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Oil Blotting Paper: The Perfect Product for Consumers With Oily Skin

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We all aspire to that perfect, radiant skin with hints of shimmer and glow. While few of us can actually achieve such massaged visions of beauty, we can avoid greasy, shiny faces thanks to oil blotting papers, which provide a great way to remove oil and debris from our skin throughout the day.

Here we’ll dive into this trend, providing an overview of what suppliers should know before adding oil blotting paper to their inventories in 2024.

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What are oil blotting papers, and why do consumers love them?
Is oil blotting paper profitable in 2024?
What retailers should consider when choosing oil blotting papers

What are oil blotting papers, and why do consumers love them?

Person taking a piece of oil blotting paper

Oil blotting papers have evolved significantly from their talcy, degreaser roots to become absorbent, pocket-friendly papers that do more than quickly fixing shiny, greasy foreheads.

But what exactly are these products? Oil blotting papers are discrete sebum absorbers, i.e. a portable way for users to meaning they remove excess oil from their face and a handy way to refresh makeup anywhere without the need for retouching.

While absorbency and portability are two reasons why consumers love oil-blotting papers, they also offer noteworthy versatility. For example, they can also stand in for tissues, giving lipsticks a matte, long-wear finish or be used to gently touch up lower lash lines, preventing mascara or eyeliner from smudging or leading to raccoon eyes.

Is oil blotting paper profitable in 2024?

A blue sheet of oil blotting paper on its packaging

Oil blotting papers have grown in popularity in recent years as more consumers understand the benefits of oil control. Interestingly, experts anticipate that the global market will experience a 5.5% CAGR from 2022 to 2030 due to the rising demand for oil-control blotting papers for cosmetic procedures.

Meanwhile, Google Ads data shows that in November 2023, oil-blotting papers attracted 74,000 searches, reflecting their continued salability.

What retailers should consider when choosing oil blotting papers

Paper type

Pieces of black oil blotting paper

Oil blotting papers come in a variety of styles, catering to a huge range of consumer preferences and skin types. Among these various kinds, cotton, flax seed, rice, and powder blotting papers are the most common.

Cotton oil blotting papers remain the classic choice and are popular for their soft and absorbent properties. These blotting papers have added texture that helps to soak up extra oil without messing up the user’s makeup.

Conversely, rice paper is making waves because of their particularly thin and smooth texture, making them the go-to for consumers who want a gentler, more sensitive way to tackle oily faces.

Flax seed is another common material for blotting papers due to its high absorbency. Flax seed blotting papers also provide an all-natural and organic way to remove excess facial oil, boosting their popularity among environmentally conscious users.

Powder-coated blotting papers are also entering the spotlight thanks to their ability to achieve an instant mattifying effect, allowing consumers to feel rest assured that their makeup will remain intact after blotting. 


Woman using a sheet of blue blotting paper

Oil blotting papers feature a host of ingredients and materials that are designed to offer the best oil removal experience. While specific ingredients vary depending on the manufacturer, here are some of the most common ones suppliers should look before purchasing:

  • Natural fibers: These usually include bamboo charcoal, cotton, rice paper, or abaca tree fibers. Natural fibers give blotting papers their amazing absorbency.
  • Oil-absorbing agents: Besides natural fibers, blotting papers also host oil-absorbing agents like silica, mineral oil, or cornstarch to help increase absorbency while maintaining an appealing matte finish
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients: Skin can easily become irritated, so it’s best for blotting papers to include anti-irritants such as willow bark, green tea, and chamomile extracts to help soothe and calm the skin and prevent unwanted results
  • Fragrances: Some blotting papers may contain fragrances to make them smell more pleasant. Remember to avoid anything artificial so as to avoid allergic or unwanted skin reactions

Size and packaging

Lady using a black oil blotting paper

Size and packaging are also important elements of a blotting paper’s popularity as they affect the product’s overall convenience and portability. Most consumers prefer smaller sheets for their travel-friendly nature, fitting easily in purses, pockets, and small makeup bags, making them an excellent choice for those on the go and providing a discreet solution for quick touch-ups.

On the other hand, the greater surface area of larger sheets makes them easier to use across the entire face and can be particularly advantageous for consumers with oilier skin.

Design-wise, blotting papers mostly come in compact cases or dispensers. While compact cases are more portable, dispensers are a more convenient way to access blotting papers for daily use.


Not all oil blotting papers are created equal – each manufacturer takes a different approach to how their product absorbs oil. One of the major factors that sets different blotting papers apart is their level of absorbency.

Absorbency can range from light to heavy, and is mostly dependent on the blotting paper’s thickness, density, and material. Here’s an overview of the different absorbency levels available:

  • Light absorbency: These blotting papers are thin and delicate, making them ideal for removing light amounts of oil from the skin. They’re also suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Medium absorbency: These blotting papers offer a slightly thicker and denser texture, providing moderate oil absorption
  • Heavy absorbency: These are the thickest and most dense options, perfect for removing heavy oil and shine


Oil blotting sheets are necessary for all kinds of users, whether they have oily skin or not. Whether it’s a shine-free face or need a quick makeup fix, there’s blotting paper out there for everyone.

Beauty retailers can leverage this growing trend to make profit in 2024. But to do so, they must first consider the paper type, ingredients, size, packaging, and absorbency before offering oil blotting papers, pinpointing what exactly their consumers want in order to maximize profit potential.

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