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Best Electric Grills for Camping in All Seasons

black electric grill with vegetables grilling on picnic table

As camping continues to grow in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts as well as people who are taking up a new interest in spending time surrounded by nature, camping grills are becoming increasingly popular. Whereas some people prefer to use traditional grilling methods, such as by fire or charcoal, others enjoy bringing small comforts from home on their trips – like electric grills. 

The following electric grills for camping in all seasons offer consumers convenience and a quick way to grill a variety of food in a reliable way. So keep reading to learn more about the best electric grills for camping! 

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Global market value of electric grills
Key features of electric grills
Best electric grills for camping

Global market value of electric grills

black electric grill set up next to a lake

Camping is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and in the world of cooking electric grills are also on the rise when it comes to demand. Electric grills offer consumers a unique way to cook their food in an outdoor setting at large events or during camping trips. With consumers becoming more concerned about the impact they are leaving on the environment, many are now turning to electric grills as an alternative to charcoal barbeques – and they’re very cost effective too.

man using electric grill outdoors to cook vegetables and chicken

By 2022 the global market value of electric grills reached USD 4.4 billion. Between 2023 and 2032 that number is projected to increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 5.5%, bringing the total value up to approximately USD 7.17 billion. There are many versions of the electric grill available in the market with different features that appeal to the individual needs of consumers which are helping to drive sales in a positive manner.

Key features of electric grills

basic electric grill outdoors grilling raw beef pieces

The electric grill is one of the best camping products available and there are several key features that consumers should consider before purchasing one. A big feature that can make or break a sale is how portable the electric grill is. Since consumers will be using these grills for camping it’s important that they’re compact and easy to carry. Some may even come with a handle embedded into them or have a carrying case.

Other features to consider are the power source of the grill, the different temperatures the grill can reach and how quick it is to heat up, high-quality grill grates that are easy to clean and won’t rust easily, and the weather resistance of the grill since it will predominantly be used outside and that may include in less than ideal weather conditions. Consumers will also be looking for electric grills for camping that include a lid to protect the food or keep the smoke from escaping when grilling.

Best electric grills for camping

person placing raw meat on outdoor electric grill for camping

Electric grills for camping need to be convenient to use as well as suitable for the environment where they will be placed. They have become increasingly popular in recent years and with that popularity has come a surge in electric grill options that cater to different individual needs and that offer consumers unique and modern features that stand out against the more basic styles. 

black electric grill for camping sitting on wooden table outdoors

According to Google Ads, “electric grills” has an average monthly search volume of 74000, with the highest search volume coming in June and July at 90500 searches per month. Between March and September there is an increase in searches of 18%, with 49500 and 60500 searches respectively. 

When looking more closely at the different types of electric grills for camping that are the most popular, Google Ads shows that “portable electric grill” is the most searched for with 2400 searches monthly. This is followed by “tabletop electric grill” at 1900 searches, “indoor/outdoor electric grill” at 1300 searches, “smokeless electric grill” at 1000 searches, and “portable electric smoker” at 480 searches. This shows that consumers are looking for grills that are easy to transport and are versatile. Keep reading to learn about each one in more detail.

Portable electric grill

black portable electric grill being used to grill various food

When it comes to camping portability is key for all camping gear and accessories. The portable electric grill is available in numerous sizes and it’s completely up to the consumer as to which one they would prefer to take with them based on how much food they will be cooking and for how many people. Consumers will want a grill that is compact, easy to carry either in a case or with a handle, and that has a suitable grill area for cooking.

Some portable electric grills are designed with foldable legs which makes them more stable when being used. As with all grills it’s important that there are non-stick grilling grates, a drip tray for grease, a lid of some type, and appropriate temperature controls that also includes fast heating.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 21% increase in searches for “portable electric grill”, with 1900 and 2400 searches respectively.

Tabletop electric grill

woman on patio using tabletop electric grill for vegetables

Tabletop electric grills are a popular alternative to portable electric grills as they’re slightly larger and offer a greater cooking area which is ideal for large groups or families that are camping. The tabletop electric grill is designed to be placed on a flat surface, such as a picnic table, so it will have a sturdy base and is often made of a weatherproof material meaning it can be used in wind and rain if necessary.

Consumers will want to ensure that the cord length of the tabletop electric grill is suitable for where they want to place it and that features such as cool touch handles, a drip tray, easy to clean grates, and quick heating are all included. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 16% increase in searches for “tabletop electric grill”, with 1600 and 1900 searches respectively.

Indoor/outdoor electric grill

long electric grill for camping being used in indoor space

Many electric grills for camping are designed for outdoor use only due to the smoke that they emit when food is being cooked, however the indoor/outdoor electric grill is here to change that. This grill shares all the main features as other popular camping grills but it has the ability to be used indoors in spaces like tents, cottages, and RV’s without making too much smoke and causing air quality problems. 

The indoor/outdoor grill will often have legs or a stand for outdoor use and these can be folded down or taken off for use indoors in case the consumer doesn’t have much space for cooking.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 28% increase in searches for “indoor/outdoor electric grill”, with 720 and 1000 searches respectively.

Smokeless electric grill

smokeless electric grill being used to grill vegetables on table

Traditional charcoal grills emit a lot of smoke when food is being cooked, and even some electric grills will produce smoke from time to time. The smokeless electric grill is a popular option for consumers who are camping in areas where they don’t want to disturb nature or draw too much attention to themselves by creating smoke. The smokeless electric grills will always include a lid or cover to protect the food from bugs and to help keep the smoke contained. 

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 28% increase in searches for “smokeless electric grill”, with 720 and 1000 searches respectively.

Portable electric smoker

portable electric smoker being used on table in outdoor area

While not a traditional electric grill, the portable electric smoker is growing in popularity among consumers who want to take the smoky flavor of their food on the go with them. Like other electric grills, the portable electric smoker needs to be compact and easy to carry with temperature controls and a large cooking area.

What’s unique about the portable electric smoker though is its smoking abilities. The smoker will have an area to place the wood chips in to create the smoky flavor as well as a thermometer built in to check internal temperatures of the food. It’s also common to have additional racks inside the smoker so consumers can cook different food at the same time. The portable electric smoker can be tabletop size or larger so it can stand by itself on the ground.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between March and September 2023, there was a 33% increase in searches for “portable electric smoker”, with 320 and 480 searches respectively.


sausages being grilled on electric grill at outdoor picnic

When consumers are choosing the best electric grills for camping in all seasons they will take into consideration factors such as the weight, temperature capabilities, ease of maintenance, and its portability. There are electric grills for everyone regardless of whether consumers are using them on a picnic table, want a smokeless grilling experience, or need to use them in extreme weather conditions. What’s key is that they all provide an excellent grilling experience in a convenient and efficient way that helps to enhance the camping experience.

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