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Outstanding Wig Accessory Trends for 2024

three wigs on three mannequin heads

The incredible versatility and functionality of wigs make them a necessity for many consumers globally. Having good quality wigs is great, but having the right wig accessories to make wearing and caring for them easier is even better.

With the correct wig accessories, wigs can last for a long time while maintaining the lush look they had when purchased. This article will delve into five wig accessory trends that are topping the market in 2024.

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Why are wig accessories making waves in 2024?
5 wig accessories to stock up on in 2024
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Why are wig accessories making waves in 2024?

mannequin heads showcasing three different wigs

The most significant contribution to the growth of the wig accessory market is the steady rise in the wig market. The most recent report shows that the global market for wigs was valued at US $6.13 billion in 2021, and experts predict that the market is projected to reach over US $11.8 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.63%.

The influence of social media, celebrities, and influencer marketing is a driving force for the growth of the wig accessory market. Millions have access to thousands of videos dedicated to hair care, styling, and proper storage.

5 wig accessories to stock up on in 2024

1. Wig brushes

a black wig brush on a white background

Everyday brushes are too harsh on wigs, as they can stretch and pull out the hair. So, consumers can use wig brushes instead. The primary purpose of this accessory is to detangle the hair and keep the wig soft and lush. 

But here’s the kicker: businesses can invest in two types of wig brushes: wire and loop brushes. In truth, both brushes are perfect for human and synthetic hair. They easily glide through the wig’s hair fibers gently, preventing any damage from affecting the wig cap.

a pink wig brush on a white background

Although both take care of wigs similarly, they have some major differences. For starters, loop brushes often come with nylon bristles looping into the brush’s bed. For this reason, most loop brushes have no tips, preventing strands of hair from getting snagged or caught in it.

On the other hand, wire brushes offer metal prongs that manufacturers cushion on the end with small bobbles. These wig brushes may also feature brushes made from wood, plastic, or silicone—sometimes, a two-material combo.

Wig brushes hold a decent amount of interest based on Google Ads data. They’ve been attracting a healthy 4,400 monthly searches since March 2023, showing a steady stream of potential buyers for the accessory.

2. Wig stands

collapsible wig stands on a white background

Wig stands do a lot of things for the average consumer. They can help style, cut, and even store wigs, pushing them toward the ranks of must-have accessories. 

Manufacturers design these stands to mimic the shape of the head, allowing the wig to fall naturally when consumers place wigs on them. As a result, women can easily achieve a natural-looking style with their wigs

As mentioned earlier, wig stands also come in handy for cutting and restyling wigs. And they do these functions by providing sturdy support and a realistic picture of what the wig would look like on the wearer’s head. As a benefit, they also help wigs maintain their gorgeous shape when not bobbing on a lady’s head.

black metallic wig stands on a white background

More importantly, these accessories help keep wigs in breathable positions, keeping them fresh and ready to wear at all times. Plus, they’re great for preventing wigs from trapping moisture and stopping unpleasant smells, mildew, and even mold.

Wig stands also don’t take up a lot of space like mannequin heads, helping consumers to maintain a more minimalist aesthetic on their dressers. The best part is that they can also be collapsible, making them easy to fold and store when not in use.

Wig stands are in high demand as Google Ads data reveals that they average 12,100 monthly searches. Interestingly, they’ve maintained this search volume to October 2023—a small but impressive, steady performance.

3. Wig storage

a pink and black wig storage back

Consumers are always on the lookout for how best to store their wigs, and thankfully, wig storage comes with different options, including a silk bag, regular wig bag, mannequin head, or polystyrene head.

Silk bags are usually a great option for human hair wigs, as they ensure no frizz in the hair when consumers pull them out of the bag. And they’re ideal for traveling consumers—they can rest assured that the hair will maintain its texture in the bag.

On the other hand, regular wig bags offer longer storage options, often featuring hangers for convenience. Their designs ensure the hair stays unfolded and straight, especially when consumers hang them upright. They also protect the wig from direct sunlight and dust, a significant benefit for synthetic hair.

hairstylist styling a wig on a mannequin head

Of all the storage options, a mannequin head is the surest way to maintain the wig’s shape while providing the means for the most accurate styling. It’s also why they’re the most popular among professional hair stylists. 

Alternatively, consumers not looking for mannequin heads can opt for polystyrene variants. They’re lighter but still offer more support than wig stands.

According to Google Ads, mannequin heads are the most popular storage options. They draw in an impressive 49,500 searches, compared to wig bags’s 880 inquiries. However, wig bags have improved recently, reaching 1,000 searches in October 2023.

Polystyrene heads are also gaining momentum in 2023. They’ve boosted from 4,400 searches in May 2023 to 9,900 inquiries in October 2023—a massive spike in interest, making them more popular than wig bags.

4. Styling kits

a complete wig styling kit

What about consumers new to wigs or those who prefer everything in bundles? Businesses can offer a wig styling kit as a perfect alternative to purchasing everything individually. Most kits provide everything businesses need to explore the full potential of their wigs while improving the hair’s versatility.

A good styling kit usually includes a styrofoam styling head, a wig cap, a wig brush, an edge brush for baby hairs, a fine tooth tail comb, a chin strap to hold the wig securely while styling, and a collapsible wig stand.

a chin strap from a wig styling kit

Styling kits ensure consumers have access to premium hair care and easy maintenance. However, they’re a better option for consumers seeking convenient wig care purchases. Hence, they may not appeal to veterans who prefer purchasing their accessories individually for the best quality.

Google Ads reveals wig styling kits attract the smallest attention. They average 50 monthly searches, proving they only appeal to a niche audience.

5. Shampoos and conditioners

shampoo and conditioner bottles placed on some hair

Cleaning wigs regularly is an important part of wig care that must not be overlooked. However, selecting the cleaning agent is equally important to avoid permanent hair damage.

Luckily, that’s where shampoos and conditioners come in to save the day. Plus, they both serve important symbiotic functions—while the shampoo cleans the hair, the conditioners keep it soft and tangle-free.

shampoo and conditioner on a pink background

Shampoos and conditioners also come in different types, sizes, and colors. They also have different formulas for varying hair texture. For example, sulfate/paraben-free shampoos work best for human hair wigs, while pH-balanced formulas are perfect for artificial ones.

Based on Google Ads data, shampoos and conditioners are so significant in hair care that the average monthly online search for them is as high as 90,500.

Bottom line

Wig accessories can not only maintain the looks of a wig but can also elevate the user’s experience. They make taking care of wigs easy, allowing wearers to look gorgeous for longer. After all, no one likes a messy wig.

Businesses must consider stocking up on wig brushes, wig stands, storage, styling kits, and shampoos/conditioners to maximize 2024’s wig explosion.

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