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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Right Laser Cutting Machine


If you’re in the market for a laser cutting machine, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices out there. How to choose the best for your business? This guide will help you make the right decision for your needs and the market. We’ll discuss factors to consider when choosing a laser cutting machine to help you make the final decision. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents
Laser cutting machines: demand and market share
Types of laser cutting machines: how to choose
Laser cutting machines for individual markets

Laser cutting machines: demand and market share

In 2015, the value of the Global Laser Cutting Technology market size was $3.02 billion. Projections for its value in 10 years’ time peg it at $6.7 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1%. This presents a 100% market growth in a decade, an increase that is seeing interest from different regions. The Asia Pacific leads the laser cutting machine market with a 32.6% share. Its robust industries in China and Japan have contributed largely to this dominance. North America fell slightly behind with a 31% revenue market share as of 2015.

The Global Laser Cutting Technology Market Size

Key tips to select laser cutting machines

Here are the main tips to consider before choosing a laser cutting machine for your business:


Cutting through dense material requires more power compared to cutting through less dense material. For example, C02 laser cutters have a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers and consume between 25-100 KW. They are suitable for cutting wood and paper materials. Crystal laser cutters and fiber laser cutters on the other hand consume a similar amount of power and produce a wavelength of 1.06 micrometers. The high intensity allows the crystal and fiber laser cutters to cut through metals with ease. 

Cutting material

Different laser cutters are suitable for cutting different materials. The C02 laser cutter cannot cut through reflective as well as conductive materials. The fiber laser cutter can handle such materials with ease. Heavy metals are however cut well by the C02 cutters because of the quality of the edge required. It’s important to consider the type of material to be used before purchasing a cutting machine.

Operating size

Also known as the bed size, it is the area of operation where the material to be cut is placed and is measured in x-y coordinates. Different sectors will require machines with different bed sizes. For example, the acrylic industry requires an operating size of 900*1300mm due to the size of the acrylic sheets. Therefore, consider the size of the material to be worked on before purchasing a laser cutting machine.

Types of laser cutting machines

Each type of laser cutting machine comes with unique features to help with special requirements. Here are some of the types to choose from:

CO2 laser cutters



  • It is the best for making fine cuts and acute angles.
  • Suitable for metals that are less than 3/8 of an inch thick. 
  • Delivers a better cut edge quality. 


  • Because of the optimal mirrors used, C02 laser cutting machines are expensive to acquire, operate and maintain.
The C02 laser cutter


Crystal laser cutters



  • Higher cutting speeds compared to other types of laser cutting machines.
  • Production of precise and fine cuts.
  • Lower initial investment and operating costs compared to C02 laser cutting machines. 
  • High stability.


  • Specific safety measures have to be taken to prevent damage to the eye. 
  • Iintricate cuts demand more working time.
Solid state/crystal laser cutter

Fiber laser cutters


  • Fiber Laser Cutters use semiconductor modularization and redundancy design.
  • Have a high optical power conversion efficiency.
  • Have 1000W+ power.
  • Have a wavelength of 1070nm.
  • Produce extremely high cutting power.
  • Have a price range of US$35,000.00-US$40,000.00/set


  • Due to their wavelength, they have a wide range of applications in fields such as medicine, manufacturing, and dentistry. 


  • They are expensive because of their long life expectancy, 8000-15,000 hours, and the high initial investment cost.
Fiber laser cutter

Laser cutting machines for individual markets

Here are some data of the market growth opportunities of laser cutting machines:

CO2 laser cutters target market

C02 laser cutters have seen dominance in the North American region. This is mostly due to their use in the automotive, defense, and manufacturing industries.

The target market for the coming years is the North American region. With the increase in demand for C02 laser cutting machines, industries that develop semiconductors and consumer electronics are expected to increase their sales. The industries that develop semiconductors and consumer electronics are expected to demand for more C02 laser cutters.

Crystal laser cutters target market

In 2019, the global revenue from crystal laser cutters was $ 2.6 billion. It is expected to grow to $ 5.3 billion by the year 2029 with a CAGR of 7.5%. The increase in demand for home decors, automotive, and stationery goods is the primary driving force of the crystal cutters market.

Fiber laser cutters target market

A big contributing factor to the growth of fiber laser cutting machines is the precision they provide and the speed and ease of operation.

The East and South Pacific regions are expected to be the target market for these machines. This is because of its extensive development in its industrial sector as well as the upgrading of technological know-how in the region. 

The rise in construction activities in the Middle and East Africa region is expected to see an upsurge in global fiber laser cutting machines in the regions as well.


Laser cutting machines are a high-growth industry with the potential to change how we make things. In this blog post, we’ve discussed some of the most important considerations when selecting laser cutters for your business and what you need to look for in order to find the right laser machine for different end customers. If you want more information on any of these points, visit Alibaba.com’s laser cutter section where you can find listings from thousands of suppliers worldwide. 

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