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The Five Best Furniture Hinges in 2022


Hinges are an essential part of many pieces of furniture. They come in all shapes and sizes, with some made of much better material than others. No one wants to have hinges that constantly make a noise, or that create difficulty when closing a door. But with new technologies and innovative designs, there’s now a much wider variety of hinges to choose from compared to only a few years ago. This article will point out the value of the hinge market, and offer the top 5 furniture hinge designs that are set to be popular this year and beyond.

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The value of the furniture hinges industry
The 5 best furniture hinges on the market
What’s next for furniture hinges?

The value of the furniture hinges industry 

Furniture hinges will always be in demand since they are a core part of many pieces of furniture. Whether the hinges are intended for new furniture assembly or to upgrade an older piece of furniture, they’re a vital aspect of homes and businesses. Replacement hinges for older cabinets or broken pull-out beds add extra value to the market too, as more and more people choose to upcycle old furniture. 

In 2020 the global market value of furniture hinges was US $2.72 billion. Market Watch has estimated that this number is expected to increase to US $3.53 billion by the end of 2027. This increase is down to a number of factors, but it’s clear that furniture hinges continue to grow in demand. This means that now is a great time to ensure one is stocking reliable hinges that consumers will be sure to love.

Various furniture hinges on a table with screwdrivers

The 5 best furniture hinges on the market

The soft close hinge

Soft close hinges eliminate the noise that comes with closing a cabinet door. This hinge also helps to stop the door from getting stuck when it’s being closed. The soft close hinge is easy to install and adjust to meet the needs of the cabinet door, and is made from a steel nickel plating that’s guaranteed to last long term. Compared to regular hinges, this type of hinge is growing in popularity with consumers who want to upgrade their cabinets and eliminate needless noise. 

New hinge being installed on a cabinet with a drill

Stainless steel door hinge

Stainless steel is the perfect material choice when it comes to door hinges. It’s significantly more durable than other materials, especially in places where it will be exposed to the elements. Stainless steel hinges are seen as an investment since they generally cost more than other types of hinges, but they are very popular with consumers thanks to their longevity. Furniture hinges should be built to last, and with this type of door hinge in place there’s no need to worry about an early replacement, even with all the use a door gets on a daily basis.

A stainless steel hinge being installed on door

The regular furniture hinge

Regular furniture hinges can be installed in many different types of cabinets and doors. They can also be adjusted depending on how the piece of furniture opens. While this type of furniture hinge doesn’t come with the soft close feature that many people are now looking for, it’s still a very popular hinge. They are inexpensive and work exactly how a hinge should, and are perfect for people who are doing renovations and don’t have the budget for more luxurious hinges. This type of furniture hinge is also perfect for larger construction projects as they help to cut down on overall costs. They’re a timeless hinge that’s here to stay.

A cabinet hinge being screwed into the cabinet

Three position sofa bed hinge

The three position sofa bed hinge is both easy to install and easy to use. Sofa beds traditionally don’t have adjustable levels to them, but this hinge adds a little more comfort to the bed by offering different heights. This hinge enables the bed to be laid upright, flat, or reclined to provide a more comfortable seating position. It is also popular for those who have sofa beds that they want to upgrade without having to buy an entirely new one. 

Person pulling out the bottom of a sofa bed

The rust-proof door hinge

Rust-proof door hinges are some of the most durable furniture hinges out there. The titanium surface processing technique used to create these hinges gives it a superior rust resistance that isn’t found in other hinges. The anti-corrosion feature and environmental protection that comes with this hinge also make it stand out. Consumers will be able to notice the intricate mechanisms of this type of furniture hinge, which helps with its durability. This is the perfect hinge for furniture that will be in constant use, and that will have a lot of exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Man opening the door to an outdoor shed

What’s next for furniture hinges?

Furniture hinges are important for many types of furniture, including doors, cabinets, and even sofa beds. With this, stainless steel, rust-proof, and soft-close hinges are all key features that consumers are looking for, and can be found in this list of the best furniture hinges in 2022. These top 5 furniture hinges can therefore help businesses boost their appeal by offering consumers the best hinges available on the market today.

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