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Essential Trends and Features for Car Fridges


Car fridges are portable and designed to fit in any vehicle, and of course, store fresh food, drinks, and supplies. The demand for car fridges is growing as people travel more and like to spend more time exploring the outdoors. Let’s catch the market trend and discover the most popular car fridge and freezer trends with all their new and advanced features!

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The demand for car fridges
The latest trends and features for car fridges

The demand for car fridges

For people who spend a lot of time on the road, for long trips, and for camping lovers, the need for a car refrigerator is high. Especially after the pandemic, people are tired of staying home and have started to travel around again, which means that the demand for car fridges is getting higher than ever before.

Besides this, the growing trend of car camping in the countryside makes portable coolers one of the hottest items in the market these days. And as technology develops, modern car fridges have changed a lot in terms of the design and range of features.

Detachable batteries

Portable car fridge with the solar panel

A special new feature of car fridges is that they can now be found equipped with solar panels, and a car or home charging port. Users can choose the different sources of power according to different environments. And as an alternative for cloudy days, a detachable lithium battery can be added to support the fridge when there is no power supply.

Newly designed fridges are also equipped with a USB charging port so that users can charge their smartphones or other devices when they are outdoors. Even without electricity, these car fridges can maintain the desired temperature for around 6 hours, making the detachable battery as a power source an optional choice.

Dual/separated zones with controllable temperatures

Portable car fridge with dual-zone and two covers

Another new feature for car fridges is that they can be divided into a dual-zone or separated zone, with individual temperature control by an LED display on the outside. By controlling different zones’ temperatures, the whole fridge can be used as one fridge and one freezer or two fridges or two freezers for both compartments. And with the digital control panel, the car fridge can reach the desired temperature with just a few clicks.

Portable car fridge with LED display to control temperature

Besides this, there are more new features! Built-in LED interior lights can help to find the contents in a dim area, for example, camping sites at night. There are removable baskets inside the compartments as a nice touch that provide easy access, so that loading and unloading food becomes less straining and more efficient.

Car/home dual-use

Portable car fridge can connect the smartphone via Bluetooth

With the latest compressor cooling technology, rapid cooling can reach -20°C or -4°F cold in a short time. The new design of the car fridges can also connect to an intelligent APP on a smartphone via Bluetooth, so users can easily control the fridge’s temperature wherever they are within a certain distance. And with a special new design, the car fridge is a lot quieter, only 45dB, meaning people will barely be able to hear the noise and are less likely to be disturbed while sleeping.


With the new models, portable car fridges are featured with features designed to enhance users’ experiences when they want to bring the fridge with them on the road. The robust wheels are a must-have for easy travel, and they are now even found with anti-vibration design. Apart from the wheels, a handle with the newly designed stretchable drawbar comes with a magnet for easy folding, and it also provides smooth and stable movement.

Multifunctional doors

Portable car fridge with the door as cup holders

As car fridge can be divided into dual zones, they can also come in a dual-door design as well. The special design of the door can even be reversible! The reversible and removable door design allows two opening directions and it is convenient to use. There could be a nice anti-slip design on the top cover as it can be a cup holder for beverages and even a cutting board, which makes outdoor cooking much easier.


Portable car fridge with customized design

With the high demand for portable refrigerators, buyers are also looking for a fresh look on their fridges, and manufacturers can customize the fridge in bulk with almost any design and shape. Just provide some ideas and some pattern photos, and the wholesalers will sketch up 2D and 3D drawings according to different needs. After the design is confirmed, the car fridges will be prototyped and molded and then a final sample will be produced.


Being the first in the market to sell high-quality car fridges will attract customers and boost your business. The wholesale prices are around $80 to $150 depending on the sizes (usually 30L to 62L for car fridges with wheels) and the number of special features. This guide has therefore aimed to highlight some of the key trends and features of car fridges, so that sellers can stock the right items to give their inventory an edge.

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