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American Women Clothing: 5 Breathtaking Trends in 2022


American women are one of the most stylish people globally. So, it’s no surprise that the American women’s clothing market is booming.

According to reports, the market value is currently worth $340.3 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $393 billion in 2025. As it looks, the market is experiencing big growth, and this year is an excellent time to exploit the market.

This post will unveil five breathtaking American women’s apparel trends consumers are going for in 2022. Before jumping into the five trends, here’s brief information about the market.

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Why there’s increased demand for American women’s clothing
Five American women clothing rocking the fashion industry
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Why there’s increased demand for American women’s clothing

A cute lady rocking crop top near green summer leaves

There’s a huge market for the women’s clothing industry—valued at $1.3 trillion in 2018, with a CAGR of 4.7 percent from 2018 to 2025.  The American women’s apparel segment has the largest market share at almost 30 percent.

According to the above reports, tops have the largest slice of the pie—with design trends like active crop tops taking the lead. These designs come in different fabrics like denim, cotton, leather, silk, linen, etc.

The increased demand in the American women’s apparel industry is due to celebrities and social media’s rising sway, compelling designers to continually pioneer fresh, innovative styles.  

Five American women clothing rocking the fashion industry

Washed pastels

Many consumers love the washed pastels because of their comforting and soft color palette. Plus, they form childhood memories of clouds, sweets, and carefree living. Baby pink, peach, lemon, mint, peach, mauve, and millennial pink are a few examples that portray peace and tranquility.

Lady in light blue washed pastel jacket

These days, consumers associate color with self-care, so this is currently a trend. Also, this winning collection is perfect for women during summer and spring. To get a more glam look, consumers can rock the washed pastels with accessories.

The washed pastels have unique fabrics that give out feminine and chic vibes during the summer. Cotton and linen are the most popular fabrics among other pastels.

Lady in pink-washed pastel top

Consumers can play around with this trend by pairing different pastel colors for a soft and bold look. Alternatively, they can go monochrome. They can pick a washed pastel-like lavender and stick to it throughout the outfit. Also, they can make the washed pastel piece pop by pairing it with neutral colors like brown, black, white, cream, etc. 

Spring checks

There are three major reasons buyers should jump on the spring checks trend. First, influencers and celebrities are backing up the trend relentlessly. As a result, fans are going for the trend.

Beautiful lady in green spring checks listening to music

Second, the spring checks give a nostalgic vibe from the runway as designers are getting inspiration from the 60s. So, millennials are craving the trend.

Third, crotchet is one of the summer’s hottest trends, and spring checks can work across different fabrications. In other words, spring checks are viable to a wide range of consumers who love crochet and other fabrications.

Another fun fact of this trend is that it’s viral across different categories. Sellers can find them on pants, skirts, rompers, dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, tees, etc.

Also, this trend comes in different fabrics. An excellent example is the buffalo checks that feature big squares of two colors—usually red and black. This check is ideal for consumers that want to rock a casual shirt.

 Cute lady in red and black check shirt

Gingham check is another one that comes in two or more similar squares—with one color being white. This check is ideal for consumers who want a volume blouse or crop top. Plaid checks feature symmetrical colorful stripes, and they make an excellent choice for dresses, bell bottoms, etc.

Active crop top

Active crop tops are high fashion trends that show elegance and minimalism. No doubt, they scream summer; that is why consumers love them. The fabrics make the tops even more comfortable on sunny days as they come in lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics like bamboo, merino wool, polyester, nylon, micro modal, etc.

A woman in off-white crop top and skirt

Consumers that love to make a bold statement with nature-based print designs can go for active crop tops with zebra prints, leopard skin designs, etc. In terms of color, there are a variety of beautiful options consumers can choose from like gray, white, purple, etc. Consumers who want to show less skin can pair the active crop top with high-waisted pants.

Lady in off white suit piece with green crop top

Throwing a blazer over the crop top with denim to match is another comfortable option for consumers who want a hint of business casual. Ladies looking to create an hourglass shape can pair active crop tops with balloon sleeves and wide-leg bottoms. 

Soft jumpsuit

Black lady in a light green boilersuit

Soft jumpsuits (boilersuits) are one-piece wonders that exude effortlessness and a comfortable appeal. These multipurpose outfits are easy to dress down or style up depending on the occasion.

This practical trend is common amongst younger American women, and they rock it to night-outs, board meetings, etc.

Amazingly, the soft jumpsuits have different material and color varieties that make them suitable for many women. The denim blend and cotton materials are the two most popular fabric types. Moreover, rayon is one great option that consumers like to rock because of its wrinkle-free and water-absorption features, making it ideal for spring-summer.

The best part is consumers can get these jumpsuits in various colors that represent their personalities. So, whether they like cool colors like sky blue, green, or warm colors like red, orange, etc., they won’t go wrong.

Sellers who want to target consumers with minimalist tastes can stock up on soft short-sleeve jumpsuits with neutral colors. 

The boxy style is the go-to for consumers who want a loose fit and modern look. The waist-tie denim style is another fantastic option for consumers who want a casual look.

Modern lady putting on a red silky soft jumpsuit

Consumers can rock a beige boilersuit with a pop of orange knotted scarf and a pair of strappy sandals for a cool spring look. 

Baggy jeans

Trend lady rocking a baggy denim with a black top

Baggy jeans are street style favorites that offer maximum comfort. Typically, they feature a relaxed and loose-fitting style. Some feature slouch legs and a high or low-rise waist. Baggy jeans are perfect for consumers who want a chic and comfy look.

The wide-leg jeans come in different types that appeal to various consumers. The belted baggy is ideal for consumers who need a quick fix for a date night. They come in different shades of dark and light blue.

Consumers who want a bold statement can opt for the crisscross baggy. The ballon jeans are for consumers who want an appealing, elaborate, and comfy feel. The trendy style comes in different shades of blue and black. 

High-waisted baggy jeans are another fashion favorite that features a full-length and wide-leg style. They’re ideal for consumers who want a form-flattering style with a balanced silhouette. Consumers who want to have the cool factor can go for distressed wide-leg jeans.

Woman rocking distressed baggy denim with sneakers

Consumers can match high-waisted baggy jeans with sneakers and casual tank tops for a modern classic look. Alternatively, they can rock baggy straight jeans with a blazer for the perfect informal look.

In conclusion

The five American women’s clothing trends listed here can make sellers profitable as long as they offer them to their targeted consumers. Active crop tops, soft jumpsuits, baggy jeans, and spring checks are perfect for the spring-summer months. Since these styles are in high demand, sellers can capitalize on them for increased sales.

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