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Must-Know Wedding Favor Trends & Ideas for 2024

Sweet boxes in the form of the groom and bride

Wedding favors are expressions of gratitude. Whether this gift is edible, functional, or decorative, the memories associated with it are priceless.

We explore the inspiring market of gift-giving and its global growth and trends. Additionally, this article shares the top trends for wedding favors, and some examples of gift ideas that are sure to be loved. 

This guide can be used throughout 2024 and beyond to make sure your inventory is stocked well for this special occasion.

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Market potential of wedding favor trends
Wedding favor trends for 2024
Exciting wedding favor ideas
Trending wedding favor ideas that sell

Market potential of wedding favor trends

Red boxes with bow and pearl detail for wedding favors

The IMARC Group’s study on party supplies states that the 2023 market for party supplies has a value of USD 4.2 billion. They project a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9% annually until 2032, with the market is expected to reach a value of USD 26.1 billion.

Factors driving party favor sales

Affordability is at the top of the forces driving party supply sales. This is followed by the rising interest in themed parties, virtual office parties, and destination weddings.

Keyword search volumes

Google Ads keyword searches provide further evidence of market interest. In December 2022, people searched “wedding favors” 33,100 times. By November 2023, this figure rose to 40,500 monthly, an increase of 22,35% over a year.

Wedding favor trends for 2024

Three bottles with honey for wedding favors

Couples planning their weddings want gifts for their guests. This desire is even stronger for destination weddings since friends must travel to join the celebrations. Because of distant locations, the wedding favors must be portable and travel-friendly.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, trending gifts should meet this requirement too. So, eco-friendly, sustainable wedding favors are trending.

Due to an increasing desire to bestow wedding favors or gifts on guests, personalization is also a part of the trend for 2024.

To recap, wedding favor trends are:

  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Often personalized

Small gifts that meet the criteria above are edible wedding favors, practical/usable gifts, and decorative personalized ornaments for the big day. Read on for wedding favor gift ideas that guests will love!

Exciting wedding favor ideas

Individually wrapped scented candles

Personalized white candles with ribbon and flower detail

Candles are a popular choice for wedding favors. They remind guests of a lovely celebration and are something that they can take home to use. Sellers can customize the printing, packaging, and scents of these favors. They are also portable and ideal for any budget.

Although the perfect gift for female wedding guests, sellers, and event planners can balance this aspect with something else for the other guests on the special occasion.

Gold rose beer bottle opener

Gold bottle opener in rose shape on gift boxes

This zinc alloy gold-colored rose bottle opener meets many preferences. It is attractive and practical. This unique wedding favor is also pre-packaged in an appealing box with elegant detail. Sellers and wedding planners can confidently order these favors for their customers and clients to thank their guests for sharing their special day.

Porcelain salt and pepper shakers

White porcelain love bird salt and pepper shakers

In the shape of small love birds, these salt and pepper shakers are simple yet elegant. They are practical and eco-friendly.

These shakers are separately packaged in beautiful gift boxes. Because they are so small, they are portable and travel-friendly.

The packaging is available with customization, including matching color themes. Guests will love this gift and walk away with pleasant memories of their day with the bride and groom.

Personalized compact mirror favors

Personalized antique gold compact mirrors

Simple yet sophisticated, these travel-friendly compact mirrors will fit in all purses. Ladies will love them.

Sellers can choose compact mirrors in gold, antique gold, rose gold, or silver. These favors are available in round, square, heart, or rectangular shapes. A pretty organza bag packages the gift. 

Sellers can also offer an additional service to their customers in the form of personalization. This personalization can include gifts with a brief message of thanks, names, and the wedding date. The guests will remember the wedding day for years.

Handheld carved folding bamboo fan

Personalized hand-carved bamboo hand fan

Hand-carved, these lightweight bamboo fans will make a good impression on your guests. These hand fans are individually packaged and take up little room.

Personalization and customization are available for these eco-friendly hand fans. Order them in bamboo or another material and with or without tassels. Sellers can also personalize gifts with names and dates.

Personalized souvenir shot glass

Seven tall shot crystal glasses with colored frosting

Lead-free crystal shot glasses are practical wedding favors. Sellers can request various glass shapes and styles and order different frosting, colors, messages, and gift box packaging to match the wedding theme. These gifts are also sustainable.

Whenever customers buy this gift from sellers, they are also getting a product that is versatile and appeals to many tastes.

OMY LADY creative soap wedding favors

Eight craft soaps and one in a gift box

OMY LADY soap is an ideal wedding favor. This product is made from natural oils, shea butter, and other ingredients. As a body and face soap, it also has anti-bacterial properties and works against acne.

This small gift meets most of the criteria for wedding favors at bridal showers or receptions. It is small, travel-friendly, and portable. These soap gifts are also affordable.

Sellers can request color, shape, and fragrance customization. Packaging, graphics, patterns, and text are also customizable. With all these choices, it is easy for sellers to add a special message to gifts that their friends will enjoy.

Mini bubble wand party favors

Child and adults blowing bubbles and a bubble wand

Bubble wands are loads of fun at bridal showers and something that adults and kids will love. These party favors are also portable and affordable for all budgets. They are plastic and do not come with solutions or gift boxes.

Wedding planners can explore options for gift boxes on the website to overcome this small challenge so that couples can distribute them at wedding receptions.

Trending wedding favor ideas that sell

Stock up on wedding favors that are trending. These products include ones that travel well, are portable, eco-friendly, sustainable, and can be personalized.

The recommendation is to source wedding favors with broad appeal to attract a large target market. Gifts bring joy, and personalizing those gifts enhances the memories attached to them even further for customers.

Businesses can certainly boost their sales with trending wedding favor orders, so dive into your Alibaba.com shopping experience for new inventory today.

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