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5 Top Knitted Beanie Trends to Watch


Knitted beanies are always a popular wardrobe choice as the colder weather rolls in, but they are often used to make a bold fashion statement as well. Beanie hats are a must-have accessory, with a variety of new designs and patterns hitting the accessories market and making big waves with consumers.

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Current market value of knitted beanies
Top trends of knitted beanies
What comes next for knitted beanies?

Current market value of knitted beanies

As more consumers begin to head outdoors compared to the last two years, the demand for headwear has increased considerably. This demand comes from both consumers wearing hats with everyday clothing, as well as those who use warmer hats for sports in the colder months. Another factor to consider is the changes in lifestyle that are occurring around the globe, as more people look for comfort in convenient and accessible ways.

The global headwear market is projected to register a CAGR of 6.53% between 2021 and 2027. The fastest growing market is North America, with Asia Pacific having the largest overall market. With this increase comes a surge in the value of knitted beanies too, which was estimated at USD 4.98 billion in 2020, when it represented 0.03% of the total world trade.

Woman wearing a gray knitted beanie in a field

Top trends of knitted beanies

Knitted beanies are an essential accessory for consumers who live in colder climates, enjoy winter sports, or plan on going on vacations in a cooler part of the world. There are a lot of beanies in the market today, but here are some of the top trends that today’s consumers are following. These include the skull beanie, solid colors, satin-lined beanies, beanies with logos, and the custom jacquard beanie.

Solid color beanie

Knitted beanies are a great accessory for the colder weather, especially for consumers who enjoy hitting the slopes or doing some off-season hiking in the snow. The solid color beanie is growing in popularity with a wide variety of consumers, as its simplicity makes it easy to match with almost any outfit, and at the same time, it keeps the wearer warm. The cuff around the beanie also adds a fashionable touch to it, compared to other beanies that are flat. These beanies can be worn with or without a logo on the front, and look great either way.

Different colors of knitted beanies lined up in a row

Skull beanie

The skull beanie has been a popular choice of headwear for both men and women for a number of years and continues to grow in popularity among consumers. They are more tight-fitting than regular knitted beanies and are brimless to ensure they fit snuggly. Skull beanies are generally made of a lighter material as well, making them the ideal headwear to wear year-round. This style of hat is known to fit the crown of the head more so than other parts of it and it is worn with casualwear. 

Man wearing a gray sweater with a green skull beanie

Custom jacquard beanie

The jacquard beanie is known for its warmth and comfort, which is why it is a popular accessory to have in the wintertime. What makes it different from other types of beanies is how the hat is woven. Jacquard woven patterns are produced on a type of loom made up of specific weaving patterns that generate the design that is applied to the beanie. The jacquard beanie can be made with one color or a series of patterns and has a large branding space compared to other knitted beanies.

Woman feeding man both wearing beanies

Satin-lined beanie

Whereas most knitted beanies have the same interior lining as their exterior, the satin-lined beanie is here to change the game. This type of beanie is popular with today’s consumer because it helps to keep the hair smooth even if it is being worn all day, and it stops the natural oils of the hair from escaping and getting stuck in the material of the hat. Compared to other types of knitted beanies, those that are satin lined help to keep the hair in the best possible condition and at the same time keep the wearer looking nice and warm.

Different colors of knitted beanies lined with satin inside

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to the overall design of beanie hats. While some people prefer plain beanies to seamlessly match their outfits, others prefer louder patterns and prints on them. The knitted beanie hat with a logo is a big trend with consumers right now. These logos can be anything from brands to images to simple popular catchphrases. Many beanies in the market today feature a single word that stands out against the overall color of the beanie to make a bolder statement. 

What comes next for knitted beanies?

Knitted beanies are a fashion accessory that can be worn year-round and never really go out of style. They are not only perfect for outdoor activities and sports, but they are also a good look when it comes to casual wear or dressing up in the winter months. Current trends are seeing specific types of beanie hats becoming more popular than others though.

The jacquard beanies, satin-lined beanies, solid color beanies, beanies with logos of all shapes and sizes, and the skull beanie are all styles to look out for. Whatever the reason for wearing a knitted beanie is, they are set to retain their popularity for the foreseeable future. The market is expecting them to be in more demand in the coming years due to a rise in consumer spending and a change in lifestyle that is seeing more and more people spend time outdoors.

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