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Head Massagers: What Designs Make Customers Relax the Most?

Woman in shower using an electric waterproof scalp massager

As customers become more health-conscious worldwide, their attention is turning towards activities and products to promote their well-being. One aspect of this pursuit is using head massagers to lower stress levels, stimulate hair follicles, or promote a healthy scalp.

Retailers can support their customers by selling different scalp massager designs to give them the best hair care routine and relaxation experience. However, many head and body massagers are available, so choosing the right ones for individual target markets is challenging.

This article offers insights into why customers are purchasing more head massagers. It also describes specific characteristics that make designs desirable. By the end of this read, retailers should better understand what types of head massagers are available and which ones they should order to build inventories that their customers will appreciate.

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Global sales for head massagers
What to look for when selecting scalp massagers
Choosing head massagers for your customer base
Developing your inventory

Global sales for head massagers

Hand holding a palm-sized manual scalp head massager

A recent Future Market Insights (FMI) study shows that head massagers’ compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is estimated to be 8.1% between 2023 and 2033. Starting at a value of US $18,922.5 million, this strong growth means that total sales will reach a high of about US $41,445.1 million at the end of the forecast period, which is positive news for retailers.

Google Ads search results

More good news for retailers is that “head massagers” is a popular keyword. It is so popular that an average of 550,000 searches occur monthly, and Google Ads statistics show that monthly searches stayed at 450,000 and above between December 2022 and December 2023.

What is driving customer purchases?

Manual octopus scalp massager for optimum relaxation

As customers become more conscious of the value of good health and relaxation, they seek ways to support these needs. Because of this need, many customers buy head massagers to stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and enhance hair growth. They are also buying these products to relax their head and neck muscles.

Using head massagers that double as body massagers is an excellent way to improve lymph drainage, soothe strained muscles, and relieve pain. Customers enjoy the results of these massages, which include less anxiety, stress, and tension. Additionally, they use electric massagers after sports to reduce the potential for muscle injuries.

Because massagers provide cost-effective support for health and well-being, customers opt for this treatment to avoid expensive medical bills whenever possible. Moreover, increasing disposable incomes make these purchases a wise choice for many people.

Between these insights, retailers have many reasons to stock a diverse selection of head massagers. But first, they should consider several product characteristics that impact their worth.

What to look for when selecting scalp massagers

Electric massage brush with red and blue light therapy

Head massagers are manufactured with different features and benefits. Here are some critical aspects retailers should note when placing orders for their stores:

Manual scalp massager

Selection of eco-friendly, biodegradable, bamboo shampoo scalp massagers

Manual head massagers should have soft bristles to stimulate scalp blood circulation and avoid damaging the hair. People also want a gentle scalp massage from this device to reduce product buildup, increase blood flow, and promote hair product absorption. However,  while short, soft, flexible bristles help ease tension and relax the skin, stimulating healthy short hair growth, longer bristles are often necessary to achieve the same results for people with thick hair. 

Electric head massager

Electric wraparound head massager with multiple features

This electric wraparound model has three massage modes, a heat compression feature, and six airbag functionalities. Additionally, the padded silicone material provides a comfortable user experience. These features deliver a relaxing head massage that customers often use to relieve pressure and headaches and promote restful sleep. With a long-lasting battery, this product is easily portable for use on the go or at home.


Electric silicone waterproof scalp massager with three rotating heads

Various soft rotating heads, massage nodes, and speed or vibrating options add to the versatility and appeal of head massagers. If customers can use them for full-body treatments, this increases their versatility and value even more.


Scalp massager materials include metal, silicone, and plastic. Customers seek combinations of comfortable, durable materials that produce a stimulating massage experience. When the product materials are biodegradable and safe for the environment, they become even more appealing to customers.


Basic manual octopus head claw massager

Whether the head massager is manual or electric, it is vital to consider the comfort of the hand grip. Various massager types and sizes are manufactured, but those that fit in the palm of your hand are easier to hold, especially if they have a strap or ergonomic hand grip. Similarly, if the massager has a wand shape, smaller diameters are easier for women to hold, and wider diameters are more suitable for men.

Choosing head massagers for your customer base

Small handheld electric three-head vibrating full-body massager

Retailers should select head massagers that are ergonomic, versatile, and preferably made from eco-friendly materials, whether they are electric or manual. When choosing these products, buyers should also identify whether their markets are individual customers or commercial customers.

Individual customers may want manual or electric head massagers, while electric products are appropriate for spas and salons. Ideally, a selection of manual and electric massagers in many styles, shapes, and sizes is fitting to provide customers with options.

Developing your inventory

Professional electric LED infrared light therapy head massage tool

The images in this article reflect a summary of the head massagers available in the Alibaba.com showroom. So, we advise retailers to determine their target markets and start their shopping expedition to stock massagers catering to their specific clientele.

By establishing relationships with online vendors, retailers will also gain valuable insights into this environment and the customizability of orders, all of which contribute to successful inventory development.

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