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All You Need to Know Before Starting an Online Hat Business


The business of craft monetization is booming, and many are leveraging the opportunity it presents. Learning to succeed in the trade is pretty simple, although it takes time. However, there are ways and secrets to advancing in the business. 

Succeeding in an online hat business requires some strategic steps. Therefore, this online hat business beginners guide will cover all areas, including idea formulation, launching, starting, growing, and running a hat business. 

Table of Contents
The market size of the hat business
Tips for naming a hat business
How to start a hat business
Cost of starting a hat business

The market size of the hat business

The online space is fast becoming a place to promote and sell business ideas, skills, and brands. Now, sellers can trade crafts like hat-making online. The hat and cap market has developed a robust existence for decades as people progressively depend on the product’s ability to protect their hair and skin from sunlight, dust, and dirt. 

In 2022, the global winter hats market will be valued at $25.7 billion, and it’s expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 4.0% from 2022 to 2030. Consequently, renowned brands in the industry are increasingly focusing on providing a variety of hats ranging in colors, designs, styles, and sizes as a response to demands from consumers.

With the increasing activeness of social media users, hat brands are now turning to various platforms for marketing and selling their products. There are over 4.2 billion social media users globally, with about 2.7 billion using the platforms to purchase products like hats. Therefore, having an online presence is one of the best ways to sell hats. 

However, the business of hat selling is competitive, and as a beginner, acquiring the skills of turning leads into customers is helpful for this trade. The first step to achieving this is creating a hat brand for your hat business.

Tips for naming a hat business

mannequins with different types of hats

A successful brand is mainly defined by the brand name. Therefore, having an attractive and captivating name for your hat business is very important. Here are tips for naming your hat business.

  • Choose an easy-to-remember name. Don’t pick a name that is hard to spell, too long, or not fancy. 
  • Choose an attractive and captivating name, if possible hat-related. 
  • Conduct research to ensure the name hasn’t been picked by another brand.
  • Register the brand name immediately.
  • Register the domain name. 

Naming your hat business is crucial because it gives the business an identity. In addition, it gives potential customers a good first impression and shows business-mindedness. Remember to keep it simple and memorable. 

How to start a hat business


Starting a hat business is simple yet tricky. Now that you have a brand name, driving customers is next. Here’s all that is required to start a hat or cap business. 

Conduct market research

Sellers need to beat the competition to succeed in the hat business. One of the ways to achieve this is through market research. First, find a niche to target. Then, get a place for your brand in the hat market, which includes your style and design. 

Also, it’s essential to stay abreast with the latest fashion trends. Then, come up with custom hat designs that will help the business stand out against other brands. Lastly, find your target audience. Your target audience is essential for your marketing strategy and designs as well. 

Create a budget

A budget helps you to know the expected cost of setting up your hat business. The budget should cover every area, including expected earnings, expenses, and other relevant plans.

Get a license

A license is necessary for setting up any business, online hat business inclusive. Therefore, apply for a business license and get the tax requirements from the tax department. It’s also a great idea to hire the services of a reliable accountant. 

Create a marketing plan

Having an efficient marketing strategy is a great way to move your hat business even further. It’s the best tool to help sell your brand online. Hiring a marketing strategist is great if you’re not conversant with the role. 

Efficient marketing can attract customers over time. Research the latest marketing strategy online, and use it. Some of the best online marketing strategies include social media marketing, creating blogs, websites, etc.  

Create a website

Having a website to sell your hat online is another excellent step because, with the right marketing plan, it would help to boost sales. Sellers can start by listing all the available caps for sale like an online store.

While at it, sellers should ensure that the site has basic details of the hats, like the materials used for production, quality, fabric, design, size, and colors available. Consequently, this helps to build customers’ trust, as it helps them make better decisions.

Cost of starting a hat business


Typically, the prices for custom hats and caps creation are non-static based on the type of design imprinted, materials used, and fabrics.

Baseball caps go for as low as $6-$8 each if you order in bulk quantity. 

Generally, launching an online hat business can cost you approximately $25k to $28K, which your profits can cover in the long run.


Starting any business can be difficult initially, and selling custom hats is no different. There are a lot of scopes attached to selling hats online, but the most important thing is to stay consistent and keep improving. Also, having a competent supplier that offers the best headgear for the hat business can be very helpful. 

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