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Men’s Active Apparel Spring/Summer 2023: 5 Trending Styles


Men’s active apparel did not get much attention initially, but it maintained a significant fashion presence by offering trends that men find stylish, functional, and comfortable.

These active apparel trends provide outdoor-ready looks men can effortlessly wear for casual outings, workouts, and work activities. The materials used for these items also offer appealing benefits, such as sweat-wicking and thermoregulation.

Businesses and retailers can leverage these trends to stay up-to-date and boost their sales for the S/S 23 cycle.

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The market size for men’s active apparel in 2023
5 top-trending active apparel designs for S/S 2023
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The market size for men’s active apparel in 2023

Synthetic and natural fabrics, like spandex, cotton, and polyester, are standard activewear materials. The global market for men’s activewear had a market value of US $390 billion in 2021, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% from 2017. But experts predict the market will expand from 2022’s US $421.2 billion to US $779.9 billion in 2032, growing at a speedy 6.4% CAGR.

The rising participation in activities by various people across the globe is leading to greater demand for activewear. Regions like North America have the largest market share because of the general adoption of activewear.

Experts expect Asia-Pacific to exhibit the highest growth rate over the forecast period. These expectations are attributable to rising interest in health and wellness and an increase in the region’s sports participation.

5 top-trending active apparel designs for S/S 2023

Distance short

man riding a bike in distance shorts

There’s a need for self-sufficiency as community and endurance events will be revitalized in S/S 2023. The distance short is a piece that will naturally attract men due to its peak-performance features. This piece provides easily accessible pockets in which wearers can store hydration gels and bottles.

Although distance shorts hug the thighs tightly, they use breathable materials that give a comfortable feeling. The item also comes packed with thermoregulation properties to keep wearers cool during hot conditions.

Some distance shorts variants also provide coats of lucence, offering next-gen illumination. This incredible feature emits a soft glow to improve nighttime visibility.

Outfits with this piece are all about performance and comfort. Men can wear distance shorts without any tops. This look can double down as a swimsuit or beach outfit.

man cycling in white distance shorts

Distance shorts are also biker favorites. These items can keep bikers comfortable while pedaling long distances. Biker consumers can wear this piece with fitted short-sleeve shirts for unrestricted movement.

Oversized T-shirt

man standing in a purple oversized shirt

When it comes to comfortable wear, oversized apparel will always be on the list. The same applies to oversized T-shirts. This piece draws influence from surfing and skateboarding designs and provides styles that support active lifestyles.

Oversized T-shirts maintain a relaxed silhouette allowing consumers to stay comfortable while changing lifestyles. They come in various prints and patterns. Oversized T-shirts are effective with denim and can work as layering pieces for chillier conditions.

These design styles feature materials with sweat-wicking and antibacterial properties for enhanced functionality. Men who would love to take this item out for a casual spin can pair an oversized T-shirt with anything.

man posing in a pink oversized t-shirt

For starters, shorts are fantastic with oversized t-shirts. Consumers can pair these pieces for an effortless casual aesthetic. Light blue denim is another way men can ease into wearing oversized T-shirts. Sweatpants are great for men who want a more sporty look.

Paneled track pants dive more into the athleisure feel by creating eye-catching contrasts with the T-shirt’s prints and patterns. Wearers can also experiment with various shapes, colors, and intricate designs.

Although these comfortable oversized T-shirts are more fit for outdoor use like casual hikes, wearing them with a blazer is not a terrible mix. The combination would make an excellent semi-formal outfit.

Performance shirt 

man posing in a blue resort shirt

Inarguably, the resort shirt represents the ideal casual wear for men. But this style transitions into activewear and takes over for high-performance activities. One exciting update to the resort shirt is the extra storage options.

Resort shirts are popular for their extreme level of comfort and style. It could be why they can easily infiltrate sporty and athleisure trends or other casual wear.

Denim or other pants are great pairing options with performance shirts. Chinos are also an excellent option and would pop in colors like light brown and white. One rule here is to match resort shirts with fitted pants. Wearing baggy pants with these pieces would make the performance shirt lose its athleisure feel and aesthetic.

man sitting on a bench in a black resort shirt

Men who love rocking sporty looks can try pairing the performance shirt with distance shorts or slim-fitted sweatpants. It may sound slightly uncomfortable, but it gets the job done, especially for bikers.

Sweaty odors are a thing of the past with performance shirts as they provide odor-eliminating properties. Men can do all the activities they want with this shirt and not worry about how they smell.

Outdoor jogger

a man posing in a pair of black joggers

These joggers look like the cousins of cargo pants. Some variations may even feature similar silhouettes, but that makes them less efficient as activewear.

Outdoor joggers feature tighter fits than cargo pants, but offer similar sustainability and longevity. Although joggers made a huge impact as loungewear, this style updates the piece, making it more activewear appropriate.

Joggers can come as a matching top and bottom set or make great pairs with virtually anything. More importantly, consumers can access more storage space with this item’s extra pockets.

man kicking in green joggers

Cotton and hemp blends infused with PFC-free finishes are materials used to make these joggers. These fabrics give the piece incredible water repellency and quick-dry qualities, allowing wearers to stay comfortable against the outdoor weather elements.

Athleisure fashion includes paneling designs, especially for workout purposes. Men can use several fabulous jogger designs for outdoor activities like jogging and yoga.

Air-weight windbreaker

man posing in a black windbreaker

Men can easily dress up in fancy windbreakers and use them as everyday items. Windbreakers are activewear staples that provide extreme protection in hot and humid environments, making them core items for S/S 23.

This outerwear is incredibly functional and easy to wear. It can accommodate a vast array of outfits including joggers and shorts. Air-weight windbreakers have designs that make them appealing to consumers looking for breathable protective attire.

Air-weight windbreakers are not heavy, but they are durable enough to resist extreme weather. Some playful patterns enhance the windbreaker’s look. For instance, a Hawaiian print variant would make the piece festival- and vacation-ready.

man putting hands in the pockets of a brown windbreaker

Men can accentuate the stylishness of this windbreaker with joggers, denim, or sweatpants. The items even provide a way for consumers to layer up clothes without feeling burdened or sacrificing style. These outfits are ideal for picnics or casual walks in the park.

Closing words

These trends are ready to dominate the market as they prioritize comfort, breathability, thermoregulation, and other essential properties to protect against extreme environments. They are also fantastic fashion staples that will thrive in every man’s closet.

The shirts are great comfortable pieces and perfect for layering under light jackets, like the air-weight windbreaker. The distance between short and outdoor joggers may seem tighter than usual, but they are breathable and great for adventure sets. All items are great for hiking, taking casual walks, and even biking.

Businesses and retailers must not miss out on these trends if they want a solid presence in the S/S 23 activewear market.

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