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5 Major Trends in Women’s Active Exercise Snacking


Exercise snacking is a growing trend that sees busy women make time for short bursts of activity during their day. Boost sales by meeting their needs with fashionable, yet functional and versatile products.

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Why are women taking up exercise snacking?
What is trending with exercise snackers?
How can business owners benefit from exercise snacking?

Why are women taking up exercise snacking?

  • Fitness snacking is practical for busy, on-the-go women

Today’s busy woman wants to fit exercise and movement into her schedule, but time is at a premium. Exercise snacking only requires 2-3 short bursts of exercise per day and lets women lift their heart rate and enjoy the benefits of working out and staying healthy, even with a dynamic, hectic schedule.

  • Exercise snacking helps to maintain health with altered lifestyles

The past couple of years have seen a large shift in lifestyle, and many people simply don’t have the time to go to the gym or put in an hour of cardio or strength training at home anymore. But it’s easy to put aside five minutes just before lunch, or maybe after an online meeting.

Woman doing exercise with a ball at home

 What is trending with exercise snackers?

  • Versatile, easy-to-wear pieces

Versatile, layered styles that transition easily from work to working out and back are trending among snackers.

Women are looking for pieces that can lend themselves to both professional and functional use. There is often no time or space to change garments, so items need to be easily adaptable to make exercise snacking practical, even at the office. At the same time, they need to be stylish and fit well with the wearer’s personal style.

Woman wearing stylish activewear outdoors

Adaptable pieces like crop jackets and cardigans can be worn over many kinds of tops and are easy to match with a woman’s existing professional wardrobe. They can be easily removed for the duration of the exercise snack and then put back on as work continues.

Woman rocking stylish activewear crop jacket

Items like leggings can be worn comfortably and invisibly under more professional-looking trousers and also provide comfort without sacrificing style. Choices like these appeal to women looking to save time when changing outfits pre- and post-workout.

Woman rocking stylish activewear leggings
  • Quality, functional fabrics

Breathable, high-performance fabrics keep the wearer feeling fresh and presentable before, during, and after an exercise snack.

Exercise snackers are looking for functional wear that will keep them comfortable and support their fitness efforts. This means premium fabrics that make qualities such as breathability, comfort, sweat-wicking, and muscle support a given. 

Functional, good-quality fabrics for activewear

Functional, good-quality fabrics for activewear

Items need to feel comfortable and support the muscles not only during the fitness snack but also throughout the day. Exercise snackers look for strong but soft, 4-way stretch fabrics with minimal to no seams.

Freshness is another important aspect for women looking to continue their day after their fitness snack. Items made from breathable, quick-dry fabrics that keep cool and wick away sweat appeal to exercise snackers, regardless of the specific form of exercise they prefer.

Pieces like longline, functional bras with inbuilt pushup support or leggings with shaping qualities are popular with exercise snackers who don’t have time to change garments before and after a workout. Look for items made from soft, good-quality fabric with in-built breathability and support attributes.

Woman rocking fashionable activewear bra

Modern, technical, and trendy fabrics are becoming more popular as women look for top-notch quality, but to make them versatile and attractive, they need to have an element of style and look as attractive as they are functional.

  • Professional yet attractive colors

Look out for pieces in a neutral, unobtrusive color palette that easily fit into a woman’s existing wardrobe.

Exercise snackers prefer pieces in colors that will easily fit into their everyday workwear. In today’s lifestyles and trends, this means neutral, single-tone outfits that are easy to mix and match. Colors like black, gray, and brown in various shades are typically staples in a working wardrobe. Brighter, louder tones like yellow and strong patterns are not as popular.

Woman wearing neutral tones

Soft, mild colors are easy to integrate with other shades and patterns and help maintain a professional working image while accommodating fitness snacking. Typical activewear often comes in bold, bright patterns and colors, but these can be hard to integrate with existing workwear. Exercise snackers look for softer, gentler colors that do not stand out as much.

Woman rocking activewear with soft colors

Many exercise snackers like to go with modular items such as jackets and tunics, and neutral colors make it easier to remain stylish when matching various pieces. Gentler, less dominant colors also help make fitness undergarments less obtrusive and easier to wear under fashionable workwear.

  • Soft design lines

Gentle, simple lines help bridge the gap between activewear and fashion wear and appeal to various fashion styles.

Exercise snacking is trending with women in various professional circles, so items need to be able to appeal to a wide range of styles and fashions. Functional items with soft design lines are easy to fit into a variety of styles and appeal to a larger audience.

Pieces need to retain their functional qualities, but at the same time look stylish and attractive. Activewear made with gentle, soft design lines help to create a more feminine look and is more appealing to exercise snackers that want to add functional items to their wardrobe without sacrificing their personal style.

Women rocking activewear with a feminine look and feel

From modular wear like jackets to staple pieces such as bras, leggings, and pants, keeping the lines simple helps give items more fashion appeal. Simple lines also make it easier to change the look by mixing with other items.

Women rocking stylish and versatile mix-and-match pieces
  • Simple detail, less frill

Minimalistic styles with clean, simple detailing are easy to integrate with an existing wardrobe and simple to mix and match.

The current fashion trends lean towards a simple, minimalistic approach where less is more. Pieces that have a lot of decorative elements, bright, strong colors, and a multitude of frills are harder to match with existing wear. 

Exercise snackers need pieces that will seamlessly transition from work activity to short but intense physical activity, and back. Items with clean lines and simple details are more appealing because they are easier to wear as activities change throughout the day. 

Woman wearing a stylish bra with simple, clean detail

Style is an important attribute for exercise snackers, so simple yet modern pieces such as polo dresses and wrap-around cardigans are attractive options. Pieces need to retain a professional, stylish look while being versatile enough to be mixed and matched with other items in the exercise snacker’s workwear wardrobe.

Versatile cardigan to wear over undergarments

How can business owners benefit from exercise snacking?

Exercise snacking is a growing trend with women of all ages all over the world. Exercise snackers need pieces that are comfortable and functional, but also stylish and easy to add to their professional wardrobe.

Adding a selection of stylish activewear in soft lines and minimalistic details can help attract the ever-growing number of exercise snackers to your business, boosting sales.

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