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Choosing the Right Helmet: 5 Things To Look For


Motorcycles are increasingly becoming a popular mode of commute, thanks to their affordability and time-effectiveness. Despite the ease of transport, the risks associated with motorcycle usage are alarming. One of the prominent causes of traffic-related deaths is the failure to use helmets.

From protecting the head and brain during accidents to preventing dust particles from entering the eyes and cutting out noise and wind, the benefits of using a helmet are several. For this reason, it is essential you promote its usage by making available a wide array of helmets for your customers at your automobile accessories store.

Nonetheless, with so many helmet options, how do you choose the ones that appeal to your customers? Here are five aspects you should consider when finding the right helmets for your customers.

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Types of helmets
The material
Comfort and fit

Types of helmets

Chances are, you already know the various types of helmets commonly used by riders today—open-face helmets, full-face helmets, modular helmets, and motocross helmets. However, before you buy these helmets wholesale, it is important you know the difference between each and how they suit various riders.

Open-face helmets

One of the most commonly used helmets, open-face helmets are lightweight and offer excellent ventilation. As the name suggests, it is open without a jaw and has an adjustable visor, meaning proper visibility and more comfort.

Nevertheless, open-face helmets are not recommended for high-speed riders as it fails to protect the jaw and some parts of the face.

A full-face helmet offers maximum protection

Full-face helmets

A full-face helmet covers the entire face, offering more protection from wind blasts or accidents than an open-face helmet. To make your offerings appealing, consider adding full-face helmets with graphic prints to your store.

Modular helmets 

Modular helmets are a combination of both open-face and full-face helmets. They are mainly designed for riders in the city. For instance, a modular helmet can be converted into a full-face when riding at high speed for extra protection or an open-face helmet when stuck in traffic for better ventilation.

Motocross helmets

Lightweight and offering more visibility and breathability, motocross helmets are ideal for off-roading. However, wearing it in the city can make the riding experience uncomfortable and noisy due to the extra ventilation.

The material

Helmets are made of different materials. Typically, high-end helmets are made of carbon composites and Kevlar, while those that come at a medium price range are made of fiberglass composites. The interiors of both these helmets feature cushioning and air mesh to soak up the sweat and keep the insides dry.

A few helmets are also made of plastic. While they come at a lower price point, a simple fall is enough to break plastic helmets. So, the range of protection they offer is negligible.

Comfort and fit 

Vents are an essential aspect of helmets and play a vital role in keeping the rider’s head cool on sunny days. Additionally, they prevent the sweat absorbed by the insides of your helmet during long rides in a humid climate from resulting in a foul odor.

Proper ventilation recycles the air inside the helmet and keeps it dry, so the rider doesn’t feel suffocated. To ensure the helmets you sell are comfortable, make sure they have the following features:

– Adequate air vents to take hot air away from the rider’s head
– Soft internal padding that is comfortable against the skin
– Adjustable strap with smooth padding
– Good visibility through the visor
– Enough room to breathe or talk
– No development of pressure points over time
– The right fit

You won’t be able to measure the size of all your customers’ heads and get the helmet manufactured accordingly. So, your best bet is to stock up on the most common helmet sizes, as well as a few less common ones.

A wobbly helmet makes the ride uncomfortable. You need to help your customers find a helmet that fits their heads snugly, without it being too tight or too loose.


Certifications are an important indicator of quality and safety

Once you have narrowed down the helmet styles, sizes, and types you wish to sell, the next step is to look for certifications like DOT, ECE, Snell, and SHARP. These marks suggest that the helmets follow safety standards and are capable of protecting the riders’ heads efficiently.

Remember that helmets don’t have to be expensive to be safer. Lower-priced helmets that have passed certification tests can be better than highly-priced ones.

Here is a list of some of the common safety standards for helmets worldwide. 

• DOT – USA 

• ECE 22.05 – European 

• NBR – Brazilian 

• SG or JIS – Japan 

• IS 4151 – India 


Visors can either be tinted or clear. While dark-tinted visors are great in broad daylight, seeing at night becomes quite difficult. On the other hand, clear visors let a lot of sunlight in during the day. Then there are iridium or reflective visors that come in various colors. Nevertheless, these visors are more show than go.

Another point to consider here is that visors can develop scratches, hampering the visibility of the rider. Also, visors with UV protection can up the safety game more than ordinary visors. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to buy spare visors wholesale for your customers. So, customers can carry a spare clear visor with them during rides that last throughout the day.


Motorcycles are the most hazardous form of motor vehicle transportation. So, it is vital to offer a good range of helmets for your customers to choose from.

As mentioned earlier, when choosing helmet options to add to your store, don’t get carried away by the style and design to end up getting helmets that don’t serve the purpose of keeping the rider safe.

Instead, go for a perfect combination of style, safety, and comfort. Also, be mindful of the pricing — you want to offer your customers the best helmets at affordable prices. 

To begin your journey, browse helmets on Alibaba.com and buy the best options wholesale.

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