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How To Select Shampoo Chairs


Shampoo chairs are an important aspect of any hair salon. They not only have to be comfortable for the clients to sit on for both a short and extended period of time, but they also have to be practical for the stylist. The market now plays host to a variety of traditional and modern shampoo chairs and this buying guide will take an in depth look into the key features of some of these chairs as well as what to consider before purchasing a shampoo chair.

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Things to consider when purchasing a shampoo chair
Global market value of shampoo chairs
Popular types of shampoo chairs

Things to consider when purchasing a shampoo chair

Shampoo chairs are different from barber and hairstyling chairs. This type of chair is used during the washing and conditioning stage of the client’s hair treatment and includes different features which aren’t needed in other types of salon chairs. There are some important considerations to take into account before purchasing a salon chair that every salon owner will look at.

Shampoo chair and white sink with headrest built in


Having a shampoo chair that’s comfortable for the client should be one of the first things to take into consideration. Clients will want to feel relaxed while having their hair washed and treated, and the shampoo station is considered to be the most relaxing part of a visit to the salon for many customers. The chair should recline in a way that doesn’t create back or neck pain for the client and makes it comfortable for them to rest their neck on the basin.


Buying even one shampoo chair can be a big investment as the chair will be used time and time again by clients. Maintenance is key for this type of salon chair, so taking into account the material so that it’s easy to clean after each use is essential. Shampoo chairs are usually made of a high-quality material that is easy to wipe and disinfect and won’t become damaged if water is splashed onto them.


No two shampoo chairs are made the same. While some may have the most basic features built into them, others are very high-end and built for expensive hair salons who cater to an exclusive list of clientele. Choosing a shampoo chair that fits within the buyers’ budget is important as not all high-end features are necessary, especially if the chairs are being purchased for a smaller salon. For example, hair schools will most likely purchase very basic shampoo chairs for their students to practice with.

Man with head in sink having hair washed


Having a shampoo chair that fits in with the overall style and theme of a salon is something that may be overlooked in favor of other factors such as budget or functionality, but it’s still something that can be crucial to the success of a business. Shampoo chairs and backwash units need to seamlessly flow with the rest of the salon, and there are a lot of styles and colors to choose from today. 


Buyers should think about why they are purchasing a shampoo chair, or multiple chairs. The amount of space within the salon should be looked at as well as the wide selection of chairs and bowl combinations that the industry offers. Not every style is suitable for every business so buyers should be aware of this.


Shampoo chairs are designed for prepping the client’s hair before the styling process begins, but modern chairs have a number of unique accessories built into them that can help to elevate the client’s experience. Foot rests are a very popular accessory right now which helps to bring even more comfort to the client. Chairs may also include cabinets attached to them for the hairstylist to use as well as extra padding on the neck rest for the client.

Global market value of shampoo chairs

People often look to celebrities for the latest hairstyle trends. With the increasing influence of television and movies in the fashion industry more people are being introduced to different hairstyles. This means that there has been a rise in consumers visiting the hair salon and with this rise in customers comes more of a demand for salon chairs, especially shampoo chairs.

In 2021 the salon chairs market was valued at approximately USD 8.8 billion and by 2032 that number is expected to rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3%, bringing its market value to at least USD 15.4 billion. These chairs are an essential part of any good hair salon and with modern versions of salon and shampoo chairs hitting the market sales are expected to only increase in the foreseeable future.

Two shampoo chairs with comfortable armrests and cushioning

Popular types of shampoo chairs

There is a wide variety of shampoo chairs available for salon owners to choose from in today’s market, but some have more features and accessories than others. Which chair suits the salon best is down to a number of factors and considerations, but there are a few chairs that come out on top in terms of popularity among buyers. Luxury shampoo chairs that are electric, include wash basins, pedicure foot baths, massage capabilities and hydrotherapy beds are all growing in demand in the salon chairs market.

Luxury electric shampoo chair

This luxury electric shampoo chair is padded with memory foam and topped with faux leather, making it both easy to maintain and comfortable for the client. The tilted ceramic sink comes with a comfortable padding for the neck to rest on and can be adjusted to any height. The addition of the foot rest will create a comfortable experience for the client overall. This shampoo chair can come in any color and has plumping for both backwash or side-wash setups.

Grey shampoo chair with sink attached and foot rest

Shampoo chair with a wash basin

Shampoo chairs that have wash basins attached to them are very popular with consumers who perhaps don’t have enough space in their salon for a series of installed basins. This shampoo chair with a wash basin is very stylish with a faux leather cover that can come in a variety of colors and a backrest that reclines when the client is having their hair washed. The style of this shampoo chair is designed for a fashionable and modern space.

Grey and black shampoo chair with white sink attached

Shampoo and pedicure chair

Many modern hair salons are providing additional services for their clients in the form of manicures and pedicures. This unique shampoo and pedicure chair serves two functions at once and is very forward thinking in terms of technology and time saving. The client is able to lie down on a comfortable massage-style bed where their feet will be placed in a basin for their pedicure and their head placed over a wash basin. 

The wash basin itself has a comfortable place to rest the head, but what really catches the attention of buyers is the arched water spray which can be used in addition to a traditional hose. This shampoo chair is the perfect example of how businesses can provide customers with more than one self-care service at one time.

Long shampoo chair with pedicure features built in

Massage and shampoo chair

Buyers who have luxury hair salons can’t get enough of the massage and shampoo chair. This style of chair offers clients extra relaxation while they’re getting their hair washed in the form of a massage while they’re reclined. This is another type of shampoo chair that’s topped with a very maintainable material and will last for an extended period of time without showing signs of wear. 

For many clients going to have their hair washed and styled is meant to be a nice experience and is often topped with shopping or going for lunch, so having a massage included adds an extra piece of luxury to the day.

Rounded shampoo chair with massage features built in

Hydrotherapy shampoo bed

The hydrotherapy shampoo bed is a beautiful example of a modern and luxury piece of salon furniture. The wash basin can be covered when not in use by a comfortable headrest and the bed is covered with synthetic leather to give it a simple Nordic design. The wash basin itself is durable and corrosion resistant with two different water outlets. With so many businesses now looking for clean and Scandinavian inspired decor, this shampoo bed is the perfect addition to a modern and luxurious salon.

Teal shampoo bed with hydrotherapy features built in


Shampoo chairs are an important part of any salon. There are a number of factors to take into account before choosing a salon chair such as comfort, maintenance, style, budget, purpose, and accessories included. And with so many different styles in the market today it can be difficult to select the correct one. 

Today’s most popular styles include luxury shampoo chairs, shampoo chairs with a wash basin, shampoo and pedicure chairs, massage and shampoo chairs, and hydrotherapy shampoo beds.

With more consumers taking an interest in their overall appearance and the maintenance of their hair, it’s expected that the demand for shampoo chairs will continue to increase over the next decade. The market is expecting further accessories and functions to be added to shampoo chairs that will allow them to perform far beyond their traditional purpose. 

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