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5 New Spa Tub and Sauna Room Trends


The spa tub and sauna room industry has seen a large increase in sales over the past few years. They’re becoming not only popular with businesses, but also with homeowners who are looking to improve the relaxation space in their homes. In the past, people have needed to go to a spa or sports club to enjoy the luxury that comes with a spa tub or sauna room—that’s no longer the case. The health benefits that come with enjoying a spa tub or sauna room are just one of the many reasons homeowners are implementing them into their homes or gardens. Both younger and older generations are wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle in the most convenient way possible—from the comfort of their own home.

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The growth of the wellness industry
New spa tub and sauna room trends
The future of the wellness market

The growth of the wellness industry

The wellness industry has seen a massive increase in just a small period. While this may come as a shock to some people, consumer trends and changes in lifestyles are driving factors behind this. Over recent years, wellness has become an important part of many people’s lives, as they look for new and convenient ways to improve their overall health. In 2021, the wellness market was valued at almost USD 3.3 billion, and this number is expected to increase to USD 4.2 billion by 2027. That’s a significant jump in only 6 years. This change comes down to factors such as people wanting to adopt a healthy lifestyle while at home, people looking to treat illnesses without venturing to visit their doctor constantly, and all ages wanting to improve their overall health. These healthy lifestyle trends have been on the rise for some time, so it’s only natural that these changes also positively affect the wellness industry.

New spa tub and sauna room trends

Spa tubs and sauna rooms have seen quite a few new trends pop up recently, as a result of consumer needs. From Nordic-inspired saunas to multi-purpose sauna rooms, there are plenty of unique options out there. Here are the main spa tub and sauna room trends.

Nordic-inspired saunas 

It’s no secret that Nordic-inspired saunas are popular with many homeowners. And now outdoor barrel saunas are taking over as one of the most popular designs for a variety of reasons. The rounded shape of the barrel sauna allows for an easier transfer of heat than traditional saunas that have more strict corners, which makes the sauna more efficient. They’re also significantly easier to put together than indoor saunas and mimic the feeling of being inside a log cabin. By having such an authentic Nordic feel to them, barrel saunas make a great addition to backyard settings and give consumers the full sauna experience right from their own homes. 

Nordic barrel sauna with seating and rocks for heat generation

Indoor sauna and steam room

For people who don’t have adequate space outdoors to build a barrel sauna, an indoor sauna and steam room combination is a great alternative. Indoor saunas are also ideal for people who don’t want to venture outside to head to the steam room during the colder months. Home saunas are popular worldwide as they have several health benefits and help to aid in a healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of different sauna and steam rooms available too, from traditional to infrared. With the offer of these types of saunas increasing, the cost has begun to decrease, and more people have become able to afford them. This is a new spa tub and sauna room trend that is expected to be around for the foreseeable future. 

Interior of a home sauna and steam room

Multi-function sauna room

One of the latest spa tub and sauna room trends to take the industry by storm is the multi-function sauna room. Traditionally, saunas have been a place to sit and relax, a place to release toxins from the body while relieving stress. Today, with the popularity of hot yoga as a workout, sauna rooms are becoming a place for hot yoga to take place as well. Not everyone has access to a hot yoga studio, so the multi-function sauna rooms provide a solution to the problem. These sauna rooms often come with other workout equipment so people can get a full-body workout while sweating more toxins out of their bodies. This is perfect for the person who is always on the go or at work and doesn’t have time to leave the home office, or for older people who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle from home. Consumers can’t get enough of this new sauna room, and demand is expected to increase as more people work from home. 

Woman doing a side plank inside a hot yoga sauna

Outdoor whirlpools increasing in popularity 

In terms of spa tubs, the outdoor whirlpool continues to be popular with homeowners. It’s been a feature of many homes throughout the past decades, and as more people are working from home the demand has begun to increase. One reason for their popularity is that they aren’t seasonal. They can be enjoyed during the winter with snow falling or in the summertime. The average garden is no longer just for plants but has become a multi-functional space for people to enjoy themselves and have a good time with friends and family. An outdoor whirlpool adds an extra bit of class to the garden or deck area and is both easy to maintain and install. 

Man in an outdoor whirlpool jacuzzi surrounded by snowy mountains

Shower and steam room

For homes that lack space, fitting in both a shower room and a sauna can be a challenge. For this reason, the spa tub and sauna room industry is seeing an increase in demand for steam rooms that are combined with a shower. With a shower and steam room, homeowners can relax and sweat out the toxins in their bodies, and when they’re finished they can cool down with a quick shower. Not only does this save on space but it’s also cost-effective and energy-efficient. This is yet another ingenious Nordic design that is sweeping the wellness industry at the moment. It’s one of the best ways to have a spa-like experience at home in an affordable way.

Showerhead in a blue-tiled shower room with steam

The future of the wellness market

There are plenty of new spa tub and sauna room trends to hop on board with as a result of an increase in demand for home wellness. Nordic designs continue to flourish, as do outdoor whirlpools. The introduction of multi-function saunas, as well as shower and steam rooms combined, is also becoming ever more popular with consumers. Many people would rather have a spa experience at home than go out, and this is evident by the market value. As more people begin to make improvements to their homes, the wellness market will continue to experience growth in line with the demand for wellness products like spa tubs and sauna rooms. 

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