more details to any look.


Woman wearing a grey beret and looking down

Other hats will find it hard to beat the classic beret when it comes to mainstream fashion. Berets exude a chic french-style aesthetic that keeps them on trend. Their soft, brimless features look flattering on women, but men can also hop in on the style. Acrylic, crotched cotton, and wool are fabrics popular with this dashing headgear.

A no-frills wool design in muted colors and neutrals (like black or gray) may be the most versatile winter hat in various wardrobes. They can effortlessly add a killer finishing touch to most basic staples. Bolder statements are possible with berets, as they come in prints and color pops.

Woman raising her hand while wearing a red beret

Berets are stylish items but won’t protect the neck and ears. Consumers hoping to stick with the classic style may get more coverage pairing the winter hat with chunky knit scarfs. These items look fabulous, whether tilted to the side, worn backward, or centered on the head.


Beanies are a unisex favorite that is a top pick for winter hats. They’re hats with snug fits and comfy materials that keep wearers warm through extreme weather conditions. Cuffless beanies are the most widespread types businesses can offer. These variants have finished edges wearers can’t fold or roll.

Cuffed beanies are the exact opposite of cuffless models. They have similar designs, but wearers can fold or roll, creating cuffs at the lower edge. These beanies have lengthy materials and can slide over the wearer’s ears.

Blonde woman posing with a red beanie

Slouchy beanies are contemporary hat styles that look good on both genders. The cap can accommodate various hairstyles and look slightly different for every consumer. Brimmed models are hybrids between beanies and baseball caps. They have visors protecting the eyes from the sun while keeping the wearer’s head warm.

Some beanies closely resemble the trapper hats by featuring ear flaps. Earflap beanies adopt the cuffless variant’s shape but provide extra material that covers the consumer’s ears.

Wool felt hats

Wool felt hat near a jacket on a bed

Wool felts hats are more of a category than an individual item. Winter hats like bowlers, fedoras, safaris, and homburgs are famous headwear in this category. Although these hats are functional as sun straw hats, variants made with wool felt are winter essentials—because of their wide brims and warm fabric.

They look more formal than beanies and are ideal for sophisticated winter occasions. Wool-felt hats also enjoy some modern innovations. Some hats in this category introduce semi-circular ear warmers. Usually, these extra details match the cap’s color, and wearers can tuck them in or detach them. This is a great way for consumers to enjoy additional warmth without losing style.

Wool-felt hats can work with several wardrobe classics. Think checkered overcoats, loafers, and straight-leg jeans. These winter hats will go with any outfit as long as they exude a formal or semi-casual vibe.

Man squatting on field while rocking wool felt hat


Woman in the snow wearing a black cossack

Cossacks are the warmest head accessories consumers can get their hands on. Though many considered the item old-fashioned for many years, it’s back and ready to warm the hearts of fashionistas.

These winter hats have numerous versions and styles. But one that particularly stands out is the fur cossack hat with ear flaps. The variant is big enough to cover the wearer’s entire head, ears, and some of the forehead. Consumers who don’t fancy bulky designs may prefer slimmer models. 

Cossacks offer various colors depending on the consumers’ preference. Chestnut brown and black are widespread cossack colors, but businesses can offer them in white and other colorful hues. Marrying the cossack hat with a long fur coat would create a stunning snow queen effect.

Senior citizen wearing a brown cossack

They also look fantastic with leather jackets or padded coats. Ladies may pair the hat with camel-colored coats and add stylish heels to complete a luxurious and timeless look.

Rounding up

Winter hats have a spot in the fashion industry, where they thrive by protecting wearers. These hats also complete various winter outfits and prepare wearers for the harshest conditions.

Beanies have been dominating the winter hat market and continue to hold their spot. Wool-felt hats are ideal for occasions where classic beanies won’t be proper. Trapper hats and cossacks offer peak warmth to get wearers through extreme temperatures.

Berets may not offer the same protection levels, but they make great pairs with other accessories like chunky scarves. Invest in winter hats made of high-quality and comfy fabrics for a strong market presence when sales kick-off.

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