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Four Fresh Jewelry Finds from the Spring/Summer 2024 Runways


As the fashion world looks ahead to Spring/Summer 2024 collections, certain jewelry trends stand out across the latest runway shows that online retailers should prepare for. Statement messaging continues with oversized silhouettes dominating earrings and necklaces. However, the runways also showed more refined and versatile pieces that will allow for commercial opportunities. By taking a balanced approach with jaw-dropping statement styles alongside smaller-scale options, retailers can capture the prevalent runway trends while also ensuring broad appeal across categories and price points. Assessing and selecting the most relevant directional jewelry items will lead to success.

Table of Contents:
1. Glamorous pendant necklaces
2. Chokers make a comeback
3. Cuffs are the new bangle
4. Catchy earrings taking center stage
5. Final thoughts

Glamorous pendant necklaces

pendant necklace

Pendant necklaces take the spotlight as a top directional category for Spring/Summer 2024. Runway shows spotlighted longer-length silhouettes falling fluidly below the collarbone, with many finishing at or near the waist for dramatic impact. These glamorous pendants bridge across fashion and fine jewelry with organic shapes, liquid-like formations and intriguing symbolic motifs.

Retailers should showcase the versatility of these spotlight-stealing pendants for both daytime looks and special occasions. Displaying multiple styling scenarios—from everyday outfits to black-tie dresses—will entice customers with their breadth of wearability. Close-up visuals clearly calling out unique details are key, from carved amulets and recycled metals to bold semiprecious stones or pearls.

The pendant also extends into collar-skimming bib-style profiles. Attaching multiple pendulums, lucky charms or ornate drops magnifies the style’s statement-making potential. Presenting these elaborate necklaces alongside simpler pendants provides range across fashion profiles and price points.

Whether bold bib collars dripping in jewels or everyday necklaces accented by a single striking pendant, long fluid necklaces promise to be a bankable category for retailers immersed in Spring/Summer 2024’s most prominent runway jewelry trends.

Chokers make a comeback


The choker necklace reclaims a leading role for Spring/Summer 2024, standing out as a prominent category across recent runway shows. Designers reinvented this nostalgic 90s staple in a range of new incarnations featuring interesting details that make the style feel fresh and modern.

Intricately beaded chokers provide high visual impact while still retaining a slim, sleek silhouette. Gothic renditions appeal to darkly romantic aesthetics with quartz drops, Grunge-y charms and edgy hardware. Pearl and ribbon profiles offer a soft femininity, playing with texture and delicacy.

Retailers should strongly display the unique personality and styling potential of these updated chokers. Showcasing looks on a diverse cast of models allows customers to envision the pieces enhancing their own individual beauty.

While some runway versions skewed more avant-garde, offering chokers in multiple sizes provides something for both the fashion-forward dresser along with those seeking an effortless everyday necklace. Core assortments should focus on versatile styling, like petite silver or black leather variations that transition from desk to dinner flawlessly.

Whether dressed up, pared down, dainty or bold, the choker’s implied closeness intoxicatingly blurs body and accessory. Spring/Summer 2024’s standout runway moment for this iconic neckwear proves its enduring power to allure.

Cuffs are the new bangle


The cuff bracelet emerges as a breakout category for Spring/Summer 2024, standing out across recent runway shows as the elevated successor to the basic bangle. Designers showed an array of wide, rigid bracelets with open slits that slip snugly over the hand and hug gracefully around the wrist bone.

From futurist styles in sleek silver to transparent high-sheen acrylics or Lucite, the cuff spans stylistic territory from edgy and sharp to soft and feminine. Whimsical stacked configurations featuring contrasting materials and asymmetric shapes imply endless ways to reflect one’s individuality. Bold corsage embellishments, like clusters of sculptural fabric flowers, provide playful 3D surface ornamentation.

Online retailers should consider testing cuff bracelets as they shake up the expected wristwear lineup for the coming season. Hand modeling display will prove essential for conveying fit and comfort of this encircling style while lifestyle images depict effortless styling for day or evening occasions.

As bangles and thinner bracelet stacks show signs of saturation, the springy, architectural cuff offers renewed interest. While some embellished designer variations skew avant-garde, more minimal renditions in silver, black and tortoiseshell exude versatility across occasions and demographics.

With its limitless styling potential, the cuff bracelet encircles Spring/Summer 2024’s wrist in an unexpected design that fashionably reinvents tried-and-true basics.

Catchy earrings taking center stage


Earrings steal the spotlight in Spring/Summer 2024 collections with statement-making silhouettes dominating runway shows. Exaggerated drop earrings remain strongly on trend with shoulder-grazing lengths that demand attention. Fastenings like statement studs, oversized hoops and elongated ear hooks provide stability for these gravity-defying styles while complementing the dramatic effect.

Retailers can capture consumer interest by displaying these conversation-starting earrings prominently. Balancing over-the-top runway styles with more accessible sizes and prices will maximize appeal.

An intriguing new sub-trend puts a playful spin on statement earrings with illusion designs that optically mimic multiple piercings. Clustered configurations featuring delicate chains, tiny hoops and stud accents allude to a pierced look without the commitment. These barely-there designs pack visual impact, making a fashion-forward statement through clever styling.


Whether going big and bold with shoulder-skimmers or keeping it clever with illusion earrings, statement ear candy promises to allure consumers looking to refresh their accessory wardrobe. Online product pages should spotlight these eye-catching earrings with crisp imagery calling out must-have details. Shoppable styling showing how these head-turning earrings effortlessly elevate day-to-night looks will further spark customer interest before checkout.

Final thoughts

As Spring/Summer 2024 collections demonstrate, statement jewelry continues to fascinate while still allowing room for versatile wearable styles. By offering a curated selection of the season’s prime statement earrings along with glamorous pendant necklaces and slim chokers, retailers can immerse customers in the runway’s standout trends. rounding out selections with refugee cuff bracelets injects novelty. Displaying directional jewelry prominently with inspiring imagery and styling scenarios turns online product pages into virtual window shopping, enticing fashion lovers to collect these key statement pieces for seasons to come.

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