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The Exciting Trends for Kids’ Chairs That Are Viral in 2022


Furniture is key to making a house feel like a home, and kids’ chairs are the next big thing. That being the case, families are on the hunt for kids’ chairs that are fun enough to fill kids with excitement and modern enough to compliment a home. Throughout this article, you’ll get a scoop on the talked-about trends for kids’ chairs in 2022. In addition to tips on design and recommended sizes, continue reading and become an expert on the very trends for kids’ chairs shoppers are searching for in 2022!

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Kids’ home furniture: a market that is giving ‘trendy’
Trending kids’ chairs in 2022
Final thoughts about trending kids’ chairs

Kids’ home furniture: a market that is giving ‘trendy’

The home furnishings retail industry is making a tremendous amount of noise thanks to kids in the home. The kids’ home furniture market was valued at over $35 billion during the year 2020. At this rate, the only way is up for kids’ home furniture as projections indicate a growth at a CAGR of 16.7% between 2021 and 2028.

As the times continue to change, so does the landscape of domestic living. A major driving factor for this market includes, but is not limited to, the explosive increase in online learning, which is a direct result of periodic school closures. 

Kids’ chairs are trending outstandingly in 2022. Noticeably, comfort, style, and utility work quite well together amongst these in-demand, high-quality trends. Here is a first look at a few popular trends for kids’ chairs in 2022. 

Trending kids’ chairs in 2022

Bean bag chairs

An asset to the family home decor collection is bean bag chairs. Kids everywhere are making a statement in their bedrooms with these fun and comfortable chairs. Stylish and unique, the presence of bean bag chairs is always welcomed. As the demand for these chairs increases, the options for customers to choose from continues to grow as well. 

Kids’ bean bag chairs in assorted colors

It’s gotta have character!

The more a personality shines through, the greater the impact, and a chair with character is very fun to have around. Whether it be an animal that inspires a smile or a favorite character from a TV show, bean bag chairs in the form of these distinctive qualities are sure to grab the attention of admirers far and wide. 

Red and black ladybug-shaped kids’ bean bag chair

Keep it cozy.

Choosing the perfect way to settle down after a long day is a decision easily swayed by a conveniently cozy place to sit. With the commonly compact feature of kids’ bean bag chairs available all over the market, the trend of comfort and relaxation is sure to keep on trending.

Primarily made of polystyrene beads, the bean bag chair takes full advantage of it’s lightweight form, offering consumers a subtle, yet satisfying level of comfort. What’s more, these polystyrene beads paired with the chairs’ flexibility in shape helps kids to relax as the chair seamlessly adjusts to their bodies.  

Sofa chairs

Another way to make a kid feel like “home is where the heart is” may come in the form of a sofa chair. Small enough to withstand the weight of a child and detailed enough to have a lasting appeal, kids’ sofa chairs are doing a fine job standing out in today’s market. From built-in, internal storage hidden beneath the seat, to the available ottoman option due to its foldable back, the kids’ sofa chair has become a trending home item worthy of its praise. Customers can even choose between a comfy or roomy experience when searching for a trending sofa chair to have in the home. 

Longer comfy feeling is the choice.

Though bean bag chairs offer an opportunity to enjoy a cozy late afternoon, the duration of this comfort is limited in comparison to that of the sofa chair. The upholstered feature of a kids’ sofa chair allows the child to be supported as they dance in a sweet state of coziness for extended periods of time. Kids at home will surely appreciate the assisting back that the sofa chair provides.

Soft pink kids’ sofa chair with side pocket

Recliner chairs

A trending chair that makes the others look like a start-up is the recliner chair. This chair displays great luxury in the form of both a padded back and arms. It is also dripping with the versatility of an adjustable seating, allowing for either an upholstered back or a laid-out lounge. These unique designs keep the kids’ recliner chair an important topic of discussion when picking out kids’ furniture for the home.

Safety comes first. 

Parents need to know that their kids are able to enjoy a product that is also very safe to have. The recliner chair is made with material that offers a padding in the seat, adding a high sense of security and longevity to the home decor collection. Due to its thickness, the sponge within a kids’ recliner chair stands out to shoppers. 

Prepare to lounge.

After a long day, a chair with all of the right pockets and conveniences will quickly get a kid ready for some lounging. If kids are looking to spend some time reading, they can enjoy the benefit of side pockets where their books may be stored. For kids with many toys, built-in storage is of great use as it can keep everything in one place. 

A must-have convenience when shopping for the kids’ recliner chair is a built-in cup holder. Making it easier for kids to enjoy beverages and minimizing the opportunity for messes, cup holders continue to trend for these chairs on the market. Customers cannot get enough of the added benefit of included compartments for the trending kids’ recliner chair.

Cream kids’ recliner chair with cup holder

Final thoughts about trending kids’ chairs

As we have seen, bean bag, sofa, and recliner kids’ chairs are competing fiercely in today’s market. Families are typically searching for comfortable and colorful kids’ chairs that are perfect in size, style, security, and convenience. 
It is important to note that the common thread between these trending options is how they make a kid feel while at home. Kids concerning themselves with trends and popular options is the new normal. The market for kids’ chairs is here to stay, and as a business owner it is important to stay up-to-date on the most competitive trends.

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