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Introducing Alibaba Guaranteed: Fixed Pricing, Reliable Shipping, and Smooth Order Experience

introducing Alibaba guaranteed

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What exactly is Alibaba Guaranteed?
Unpacking the 3 benefits: Why choose Alibaba Guaranteed products?
Practical tips to enjoy Alibaba Guaranteed products

What exactly is Alibaba Guaranteed?

Alibaba understands that online retail comes with its own set of challenges, such as supply chain disruptions, concerns about quality and authenticity, and delivery issues (delays or damaged packages). Alibaba is here to address these concerns.

Alibaba Guaranteed offers a streamlined approach to e-commerce, where buyers can purchase a selection of products directly, without the need for negotiations with suppliers. It symbolizes a shift towards a more transparent and hassle-free shopping experience, where every transaction is straightforward and secure. The service encapsulates the essence of worry-free purchasing by ensuring fixed prices including shipping, guaranteed delivery by scheduled dates, and a comprehensive money-back guarantee for any order issues. 

As for now, Alibaba Guaranteed orders are eligible for shipping to addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Products under this category are required to be shipped within 72 hours to 7 days, with a transaction service fee set at 3% by TA+ (Trade Assurance Plus) order regulations, ensuring timely delivery. Moreover, Alibaba Guaranteed offers enhanced benefits for business buyers. It ensures business buyers receive TA+ order rights and is managed by Ali Logistics for guaranteed shipping costs. The export method is TAD, with a cap value of $10,000 for approved business buyers in this period. This system not only streamlines the shipping process but also provides a level of assurance and reliability for both parties involved in the transaction. With Alibaba Guaranteed, Alibaba aims to make online trading a more secure and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

Unpacking the 3 benefits: Why choose Alibaba Guaranteed products?

the 3 benefits

Many business buyers find shipping and other order-related tasks to be the less glamorous aspects of their business. These responsibilities are often perceived as tedious and time-consuming, especially when compared to more creative and engaging activities like market research, social media management, platform development, website design, and customer interaction. However, efficient handling of shipping and order fulfillment is essential for the success of an e-commerce business, as it directly influences customer satisfaction and retention.

shipping and order fulfillment

Order discrepancies, such as incorrect items dispatched, missing products, or processing delays, can be exasperating for all parties involved. Such issues can erode trust and adversely affect the overall shopping experience. By opting for Alibaba Guaranteed products, online retailers can circumvent typical challenges like delays, elevated shipping expenses, unreliable tracking information, and packages that are damaged or lost, all of which can contribute to client frustration and dissatisfaction. 

Guaranteed fixed prices with shipping included

Alibaba’s Guaranteed product offers a significant advantage for businesses by allowing them to know the total price and cost per piece, including shipping, before placing an order. This feature greatly simplifies budgeting and financial planning, as it provides users with a clear understanding of their expenses upfront. With this program, businesses can effectively manage their finances without the worry of fluctuating shipping fees, which are often a challenge in international trade. The predictable costs ensure that companies can budget accurately for their purchases, eliminating the risk of unexpected expenses that can disrupt financial planning.

guaranteed fixed prices with shipping included

Alibaba’s Guaranteed product unlocks a new level of financial management vibes. The benefits of this program extend beyond just predictable costs. Simplified financial planning is a major advantage, as businesses can allocate funds for inventory purchases without having to estimate additional shipping costs. Improved cash flow management is another key benefit, as fixed prices allow for better control over payment schedules and resource allocation. Additionally, the program reduces the administrative burden associated with managing separate charges for products and shipping, streamlining the purchasing process and minimizing potential errors. Lastly, better cost control is achieved by locking in a fixed price for both the product and shipping, protecting businesses from unexpected increases in shipping costs due to factors like fuel prices, seasonal demand, and global events.

Guaranteed delivery by the scheduled dates

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge. Alibaba’s Guaranteed delivery service offers a promising solution by ensuring that orders are delivered by the guaranteed date via Alibaba.com Logistics. This reliability in delivery not only boosts customer satisfaction by providing prompt and predictable deliveries but also fosters repeat business by building trust and loyalty among customers.

guaranteed delivery by the scheduled dates

Moreover, the service aids in effective inventory management, allowing businesses to plan their stock levels more accurately and avoid the pitfalls of overstocking or stockouts. By offering guaranteed delivery dates, e-commerce businesses can differentiate themselves in a crowded market, providing a clear advantage over competitors. Additionally, the assurance of timely deliveries contributes to a more efficient supply chain, enabling better coordination and smoother operations. In essence, Alibaba’s Guaranteed delivery service is a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to improve their customer experience and operational efficiency.

Guaranteed money back for order-issues

Alibaba’s Guaranteed Money Back for Order-Issues is a cornerstone of their Trade Assurance program, designed to instill confidence in buyers navigating the complexities of online transactions. This feature offers financial security by ensuring refunds for issues like quality discrepancies, incorrect items, or incomplete orders, thereby safeguarding the buyer’s investment against supplier errors. Such a guarantee fosters trust in transactions, encouraging buyers to explore and engage with new or international suppliers with greater assurance, ultimately expanding their sourcing horizons.

guaranteed money back for order-issues

Moreover, the presence of a structured dispute resolution mechanism within Alibaba’s Trade Assurance facilitates fair and efficient handling of any arising issues, thereby streamlining the process and saving valuable time and resources. This not only enhances the overall buying experience but also promotes a culture of quality assurance among suppliers, who are incentivized to adhere to high standards and accuracy in order fulfillment. By mitigating the risk of fraud and ensuring a safety net for buyers, Alibaba’s Guaranteed Money Back for Order Issues plays a pivotal role in making global trade more accessible and secure for businesses of all sizes.

Practical tips to enjoy Alibaba guaranteed products

How to place orders

How to place orders

Shipping policy

Alibaba’s Guaranteed orders offer a range of shipping assurances to ensure a seamless delivery experience. With a promise of shipping products within a timeframe of 72 hours to 7 days, customers can expect timely delivery of their orders. Alibaba.com Logistics, managed by Ali Logistics, provides deterministic shipping costs and guaranteed routes, with transportation routes fixed as Economic, Standard, or Preferred, offering no room for change. Additionally, Alibaba.com Logistics guarantees delivery by the promised date, and in the event of a delay, customers are eligible for compensation. This comprehensive approach to shipping ensures that customers have a reliable and predictable experience with every order.

After-sales service

Easy Return

Alibaba has the function of “Easy Return” to guarantee refunds. It is a service provided by a third-party insurance company for Alibaba’s money-back guaranteed orders. Products eligible for this service are marked with “Easy Return,” allowing buyers to apply for returns due to product quality issues. The products are returned to the insurance company’s local warehouse, and Alibaba.com processes the refund after the return is completed. 

Easy Return
Conditions for applying for Easy Return

To be eligible for Easy Return, the following conditions must be met:

  • The product must be marked as eligible for Easy Return.
  • The total amount of the product (including shipping fees and excluding tax) should not exceed USD 3,000.
  • The shipping address is in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Chile, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland.
  • The reason for the return is due to product poor quality or wrong material issues.
  • You can apply for Easy Return once per Trade Assurance order. For example, if you purchased 10 products in a single order and returned 2 products via Easy Return, the remaining 8 products cannot be returned via Easy Return.

Damaged/Lost goods

For Alibaba Guaranteed orders, if the goods are lost or damaged, the process for initiating a refund request varies depending on the issue. In the case of lost goods, you can initiate a refund request with the reason “Delivery is taking too long.” If the goods are found to be damaged upon arrival, the appropriate reason for the refund request would be “Damaged upon arrival.” For Alibaba Guaranteed orders, once you raise a dispute for loss or damage, Alibaba will intervene immediately. In contrast, for non-Alibaba Guaranteed orders, after you raise a dispute for loss or damage, it will first enter a negotiation process between the buyer and seller.

When initiating a refund request for damaged goods in an Alibaba Guaranteed order, specific evidence is required to support your claim. You will need to describe the damage and provide photos of the shipping label, the outer packaging, and the inner products. This documentation is crucial to ensure that your refund request is processed efficiently and effectively.

 refund request for damaged goods


The revolutionary service Alibaba Guaranteed offers a safer and more efficient environment for both buyers and sellers through predictable costs with fixed prices and shipping included, guaranteed delivery by the scheduled dates, and money-back for order issues. Meanwhile, remember the 3 major practical tips one needs to remember, placing orders, navigating the shipping policy, and utilizing the after-sales service, including the Easy Return and Damaged/Cost delivery policy. 

Alibaba Guaranteed isn’t just a service, it’s your e-commerce game-changer! Level up with this program and effortlessly glide through online trading. Get ready for smooth sailing and happy vibes for you and your customers. 

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