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9 Marvelous Cut & Sew Trends for Men in Autumn/Winter 23/24


Menswear is experiencing a new era via a shift toward sustainable fabric basis, unique trimmings and accents, and well-known references. While men tend to look for outfits to satisfy their aesthetic needs, these trends present the best deals that reflect their desires. But like every other trending attire, the options are limitless.

This article will explore breathtaking men’s cut and sew trends that will dominate menswear in A/W 23/24.

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How profitable is the men’s apparel market?
9 men’s cut & sew trends shaping 2023/24 fashion
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How profitable is the men’s apparel market?

The global menswear market accumulated a total value of US $560.2 billion in 2022. Marketing experts expect the industry to reach US $792 billion through 2028, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.08% during the forecast period.

Compared to womenswear, the men’s apparel market presents more structures and durable fabric with subdued embellishments and neutral colors. However, the increasing demand for customization and tailored clothing is one recent trend currently boosting the industry’s growth.

Interestingly, the rising fashion consciousness and increasing focus on personal appearance among men are driving the global demand for menswear. Asia-Pacific also emerged as the fastest-growing market as the region experienced significant growth thanks to China and India.

9 men’s cut & sew trends shaping 2023/24 fashion

1. T-shirts

Man wearing a white T-shirt

T-shirts are timeless pieces that always seem to be on-trend. They often have soft and fuzzy designs that accommodate various designs like stripes and graphics. Overall, the classic T-shirt offers the prime of urban aesthetics.

Manufacturers often add a sense of utility to basic T-shirts through raglan sleeves and extra side pockets. Depending on the wearer’s taste and season, retailers can offer them in various textures, patterns, and colors.

T-shirts offer a raw and straightforward style that men can combine with other classic outdoor staples. For example, they can wear them under a blazer and complete the outfit with matching dress pants. Or, take a more street-esque direction by pairing the tee with versatile blue jeans.

2. Hoodies

Man wearing a white hoodie

Men’s fashion now strongly emphasizes functional outerwear, and hoodies reflect this change. A/W 23/24 updates this timeless outerwear with convenient features like durable water-repellent coatings and extra pockets to keep the wearer’s hands cozy.

Hoodies are so versatile that consumers can easily pull off a sportswear, loungewear, or streetwear look. In addition, hoodies tailored with frayed edges and embroidered logos exude an effortless urban vibe.

However, A/W 23/24 updates traditional hoodies and embraces originality as a core design. Retailers can tap into items with functional arm pockets and hoods with adjustable straps to provide consumers with mobility and comfort.

Another irresistible benefit of hoodies is that they match almost any bottoms. As a result, men can get sporty by pairing joggers or shorts with hoodies. Or, they can rock a more casual look with jeans or chinos. Male consumers may also layer these pieces under jackets for enhanced insulation.

3. Track tops

Track tops are widespread for their vintage themes and offer a perfect blend of comfort and style. These pieces come tailored with ribbed cuffs and elastic waistbands for easy adjustability. In addition, they’re often oversized to present extreme comfort and allow free movement and mobility.

With track tops, men can accurately showcase a cool athleisure aesthetic while harnessing increased functionality and adaptability. More importantly, track tops can accommodate various digital prints and patterns and deliver a more streamlined silhouette, despite their oversized designs.

Sellers can offer track tops in different materials and even throw in customizable services to ensure consumers get their preferred style. Beyond that, men can style track tops with contrasting sweatpants and layer a gilet over the outfit for chilly conditions.

4. Sweatshirts

Man wearing a yellow sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are still essential this season, and they make up some of the best items In the cut-and-sew catalog. These comfy shirts enjoy a makeover through dyed prints and eco-friendly fabrics. In addition, retailers can tap into gender-inclusive styles by opting for variants in recycled cotton blends and with raised necklines.

This season, manufacturers are tailoring sweatshirts with wool blends, imbuing the classic piece with elegance and functional insulation. Although sweatshirts have a reputation for being comfy loungewear, they can also exude an athleisure and casual aesthetic.

Sweatshirts present a relaxed fit that consumers can match perfectly with utility pants like chinos and cargos. Unsurprisingly, men can also style them with sweatpants for an urban-inspired appearance or take a streetwear-influenced route by tossing jeans into the fray.

5. Polos

Man wearing a blue polo shirt

When it comes to unique appearances, polos grab the spotlight. They have unique designs that often comprise typical collars, three buttons, and short sleeves. Sometimes, long-sleeved variants make stylish appearances but tend to fall out of trend quicker. In addition, polo shirts draw influence from the great outdoors and other sport-related themes.

Polo shirt designs also incorporate fresh, hyperreal colors that can also exude beauty in elaborate patterns. This season also updates them with smooth fabrics that prioritize the wearer’s comfort.

More importantly, retailers can offer polo shirts in designs ranging from plain colors to tie-and-dye patterns. Based on style, men can pair these sports-inspired tops with jeans, chinos, khaki shorts, and even dress pants. In addition, most polo shirt styles allow tucking in for more formal elegance, but consumers may also fly them to exude an unrivaled casual vibe.

6. Joggers

Man wearing a white hoodie and joggers

Joggers have gone beyond the trends and have evolved into staple pieces for both genders. However, menswear variants achieve distinct styling through branding, popular trims, and tougher fabric bases.

Although joggers started as a runner’s essential, their high mobility and comfort levels helped solidify their positions in every man’s wardrobe (except the old-fashioned ones). They can have elastic waistbands or drawstring closures, offering the same enhanced comfort. A more functional spin adds front and back pockets to the otherwise plain bottom.

In addition, joggers present unrivaled breathability, making them the go-to pants for various physical activities. Men can pair them with T-shirts for a classic urban appeal or use hoodies for an athleisure spin. Sweatshirts and button-up shirts are other wardrobe staples that can enhance the joggers’ stylishness.

7. Outdoor crew

Man in black bucket hat and black outdoor crew top

The growth of outdoorsy fashion and the need for extreme comfort drives the development of cozy clothing. Outdoor crews come with an evolved design that reflects this change, helping to elevate the piece’s popularity and keep it on-trend.

Outdoor crews receive updates from soft, warm, and smooth fabrics, helping to increase their overall comfort and breathability. In addition, they have a universal appeal, which alludes to their trans-seasonal designs. Retailers can also throw in functionality by opting for variants with front pockets.

Cashmere and jogger pants are perfect bottoms men can pair with outdoor crews. They may also rock a more casual style by wearing denim and chinos. But that’s not all. Consumers can craft a smart-casual outfit by layering a collared shirt underneath an outdoor crew.

8. Graphic rugby top

Man wearing a wholegrain-colored rugby top

Graphic rugby tops emerge this season with an irresistible makeover that shoots it into the limelight. The collared piece updates its look with vibrant colors and designs that exude an attractive and eye-catching aesthetic.

A/W 23/24 borrows elements from modern and urban fashion themes to up the rugby top’s appeal. Square panels help introduce the checkerboard look and color-blocking aesthetics, making the graphic rugby top unique and refreshing.

Another benefit of the graphic rugby top’s update is enhanced durability. These upgraded designs have embedded organic fabrics that combine functional and aesthetically pleasing elements. Graphic rugby tops also make perfect layering pieces, allowing consumers to stay warm in style.

Male consumers can hit the streets with a graphic rugby top and denim pants combo. Alternatively, they can enjoy a more relaxed vibe by swapping the long pants for khaki shorts.

9. Half-zip fleece

Man rocking a black half-zip fleece

Half-zip fleeces offer the best of two winter essentials: cardigans and neck sweaters. Their design makes it compatible with lightweight clothing like button-down shirts or T-shirts. In addition, half-zip fleeces also receive a fabric upgrade as manufacturers turn toward making them with synthetic wool and organic cotton-based materials.

Interestingly, half-zip fleeces often have thin and lightweight designs, allowing consumers to layer them effortlessly. As a result, these performance-driven jackets provide incredible comfort and coziness levels mixed with irresistible style.

Men can throw the half-zip fleece over a classic collared shirt and complete the outfit with denim pants or chinos. They can tap into a utility-inspired direction by adding cargo pants instead. A more casual style involved layering this outerwear over a tee and matching the combo with shorts or sweatpants.

Concluding words

A/W 23/24 embeds cut and sew essentials with supreme comfort via tactile fabrications and cocooning silhouettes. These updates work into preppy themes by embracing graphic details and color-blocking aesthetics.

Retailers must also invest in designs that promote longevity with sustainable fibers while reviving gentle retro looks with subtle pattern updates. These men’s cut-and-sew trends are the ones to watch out for this season for an updated catalog during A/W 23/24 sales.

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