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What Are the Top Dog Products to Stock in 2022?


Dogs have been man’s best friend since their wolf ancestors approached the campfires of nomadic homo sapiens 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. Since then, they have protected us, worked for us, and given us endless love and loyalty. The bond goes both ways, with humans feeling devoted to their dogs and wanting to provide the very best for them. This devotion is shown by the expected growth of the pet care market — expected to register a CAGR of 5.2% between 2022 and 2030, rising to a total market value of $232.14 billion.

So, when your customers bring their best canine friends home, they will also be looking to bring back the products that make them feel most comfortable. These vary from indoor products for initial training and home comfort, outdoor products for outdoor training and socializing, and of course, canine health.

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For a pup’s indoor comfort and safety
For a pup’s outdoor fun and training
For a pup’s health and happiness

For a pup’s indoor comfort and safety

Comfy bed

A comfy dog bed is one of the most important products to have ready for a dog’s arrival. These range in size, according to different sized dogs, and in materials, with harder shell-like options with a cushion for those dogs that like to have a headrest and softer cushion beds for pampered princesses.

Dog beds do not have to be boring

Washable dog bowls

Just as humans dislike eating off of dirty plates, so do dogs. This may seem ridiculous but as old food dries on the side of dog bowls, dog owners will begin to notice their canine friend leaves those areas. Moreover, it is not very pleasing to the eyes or nose to have dirty, old dog bowls lying around the house. Be sure to offer a range of sizes and colors for different dog and dog owner tastes. Additionally, offer specialized bowls to encourage slower eating, including food snuffle mats and puzzle dog bowls — as our canine friends can be greedy.

Food snuffle mat with innovative design

Food mats to minimize mess

Dogs can be messy eaters, and sweeping/hoovering and mopping each time can be time-consuming and let’s face it, irritating. Luckily, that whole process can be avoided by simply using a food mat. These can be quickly picked up after eating, and then rinsed and left to dry, or simply shaken out. Stock these in an array of sizes and styles, including patterned and colored options for fun décor styles.

Air-tight food containers

Do not let expensive food go off or invite ants in. Air-tight containers are a perfect way to protect dog food and keep it fresh for the next meal. Customers will buy many of these, so be sure to stock in bulk. Air-tight food containers can be bought in simple plastic materials for easy and safe storage, or glass and recyclable materials for those who are more eco-conscious.

Dogs like fluffy toys too

Fluffy toys, squeaky toys, and the rest!

What would a dog’s life be without fun? Be sure to stock different indoor soft and squeaky toys for all dog tastes. These can include plush toys, dog toys for aggressive chewers, toys that double as puppy toothbrushes, and many many more.

For a pup’s outdoor fun and training

Water bottle or collapsible water bowl

As summers get hotter, it is becoming increasingly important for dog owners to carry collapsible water bowls or dog-friendly water bottles. These come in many colors and sizes, catering to all canine thirst levels.

Dog water bottles are a must this summer

Travel bag

Taking dogs on trips, whether across country borders or just to the park, is becoming increasingly the norm. Pet carry bags are therefore in high demand. For smaller dogs, backpacks and shoulder bags are perfect, while for larger dogs, wheely cases or cages for cars are a better option. There are also dog bags made with specific pockets for food and treats, meaning the canine friend and all its needs are in one place.

Collar\harness, leash, and ID tag

Probably the most indispensable products for a dog, a collar and ID tag will keep them safe and make it easy for them to return home if lost or stolen (these are also legal responsibilities in many countries). A harness and leash meanwhile, make it easier for your customers to walk their dog — both in terms of their strength should the dog try to chase a squirrel and also on the dog’s neck as the weight is more evenly distributed around the chest and shoulders with a harness. Remember to stock many sizes and colors as a chihuahua will not need the same harness as a labrador. For leashes, consider stocking retractable leashes for relaxed walking and double-handled leashes for additional safety.

Dog harnesses, leashes, and ID tags help dogs feel safe

A cool, elevated doggy bed

These thin, elevated structures allow for canine pets to relax in comfort with a little draft below them. Similar to how we enjoy a hammock or summer bed, invite your customers to add extra comfort to their dogs’ lives with an elevated dog bed. Another, more portable, option to consider for travel is a cooling mat.

Poop bags and pooper scooper

There is nothing worse than stepping in dog poop when out in the park. Having said that, picking it up can be equally disgusting. Offer a range of poop bags and pooper scoopers for all types of customers — from long-handled ones to keep distance to a simple roll of poop bags with dispenser for those who are not afraid to get stuck in.

Outdoor toys, such as balls, frisbees, and ropes

Stimulation, both outdoor and indoor, is paramount for any pup. Outdoor toys such as frisbees, ropes, and balls can help them develop their motor skills, socialize them, and help them bond with their owner.

Outdoor toys help develop motor skills and socialize your pups

Paw protector cream for hot sidewalks and cracked pads

As summers get hotter, dog paw creams have begun increasing in importance, with investment and developments in moisturizers pushing up the CAGR of the sector. Paw protector creams are especially sought after in the summer months, as the 5-second rule gains traction —  a solid theory stating that dog owners should place their hand on the floor for 5 seconds before walking their dogs and if they cannot hold it, the floor is too hot for the dogs’ paws.

For a pup’s health and happiness

Medical products and flea and tick collars

It is important to have a good collection in a doggie medicine cabinet — although these should all be checked with a veterinarian before application. The core items that dog owners often need and can help avoid a trip to the vet include ear infection spray, deworming tablets, and nail clippers. Additionally, all dog owners should invest in a trusty flea and tick collar, which should be worn at all times and replaced as recommended by the manufacturer.

Grooming and hygiene products

Other key bathroom items that should be close to hand include an all-in-one dog shampoo and conditioner, a good dog hair brush to avoid hair all over the furniture, and a trusty shower helper to keep pups distracted during shower time. These silicon items stick to the wall and can be filled with all sorts of tasty treats, like peanut butter — guaranteed to keep any canine’s attention!

A dog shower helper can be a great stress reliever

Good quality food and chewy treats

Good quality dog food is in high demand, with increased awareness of what we are feeding our pups. Consumers are looking toward recognized brands and organic products to maintain ideal weight and overall health. In 2021, the dog segment accounted for over 41.5% of the global revenue share for the US pet food market. As well as quality meat and biscuits, dog owners are splashing out on treats with health benefits, such as teeth cleaning chewy treats or nutritional supplement treats — ideal for treating and training while maintaining health.

Healthy dog food is on the up

Pet insurance

Going to the vet can be an expensive business, which is why most pet owners will invest in pet insurance. There are varying degrees of care, but just as with a person’s health, skipping insurance can be a costly business — according to the 2021-2022 APPA Pet Owners Survey, average expenditures on vet bills for dogs in the US amount to $458 per year. Be sure to do your research and invest in the care plan that is right for you and your pup.


In the period from 2021 to 2022, it was estimated that 70% of US households owned a pet, equating to 90.5 million homes in the US alone. Having a pet, especially a dog, will bring its owners love and peace of mind. To ensure that is the case, however, dog owners must provide their pups with all the items they need to make them feel loved and protected — when a dog feels safe, they will be loyal and protect their owner to the ends of the Earth.
Good quality pet food is on the up, as are protective balms for hot surfaces, cool beds, and portable water bowls for the increasingly hot summer walks. In terms of home products the essentials continue being the home comforts and fun needed by all dogs — beds, toys, treats, and love. Be sure to offer your dog owner customers all the dog-centric products they need, from simple shower helpers to training books. Did you know that there is a National Pet Day, too? You will find that your dog-friendly sales go up in late February.

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