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Beauty Forecast Autumn/Winter 2024/25: Expanded Imagination


The 2024 and 2025 beauty forecast reveals expanded imagination embracing transcending conventional standards and creativity.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will propel the exploration and imagination of the next generation of beauty. In the next two years, AI will become the facilitator of new forms of human imagination and creativity.

As AI becomes a central component in the beauty industry, the result will be unique aesthetics and products. 

Expect more fluid, futuristic, and changeable finishes with haptic textures, ombre, and sprayed effects capable of reacting to different stimuli. 

Here is a beauty forecast for A/W 24/25.

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Global beauty market size
Six key trends to watch out for in 2024/25
Final thoughts

Global beauty market size

The global beauty market is currently valued at US$ 571.10 billion. According to Statista, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.80% until 2027.

The market’s largest segment is personal care, with a US$ 253.30 billion market value.

Increased consumer demand for various skin care goods such as lotions, peels, and creams has propelled the cosmetics market expansion

Consumers are especially drawn to serums and anti-aging creams. The United States is the largest consumer market, generating US$ 91.41 billion in 2023. 

Six key trends to watch out for in 2024/25

Adaptive techspert tools

A pack of adaptive techspert tools

The next generation of beauty tools and tech will champion adaptive designs offering universal, agile, sustainable, and personal products.

3D printing advancements unlock new possibilities, from customization to rapid prototyping. 

Adaptive techspert tools beauty trends refer to using advanced technology in the beauty industry to create more efficient, effective, and personalized products and services. 

These tools are designed to adapt to individual consumers’ unique needs and preferences, using data analysis and machine learning algorithms to deliver customized solutions. 

Some examples of adaptive techspert tools beauty trends include smart skincare devices, 3D printed cosmetics, AI-powered beauty apps, 3D printed cosmetics, and wearable beauty devices.

Data formulated

A woman using a laptop analyzing beauty trends

AI will continue to progress digital try-on and improve the hidden biases. The rise of digital twin skin analysis allows consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. 

AI beauty platforms are leading the way. The beauty brands that have implemented in-depth AI-powered analysis include Living Proof (US), Babor (Germany), and Bulldog (UK).

Data-formulated beauty trends are based on data analysis and consumer insights. In recent years, beauty brands and retailers have been using data analytics and consumer research to identify emerging trends and consumer preferences in the beauty industry. 

By analyzing consumer behavior and purchasing patterns, brands can develop products and marketing strategies that are more closely aligned with the needs and desires of their customers. Some examples of data-formulated beauty trends include customized skincare, sustainability, inclusivity, clean beauty, and augmented reality. 

Polymorphic beauty

Four soaps stacked on a dish

Beauty subcultures are heralding the rise of polymorphic beauty, allowing beauty lovers to transform themselves daily and quickly.

The polymorphic beauty trend is a recent movement in the beauty industry that celebrates and embraces diversity and non-traditional beauty standards. 

Rather than conforming to a narrow and homogeneous ideal of beauty, the polymorphic beauty trend encourages individuals to express their unique features and identities through appearance.

This trend is characterized by a focus on individuality and inclusivity, emphasizing celebrating different skin tones, body types, hair textures, and facial features

It encourages people to experiment with different makeup and skincare products, hair styling, and fashion choices to express themselves and celebrate their unique beauty.

The polymorphic beauty trend has been gaining momentum in recent years, in part due to the growing influence of social media and the increased visibility of diverse beauty influencers and models. 

Extraterrestrial indulgence

An extraterrestrial indulgence beauty set

The influx of extraterrestrial beauty aesthetics reigns as interest in life and space exploration. 

The trend that began in early 2019 has been exploding with outlandish alien beauty aesthetics that are adopted by the mainstream.

Its influence was pioneered by celebrities such as Doja Cat and Julia Fox, whose pencil-drawn eyebrows or bleached hair are key hallmarks of the look, evident in latex-like adornments and starry eyes. 

The increased use of AI-generated filters across social media offers a new era of imagination for consumers and artists to explore. Renowned makeup artists create AI filters that use a mix of digital artistry and physical products to achieve otherworldly looks. 

Scenting for identity

A luxury bottle of fragrance

The trend uses fragrance as an outlet for belonging and individuality, becoming popular in 2023. Fragrance is based on emotions, aesthetics, and personalized scent preferences that vary depending on the individuals, places, and nostalgia. 

Scent wardrobes are becoming essential for consumers’ designs treating fragrance as an accessory.

This concept will extend to bath, wellness, and body care in A/W 24/25. Using scents for identity will allow people to explore the sense of belonging, self, culture, and community.

Unserious beauty

An assortment of unserious beauty products

Transcending conventional societal and binary beauty constructs, this trend is ushering in a new age of ridiculous, weird, and “bad” beauty.

The alternative movements consider beauty as resistance and performance that contradicts traditional perceptions of “attractiveness.”

It rebels against lazy perfectionism; influencers and artists use off-kilter aesthetics, contrasting colors, and chaotic anti-perfectionist applications.

Unserious beauty is about questioning the traditional views of beauty and storytelling rather than a style.

A fantastic beauty product on this trend is the surreal cologne that smells like an industrial lubricant WD-40, featured in American Art Collective MSCHF and quickly sold out. 

Final thoughts

The expanded imagination beauty trend uses creative and imaginative techniques to express individuality and unique beauty. This trend encourages consumers to experiment with bold and unconventional makeup and hairstyles to create distinctive looks.

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