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5 Beautiful Hairpin Styles Popular Amongst Women in 2023


Fresh, trendy accessories can easily elevate and update an outfit, and hairpins are no exception. These items have worked their way from the runway into everyday outfit staples.

There’s no limit to the styling possibilities wearers can pull off with hairpins. They come in different styles and shapes and may be the perfect addition ladies need for a break from monotonous looks.

Explore five inspiring hairpin styles that will appeal to every woman in 2022 and make great additions to their wardrobes.

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A brief look at the hair accessories market
5 lovely hairpin designs consumers love
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A brief look at the hair accessories market

Accessories are gaining traction this season. They offer fresh updates to otherwise plain looks, making women demand more. Experts predict the world hair accessories market will have a $31.6 billion value by 2028. They expect it to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% over the forecast period.

The market suffered a significant loss during the pandemic period. Regions like Italy, India, and Brazil witnessed a complete shutdown affecting the industry negatively. However, the hair accessories market is en route to a healthy revival as evolving fashion trends and hairstyles push the industry’s growth.

China remains a crucial supplier of raw materials and ingredients used to make hair accessories. Hence, the region holds a significant share of the industry. The general store segment also accounted for 47.8% of the total revenue in 2020. Experts believe it will remain dominant throughout the forecast period.

5 lovely hairpin designs consumers love

Snap pin

Two snap pins on a woman’s red hair

Contemporary fashion never seems to get enough from the past. Many trends from the 90s are coming back in full glory, and snap clips are on the list. These adorable hair accessories look fantastic on any hairstyle and are super easy to pull off. Snap pins can easily make any style and outfit look refreshing.

Girly snap pins are widespread for their ability to secure hair strands. Initially, these clips were children’s items, but the snap pin has since evolved to the adult category. Snap pins can effortlessly prevent rough looks by holding tiny hair strands and keeping flyaways off the face. They’re also ideal for tightening classic hairstyles like puffs.

The sky is the limit with snap pins. One of the styles to accentuate with these clips is a throwback to vintage-inspired hairstyles. Hollywood waves are a perfect example; consumers can readily finish the look with fancy snap clips.

Blonde woman rocking different snap pins

The heavenly half-up is another ideal hairstyle for snap pins. Consumers need little effort to rock this look for date nights or casual brunch. For more romantic evenings, consumers can opt for simplicity by styling soft waves to one side with snap pins.

Silver comb pin

Silver comb pin on a grey background

Silver comb pins won’t fail when it comes to the bridal look or hairstyles for special occasions. These pretty pins can decorate puffs and a few other hairstyles. They have comb-like designs giving them sturdy holds and making them stylish. Silver comb pins can secure the hair and keep it from falling out of style.

The decorations on these hairpins can be metallic flowers or pearls. These adornments make the silver comb pin perfect for embellished updos. Interestingly, this accessory readies this hairstyle for a fancy dinner outing or an outdoor wedding.

A flowery silver comb pin on a blue surface

Silver comb pins are great for hairstyles parted to perfection. Consumers growing out of their bangs can effortlessly style perfect partings with these hairclips. And they can make this extra by adding a clip on both sides of the hairdo.

Polished ponytails can also feel elevated with silver comb pins. Consumers can use the trusty comb pin to secure their hair into a ponytail hanging loosely at the nape. It’s also possible to pair these items with other hair pins for a mix-and-match feel.

Bobby hairpin

Blonde woman styling three bobby pins

“Plain, yet ubiquitous” is what perfectly describes the bobby hairpin. These hairpins are the queens of control. They have ridges and closed tips that smoothly secure hairs and lay them close to the scalp. Interestingly, bobby pins apply to different hair sections and styles.

Bobby hairpins are usually nothing special, but recent innovations have made them attractive and appealing. These hairclips started as invisible accessories but became decorated and colorful enough for more playful hairdos.

Consumers can get bobby hairpins matching their hair colors or opt for fun accented colors with beautiful contrasts. These hairpins can readily handle any hairstyle involving multiple-layer formations and maintenance. They’re also the oldest decorative pins, and they somehow remain a classic in modern fashion.

Woman rocking multiple bobby pins

These hairpins are handy when consumers want to fix extensions or wigs to their hair. Bobby pins may be the easiest hairpin to style for any occasion. Some popular hairstyles possible with bobby pins include twists, ponytails, and locks.

Banana hair clip

Blond woman styling a ponytail with a banana clip

Simplicity is the way of the banana hair clip. These items popped up in the 80s but are on the list of reemerging trends. The primary purpose of these hair clips is to pull back the hair and secure it behind the head. Contrary to their basic appearance in the 90s, updated banana hair clips look incredibly stylish.

Banana hair clips have been on the market way before claw clips and can create various styles. They have designs similar to small combs, which gives them sturdy grips. These hair clips are not great for long hair, but they’ll work well for small or medium lengths.

The mainstream hairstyles for banana clips are loose ponytails. They can effortlessly make a ponytail look full, long, and thicker. Smaller banana clips can also style half-up hairdos and make the ponytail look better.

Woman using a red banana clip

These hairclips can create that full look because of their length and teeth spacing. Banana hair clips can evenly space the wearer’s hair, which is almost impossible to achieve with regular hair elastic bands.

Crocodile hair clip

Smiling woman with a white crocodile clip

Nothing styles a bun better than the lovely crocodile hair clip. After consumers tie up their hair, all they have to do is clip it with this item. These hair clips are also popular in saloons for holding a section of hair up before styling the hairdo. 

Although it takes mere seconds to rock hairstyles with jaw clips, they’ll look great and keep hair out of the wearer’s face. Consumers can use crocodile hair clips to highlight French twists by securing and letting hair flow over the hairpin.

Make up artist wearing a silver crocodile clip

<alt=“Make up artist wearing a silver crocodile clip”>

Image source: Pexels.com

Ponytail twists also look incredible with crocodile hair clips. Consumers won’t have to worry about their hair falling off—the clip’s sturdy grip will ensure the style stays secured.

Final words

Hairpins and clips are always trending, with manufacturers dishing out new & attractive designs non-stop. There’s no hairstyle a good hairclip won’t enhance.

Consumers want simple, beautiful designs with enough aesthetics to match any outfit. Invest in hairpins that are durable and sturdy enough for use all year long. Crocodile hair clips have become popular due to how quick and easy they are to style. Silver comb pins with subtle details like pearls and flowers are also gaining traction.

Bobby pins are a fantastic addition to any woman’s collection. Banana and snap clips, known for their firm grip, are also trendy this season.

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