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Top Mobile Phone Holders for Riding Journeys


Regardless of the length of a bike ride or the terrain, mobile phone holders have become an important accessory for riders to have. They help with navigation, are easy to use with workout apps, and are perfect for riders who use streaming services while riding. Here are the top mobile phone holders for cycling that consumers are looking for.

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Mobile phone holders in today’s market
5 popular mobile phone holders for bikes
The future of mobile phone holders for bikes

Mobile phone holders in today’s market

Modern cyclists are always looking for a way to enhance their cycling experience, which is where phone holders come in. Mobile phone holders are used for a variety of different reasons among cyclists and really help them to navigate easier and track their progress.

With smartphones becoming a crucial part of people’s daily lives, the market size of mobile phone holders is expected to continue its growth over the next several years. Currently, the overall global market size of phone holders sits at over USD 1.03 billion and is set to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% between 2022 and 2030. This is largely down to people wanting to integrate mobile devices into different activities as seamlessly as possible, whether that be in the car, at home, or while cycling.

Cyclist holding a mobile phone in hands before mounting it

Mobile phone holders are growing in popularity with cyclists who want an easy way to follow their route and record their workout for the day. Although there are many types of handlebar mounts on the market, there are some that are more sought after than others. Mobile phone holders that offer wireless charging or 360-degree turns, are one-hand operational, come with a built-in sunshade, and have a front light for safety are five trending holders with cyclists. 

Universal 360 degrees removable mobile phone holder

Smartphones aren’t cheap, which is why it’s important that a mobile phone holder for bikes will keep the phone securely in place on any terrain. This 360 degrees removable phone holder is one of the most popular on the market because it offers users an easy-to-use attachment for any bicycle. 

Using a rubber belt around the handlebars, this mobile phone holder also has a rubber sleeve to ensure the phone doesn’t move or fall off and it’s compatible with all types of smartphones. The 360 degrees attachment allows for easy rotation, so the mobile phone can be used vertically or landscape, and is easy to remove with a simple button. 

Black mobile phone holder for bike with 360-degree turn

Waterproof and wirelessly charging mobile phone holder

For cyclists going on longer journeys, there’s nothing worse than the navigation system running out of charge. And for most people, this navigation system comes in the form of a smartphone, where they can also easily track their distance and fitness statistics. This is why a lot of consumers are turning to the wirelessly charging phone holder.

This type of mobile phone holder is perfect for all types of weather, as it includes a waterproof case that’s still compatible with touch and face ID. The addition of the wireless charging station inside the case is a game changer, and the phone holder is compatible with a variety of different sizes of handlebars thanks to the non-slip washers.

Female cyclist using a wirelessly charging mobile phone holder

One-hand operation mobile phone holder

Ease of use is one of the major attributes consumers are looking for when it comes to mobile phone holders for bikes. It upsets the rhythm of the bike ride if the cyclist has to continuously stop to fix something on their screen. One-hand operation phone holders eliminate the need for this and are a great accessory to have for any level of cyclist.

The very secure handlebar clamp enables the phone to be used without fear of it falling off, and it can be rotated 360 degrees to be used vertically or horizontally. There’s also the option to tilt the screen to provide the cyclist with a better viewing angle. The compression spring mechanism allows for many sizes of mobile phones to fit inside the holder securely as well.

Mobile phone holder for bike with single hand use mechanisms

Mobile phone holder with sunshade

Depending on what time of the day someone goes on a bike ride, the sun can play a big factor in whether or not they can see their smartphone properly. The mobile phone holder with a sunshade attached is one of the latest styles on the market, as it helps cyclists to block out the sun’s glare

On top of the sunshade, the mobile phone bag is completely waterproof and comes with a sponge pad inside to ensure the mobile device is safe from scratches. The touchscreen is still fully usable while the smartphone is inside the bag as well, so it’s a great bike accessory to have.

Mobile phone holder with sunshade and waterproof case

Front light within mobile phone holder

Safety is key when cycling, especially if someone is cycling near sunrise or sunset, so having a light on the bike is an important measure to take into account. This unique phone holder comes with a front light built into it, so there’s no need to purchase a light attachment for the handlebar. It also comes with a speaker to alert nearby cars and passersby of the bicycle. This mobile phone holder has all of the features cyclists need to make sure they arrive at their destination safely.

Red mobile phone holder with a light on the front

The future of mobile phone holders for bikes

As new versions of smartphones come out with more improved features and apps, they’re being used in all aspects of life. They’re popularly used for fitness routines and sports as a way to track progress or to help navigate a trail or cycle route. Mobile phone holders for bikes are popular with cyclists, especially those that have lights on the front, can be used with one hand, can turn 360 degrees, have an added sunshade to them, and include a wireless charger. 

Mobile phone holders have started to improve, with more helpful features being added to them all the time. There’s no better way to stay hands-free than to use a phone holder, no matter what activity the consumer is doing, so this product will certainly be around for the foreseeable future. 

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