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The Best Punching Bags for Beginners

Red punching bag hanging from stand next to boxing gloves

When choosing the best punching bags for beginners, consumers will look at a number of important factors such as weight, material, size, and durability. Choosing the right style will help guarantee that they reap the biggest benefits from them. 

Each unique style of punching bag offers something a little different in terms of training needs, so although punching bags may look alike, there are key differences that help to guarantee that the user gets the most from them. 

In this blog, we’ll cover the best punching bags for beginners and their main features.

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Global market value of punching bags
Types of punching bags for beginners

Global market value of punching bags

Man kicking yellow punching bag without shoes

Whether used for boxing, martial arts, or other fitness routines, punching bags play an important role in the development of beginners and professionals alike, and are therefore a highly sought-after training tool. 

There are now various types of punching bags available on the market that cater to different skill levels, and the growth in today’s market is mostly due to a growing awareness of and a wish to lead a healthier lifestyle among consumers.

Man punching blue punching bag in the gym

Between 2023 and 2028, the global punching bag market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%, bringing the value to US $817 million, demonstrating the significant profit potential in this segment.

According to Google Ads, “punching bags” have an average monthly search volume of 301,000. Among the different types of punching bags, “speed bags” have the highest monthly average search volume at 49,500, followed by “heavy bag” with 40,500 searches, “free-standing punching bag” with 33,100 searches, “double-end bag” with 12,100 searches, and “slip bag” with 4,400 searches.

Types of punching bags for beginners

Red speed bag hanging from a secure mount on a wall

Punching bags for beginners differ slightly from regular punching bags used by more advanced boxers or martial arts enthusiasts in that they are designed so that the user can focus on different parts of their training, helping to enhance their overall development.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at these different varieties and who they are best suited for.

Speed bags

Man in gym punching a red speed bag with no shirt on

Speed bags are used to help enhance coordination and hand speed and are often much smaller and lighter than regular punching bags. They’re designed to rebound quickly, testing the user’s reaction speed without having to handle the full power of a larger punching bag, making them a great tool for low-impact training. Beginners benefit from the repetitive motion of punching speed bags as well as the endurance, especially in the shoulders and arms, that they help build over time.

Google Ads shows that over the six-month period between June and November 2023, searches for “speed bags” remained steady at 40,500. 

Heavy bags

Woman punching black heavy bag with red boxing gloves

Heavy bags are the most traditional type of punching bag. Although these bags are used by advanced athletes, lighter bags weighing between 70-100lbs are ideal for beginners to practice their technique without injuring themselves. Heavy bags are popular for use in both gyms and homes since they’re easy to install. They’re also a popular tool for working on cardio and endurance as well as strength training. 

Google Ads shows that over the six-month period between June and November 2023, searches for “heavy bags” remained steady at 40,500. 

Free-standing punching bags

Woman punching red and black free-standing punching bag

Free-standing punching bags are a great alternative to heavy bags for beginners. They come with a sturdy base that is often filled with sand to ensure they don’t move. The flexible structure of free-standing punching bags means that they have a high level of shock absorption built into them and it can be used for different types of training, including punching and kicking. By incorporating footwork into their training routine, beginners will have the ability to practice a number of skills simultaneously.

Google Ads shows that over the six-month period between June and November 2023, searches for “free-standing punching bags” remained steady at 27,100. 

Double-end bags

Woman punching black double-end bag in training center

Double-end bags are a unique type of punching bag for beginners that rebound in an unpredictable way, meaning that users must rely on and test their reflexes, reaction time, and footwork. The compact size of these punching bags makes them a popular choice for gyms as well as for at-home use.

However, Google Ads shows that over the six-month period between June and November 2023, searches for “double-end bags” decreased by 18%.

Slip bags

Slip bags are another unique type of punching bag for beginners that are designed to work on the defensive movement of the user rather than speed and timing. Slip bags, sometimes referred to as maize bags, come in a smaller teardrop shape, encouraging more precise hits and accuracy, and move like a pendulum, forcing the beginner to practice their defensive maneuvers.

Google Ads shows that over the six-month period between June and November 2023, searches for “slip bags” increased 19%.


Two brown leather punching bags hung up side by side

Choosing which punching bags are best for beginners will depend on a number of factors, including the skill level of the individual, whether they want to focus on defensive or offensive movements, and where the punching bag will be installed. 

Punching bags are designed with durability in mind and all of the styles mentioned above aim to enhance the skill levels of the individual through repetitive training regimes. Other fitness tools such as power bags and balance boards can further help to improve strength and endurance. 

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