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10 New Decking Ideas for 2022


Decks are a great way to elevate an outdoor space, providing an ideal space for outdoor relaxation. You can find a decking style to suit any backyard, front yard, or even side yard space. The key is to identify the right decking style that works with the size and character of the outdoor area.  

This article will look at different decking ideas that have been popular recently. It’ll also analyze the global decking market, looking at current market size, decking segment distribution, and estimated future growth. Then it’ll explore some top decking trends retailers can consider when updating their product catalogs.

Table of Contents
Why has decking become more popular?
Overview of the global decking market
Top decking ideas for 2022
Deck it up!

Why has decking become more popular?

One of the key drivers behind the increased popularity of decking has been lockdown restrictions that resulted in a lot more people spending more time at their homes.

People increased the investment in their homes and gardens by taking on renovations of their outdoor spaces. Decking is a favorite among those interested in outdoor home improvement for the following reasons:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Natural and timeless beauty
  3. Easy installation
  4. It raises the value of a property
  5. Low-maintenance
  6. Durability

Overview of the global decking market

Business Wire reports that the global decking market is poised to grow by at least USD 4.19 billion during the 2021–2025 forecast period. This market is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 5%. 

The market is segmented by product into composite, wood, plastic, and aluminum, as well as by application into residential and non-residential. Out of the four product segments, wooden decking has the highest market value and is estimated to have experienced a CAGR of 1.43% from USD 7.21 billion to USD 7.81 billion in 2021.

The global decking market’s estimated year-on-year growth rate in 2021 was 2.97%, and some of the key growth drivers registered were the changing lifestyles of consumers and increased use of outdoor living spaces. In terms of geographical distribution, 41% of the expected growth is projected to come from North America, and the region is expected to dominate the market through 2022.

Top decking ideas for 2022

Island deck

Freestanding deck stationed by the shore
Freestanding deck stationed by the shore

The island or “freestanding” deck is a stand-alone deck that can fit anywhere in the yard. It’s primarily built with composite decking and has hidden fasteners to give it an even more natural feel. 

This is a maintenance-free backyard deck as its minimal size and fittings make it easy to clean. It’s also easy to install, and in many instances can be movable, meaning that if you do decide to redesign your backyard, it’ll not be too much of a hassle to move it to the new location.

Classic pergola

Wooden deck with overarching pergola
Wooden deck with overarching pergola

This decking style is a classic. Typically with a cedar pergola or a vine-covered pergola over a wooden deck, it gives off a timeless look when paired with either classical-style columns or wooden beams.

The user benefits from both the aesthetic and functional qualities of the style. The overhead latticework casts beautiful dappled sunlight while at the same time offering a cool and relaxing environment with protection from direct sun.

Planter-edged deck

Dark-wood decking surrounded by plants
Dark-wood decking surrounded by plants

The planter-edge deck is the perfect deck style for those who like to be surrounded by greenery and want their decking space to feel like an extended natural environment that is one with the rest of the garden.

This decking style incorporates planters and gives users room to build their garden on the decking space itself. Users can place interesting arrangements of potted plants and flowers at different heights along the perimeter of the deck, or use hanging baskets. The result is a natural-feeling, bright, and full deck space. 

Screened porch

The screened porch deck style is best for those seeking spacious and airy outdoor spaces while being able to maintain their privacy. A wood-slat screen can be added to the deck, giving the user seclusion without completely closing off the entire space.

A white-painted version adds a touch of lightness and prevents the space from seeming closed off from the natural surroundings. This screen option is DIY-friendly and can be easily added to enhance the privacy of the outdoor deck.

Glass-railed cedar deck

Cedar decking with glass rails
Cedar decking with glass rails

Glass-railed cedar decks offer the perfect combination of modern and traditional looks. The cedar or 3D cedar flooring is robust and has the appearance of traditional decking, but the glass railing modernizes the look.

Beyond aesthetics, the glass railing serves two other functions. It helps to ensure the safety of decking spaces, particularly if they’re added in an elevated area. Secondly, the glass enables users to retain unobstructed views of the scenes ahead.

Wood and stone deck

Wood deck bordered by white-painted stone
Wood deck bordered by white-painted stone

This traditional combination of a wood and stone deck offers a traditional and timeless-looking decking space that is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. A veneered stone wall surrounds the cedar deck, creating a contrasting look of the two materials that is striking and distinct. 

The wood and stone decking style also has the added benefit of providing users with both privacy and seating, meaning that while the deck can be decorated with chairs, there will always be additional seating on the stone ledge.

Garden and pond deck

Deck path on top of a pond
Deck path on top of a pond

The garden and pond deck is a unique decking style that takes decking to another level. The garden and pond deck incorporates the decking space within a garden and pond space, providing ultimate immersion. 

This deck style is suited for those looking to create a serene retreat within their backyards. While ponds in garden areas may seem a little dated, adding composite decking to the concept modernizes it significantly.

Outdoor living room

Well-furnished extended outdoor living room space
Well-furnished extended outdoor living room space

When some people conceive of outdoor living spaces, they want spaces that can deliver the same level of comfort and the aesthetic feel of indoor spaces. This is where the outdoor living room style comes in—it enables users to extend their indoor living space outside, as seen in this article on modernizing outdoor spaces.

The space can be decorated with living room furnishings or soft furnishings such as cozy sofas, drape chairs, plush cushions, soft blankets, and outdoor rugs that bring indoor comfort outside. This decking style tends to work best for deck spaces with roofs or overarching pergolas.

Decorated deck floor

Patterned tiles decorating deck area
Patterned tiles decorating deck area

No one said that decking always has to be plain. For those who would like to add color, character, and personalized touch to their outdoor spaces, the decorated deck floor is a great idea as users can create eye-catching spaces with custom motifs and painted tile patterns.

Extended pool decking

Deck space that extends to swimming pool
Deck space that extends to swimming pool

This form of bespoke decking customizes the deck by extending it to the user’s pool space, enabling them to frame the pool in the same material used for the deck. 

The benefits of this include easier maintenance and better visual flow as the same materials are used. The result is a beautiful backyard space that will likely look like a high-end spa.

Deck it up! 

With reports showing that more and more homeowners are investing in outdoor home improvement, and with decking being a top home improvement product because of its cost-effectiveness and aesthetic qualities, stocking decking products will enable retailers to capitalize on the projected USD 4.19 billion market growth.

To recap, the top decking style ideas to offer customers for 2022 are:

  1. Island deck 
  2. Classic pergola 
  3. Planter-edged deck 
  4. Screened porch 
  5. Glass-railed cedar deck 
  6. Wood and stone deck 
  7. Garden and pond deck 
  8. Outdoor living room 
  9. Decorated deck floor
  10. Extended pool decking

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