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Mom Trends: 6 Fashion Essentials Moms Can’t Live Without


Being a parent launches you into a new phase of life, where the world suddenly becomes all about your children. Fashion suddenly falls by the wayside as days turn into time spent parenting, cleaning up your children or after them, cooking, painting, and playing messy games with them — activities where nice clothing is best avoided. However, becoming a mom doesn’t change the fact that women feel better about themselves when they look nice. 

Mom fashion is a niche of its own, not only are the clothing styles under this umbrella designed to bring back self-love and self-care to hardworking moms, but they are also designed for comfort and practicality. It is a balancing act that if carried out correctly, will make your mom customers feel comfortable, happy, and a million dollars, without compromising on time spent with their children. 

This article will discuss some of the trendiest mom styles that don’t compromise on mom-life. These mom trends create a gorgeous look in very little time — meaning more quality time with the family!

Table of Contents
The all-purpose jacket
Long, tunic tops
High-waisted skirts
Ankle-biter jeans
Jogger pants
Jumper dresses

The all-purpose jacket

Jackets may have been designed for warmth, but they offer so much more. Jackets can turn a zero-time morning and zero-effort outfit into a smart casual look. Jackets are the perfect choice for hard working moms who jump out of bed, spin a messy bun, don a long shirt and some leggings, or jeans, and hop straight into mom mode — whether that be school runs, trips to the park, or visiting family. 

Jackets are both trendy and practical, meaning no compromise on mom life or fashion. A cargo jacket offers many pockets, meaning a place for all your essentials and your kids’, and can be bought in both short and long cargo jacket styles — making them perfect for a stylish look with either jeans or a dress. 

Denim jackets offer less pockets than their cargo counterparts, but they are effortlessly stylish, zero maintenance, and still provide those pockets for all those mom essentials. Denim jackets with white wool trim offer additional warmth and a cool aviator look, without compromising on practicality.

Three women wear all-purpose denim jackets

Long, tunic tops

Another item that is perfectly adaptable for both daywear and evening outings is the long, tunic top. This item is comfortable and roomy, making it ideal for all the jobs around the house or for sitting and working on homework with your kids. However, pair it with a long necklace, a pair of tight black jeans, and a pair of boots, and a whole new look is born.

Long, tunic tops come in a variety of styles and colors, meaning moms who haven’t got the time to dedicate to fitness and diet and still feel uncomfortable showing off their mom body can create a slenderer appearance in a long, black, floaty tunic top, while summer moms ready to be bright and beautiful can choose from brighter or patterned fabrics. Long, tunic tops are also stunning paired with a wide-brimmed hat for a casual summer look that oozes that mom confidence. 

A woman wearing a long, tunic top

High-waisted skirts

For those moms who want to rock a glam look but have reservations about showing too much flesh, a high-waisted skirt is the go-to item. High-waisted skirts are a great way to pull in the lower stomach and draw attention to the legs and waist instead. These skirts come in a variety of styles for different purposes and different mom tastes. 

A high waisted skirt with pockets is ideal for moms with younger children, as they can store everything they need in a quickly accessible pocket, meaning they can cook with one hand and quickly reach the child’s dummy in their pocket with the other hand. These skirts are also beautifully paired with a white or floral blouse for a professional or classy look. 

High waisted skirts with waist ties or pleats are also fantastic options for those moms looking for a boost to their confidence. A tie round the waist guides the eye to the cinched waist, as opposed to the belly, while pleats mean stunning fabric movement that draws the attention to the legs. These options are perfect for heading out and feeling fantastic — being a mom doesn’t mean compromising on self-love.

A woman wearing a practical and elegant high-waisted skirt

Ankle-biter jeans

Jeans have long been a fashion staple, easily worn as casual daywear or leveled up with a pair of wedges and a stylish blouse. This makes them an essential item for all those moms who don’t have time to go home and dress up between dropping off the kids and heading to date night or an evening off with the girls — simply put on the spare pair of heels in the trunk of the car and hit the cocktails.

Ankle-biter jeans are a particular favorite, as they are less casual than a full-length boot cut or skinny jean. Ankle-biter mom jeans look great with sneakers and wedges alike and are a true style staple. These jeans are also ideal for wear throughout many a season, as they keep moms warm enough throughout winter and autumn, but not too hot in summer. To level up, ankle-biter jeans with thigh and knee rips are perfect for keeping a more down-to-Earth, cool, casual look. 

Ankle-biter jeans worn with casual sneakers

Jogger pants

Although long seen as home wear, jogger pants are an undeniably comfortable and useful piece of clothing that are increasingly being accepted as day wear. Not only are they suitable for many sizes, but with the increasing styles being released, they can now be paired with a great variety of tops, from casual t-shirts to long tops and jackets. Jogger pants come in wet look for a stylish feel anywhere, with pockets for increased utility, or in traditional comfort styles with soft, loose fabrics. 

Jogger pants are an essential item for busy moms. Joggers can be quickly put on for shop runs and school runs, or a walk in the park with the kids. They are also a much more comfortable option than jeans for when working at home, whether from the computer for remote working moms or when cleaning for stay-at-home moms. In addition, the new styles, such as wet look style joggers, mean moms can wear them to a cafe or bar to meet with friends without needing to go home and change first.

Three types of stylish jogger pants for women

Jumper dresses

Jumper dresses are winter’s answer to the mom summer favorite, the maxi dress. No matter whether a mom is feeling super confident or self-conscious, a jumper dress will make her feel fantastic. A jumper dress paired with a waist-cinching belt is the perfect look for curvier moms, while a high-neck jumper dress paired with leggings and long boots is ideal for tall, slender women — although this can look amazing on curvier women too. 

Jumper dresses are the perfect mom attire both in and out the house, as casual day wear and elegant dress. Longer jumper dresses that are made with a thinner fabric can be worn with heels for an evening look. Thicker, woolen jumper dresses are ideal as warm casual wear when out ticking jobs off the to do list or for when a hard working mom finally gets that break she so deserves to enjoy a glass of wine on the sofa.

A woman out shopping in a jumper dress paired with long boots


Mom fashion trends are a combination of style and practicality, but most importantly they are formed up of clothing items that are easily pairable and usable in a variety of situations. Moms are busy people who do not need the added stress of running out only to realize that their shoes clash with their outfit or that they don’t have any pockets to store those all-important items when their hands are full of children.

Becoming a mom can be stressful, but with the right wardrobe of comfortable but stylish, multipurpose, and practical clothing items, it can be a lot easier. Having the right on-trend clothing items as a mom means they can feel gorgeous and be prepared for anything, all while looking after the most important thing in their life — their children. 

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